Update: It appears the widget for Google+ has disappeared in this update, and images now appear somewhat compressed and pixelated. It's unclear if this is intentional (It seems one of the app's developers has said the widget will return soon, over on Google+.)

The Google+ app team just dropped a surprisingly massive update onto the Market, and it brings changes galore. In fact, there's so many changes that they've called it a "completely new app." Take a look:

snap20111031_155642 snap20111031_160508 snap20111031_155704

The UI has taken a turn towards the styling we've seen in Ice Cream Sandwich, and menus have been reworked to resemble the next version of Android as well. Here's the changelog from the Market:

    What's in this version:

    1. Completely new app and new visual design
    2. Battery life improvements
    3. Navigation and performance improvements
    4. Significant notifications improvements
    5. Brand new posting UI
    6. Several bug fixes
    7. Support for Google Apps users
    8. Ability to sign out
    9. Add people to a circle from circle profiles

"Significant notification improvements" seems to have entailed the end of the annoying pull-up notification bar, in favor of a counter at the top right of the app which more closely resembles the notification counter on desktop browsers. The settings menu now is organized in a more ICS-like fashion, with most of the options integrated into a single menu level. The posting UI has been totally overhauled, and the whole app generally just feels smoother.

David Ruddock
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  • Walmyr

    The update ruined all the quality of icons and images of the app on my Xperia Mini Pro. x_x

  • Mowto

    I can't find anymore the widget...

  • Tasos

    Can anyone post the apk since it's not yet available in my country?

  • Xcom923

    I know I'm not first here but I got the update right after the weird "limbo" period where the market says there is an update but it won't allow you to.

  • tmotech

    Downloading it now, hopefully it will be an improvement. Not encouraged by other comments. :/

  • Tkun

    Am I the only one getting the "package file was not signed correctly" error when trying to update?

    • NA

      I'm assuming you had downloaded the leak as I was getting the same issue. Delete the leak and instal this version and it should work.

  • tmotech

    Okay, so far so good. Where is the roboto font? :(

    • Kevin

      got the same thing on multiple tries

  • jason

    The widget appears on honeycomb

  • JLishere

    "package file was not signed correctly" for me too

  • 20

    Un-install it then re-download it.

    It's from an un-official version on your phone.

  • Nigel

    On Honeycomb there are 2 different widgets: Google+ posts, and Google+ photos. I don't see the widget on my N1. I am sure they will fix that soon.

  • mr.highway

    I have g+ , but it won't let me update it. APK anyone?

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      uninstall then download and install the new version.

      • mr.highway

        Its not giving me the option to do that

  • Topgun

    I get that error too....from the version downloaded from the market. Uninstalled reinstalled same problem

  • Nicky

    I'm currently in Greece...can anyone tell me why this and google maps isn't available :(

  • wackadroid

    so whats up with the whole "chords" thing?? thats not in there and it was in the leaked update. weird.

  • Korda erode

    It wont open.... Just says it cant find the app on my phone and reinstalling didnt fix. Galaxy s 2...

  • greg

    finally this is available in slovakia

  • fluffman86

    I can't get video uploading (instant or manual) to work with this update. :( how about everyone else?