Well, this didn't take long. A little while ago, a new app called AppExtractor that can restore individual apps from ClockworkMod backups appeared in the Market seemingly out of nowhere. The app was welcomed by many of us who do custom ROM flashing here and there, sometimes wishing we could only restore a few little things from our Nandroid backups rather than having to restore whole ROMs.

As of today, Titanium Backup, sort of a de facto app in the app backup/restore business on Android, can now do the same thing. Well, kind of - it can do a little subset of what AppExtractor can do at this point, but it's a great start. Yup, TB can now restore individual apps from CWM backups, although limited to version 5 at the moment. This leaves out CWM version 4, as well as restoring SMS and MMS, but the latter really isn't TB's job.

  1. • [PRO] Added the ability to restore individual apps (with their data) directly from a ClockworkMod 5 backup.
  2. • Added a GUI preference to select between base-2 or base-10 units when displaying sizes.
  3. • Fixed a GUI bug which caused app versions to be displayed incorrectly in some cases.
  4. • Minor bugfixes and optimizations.
  5. • Updated translations.

Check out the screenshots (I didn't have a CWM 5 backup handy, unfortunately) and grab the updated app in the Market.

wm_SC20111031-081200 wm_SC20111031-081211

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  • 420Man

    All this article did was remind me to install AppExtractor ;) Thanks!

  • Craig Rachel

    I see "Dialer Storage" as an option for restore and I believe that is where SMS/MMS is kept

  • Sam

    Curious as to how will this help when TB already backs up installed apps and their data. ?

    • mitch

      CWM doesn't have selective app restore. That's why people were pumped about AppExtractor. Sadly AE has never worked for me.

      Say you have app X backed up in a CWM backup from a while ago, but did not have it in TB. You can now take your CWM backup, load it into TB and selectively restore apps and data.

    • John Jones

      It saves time, since you no longer have to worry about having them backed up with TB, when your CWM backup already has them ready.

  • Falconator

    Wow...didn't know about this. And with appextractor allowing me to do this free...I'm sold!!!