It looks like the Cyanogenmod team, in a continued effort to bring continually-updated Gingerbread goodness to as many devices as possible, have brought nightlies to a new crop of handsets, including AT&T's variant of the Samsung Galaxy SII, the Motorola Atrix, LG's Optimus Black and a handful of Sony devices including the Xperia X10, Play, Arc (X12), X10 mini, ST18i, and about five others.


Update: Here are some of the popular device/codename mappings (mapping these took a significant and unnecessary amount of time. This is exactly why Artem posted this today):

  • AT&T Galaxy S II - galaxys2att
  • Atrix 4G - olympus
  • Optimus Black - p970
  • Xperia X10i - es209ra
  • Xperia X8 - shakira
  • Xperia Play - zeus
  • Xperia Ray - urushi
  • Xperia Mini Pro - mango
  • Xperia Mini - smultron
  • Xperia Active - satsuma
  • Xperia X10 Mini Pro - mimmi
  • Xperia X10 Mini - robyn
  • Xperia Neo - hallon
  • Xperia Arc/X12 - anzu

Personally, I am on pins and needles waiting for CM9 to bring us Ice Cream Sandwich, but if you're more interested in the latest and greatest software that's actually available for your handset, head over to download.cyanogenmod.com and look for your device.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Ethan Mad

    Why is CM8 being skipped over?

    • Barzobius

      Reserved for honeycomb if they release the source someday, just for kicks.

      • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

        Not so much reserved as just skipped. We don't anticipate ever releasing a CM8 - it doesn't and won't exist

  • http://twitter.com/tylerrobb Tyler Robb

    CM8 is being skipped over because CM8 should have been Honeycomb. Google never released the source code for Honeycomb because they really weren't happy with it. They were waiting to perfect 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich before putting out the source code for everyone to use. The CM team only supports fully open sourced code, so they wouldn't have used Honeycomb since the code was never released.

    The team could very well call it CM8 but CM9 would be more fitting because we skipped over Honeycomb.

  • Topgun

    And yet, nothing for the Evo 3D. I think they gave up on it. Nothing for well over a month.

    • Mattchew

      I heard that they had problems because of the 3D? I am getting an LG Thrill and would love them to work on that.

  • Cyanbread

    xperia x12? shouldnt it be x10

    • Jake

      I am pretty sure x12 is Anzu/Arc.

  • Kaik541

    easier url

  • Joshua

    Still no love for Sprint's Galaxy S II... It's been out longer than the other two

  • MaxDrake

    Am I the only one who was interesting the Atrix build and can't seem to find it?

    • Cbtrybywlkr

      I'm interested also, but having same issue of finding it.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Added all or at least most of the mappings.

  • sup

    olympus :] it's the name if you're wondering.

    • MaxDrake

      Now how was I supposed to know that... Thanks sup

      • Jake

        That's exactly what AP was ranting about on G+ earlier tonight.

  • Garner

    Tried to download xperia ploay and its says Forbidden?????????

    • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

      Its a permissions thing with the folder; ChrisSoyars will adjust it later

      • Garner

        Thanks for your reply is chris still fixing the issue? as its still the same?

  • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

    Reposting my G+ comments on the above criticisms about the codenames:
    "Not speaking on behalf of the team, just for my personal opinion. I think this is a non issue.
    * The method used is mainly for consistency, as one device name can have multiple 'marketing' names.
    * The names shown are also how Rom Manager interprets new releases.
    * On top of that, as new devices roll in, a wiki page is created that states the following for every device: "The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (aka Mango)" with the corresponding name and device inserted. The speed of this is up to the wiki team, but they do a great job of having the info up before any stable/RC release (nightly users are expected to have the knowledge)
    * With the variety of 'marketing' names, how would you propose listing the Z71 variants (which are 15 separately named and sold devices)?
    * Finally, yea, there is a learning curve built in; but nothing that can't be easily overcome by reading through the wiki or release post (as even the release posts reference the device names)
    tl;dr: Its not changing; learn to love it :)"


    " Photon & Amaze are being worked on; DX2 is at the mercy of cvpcs unless someone else helps out; asking him to hurry up will only be a disincentive, so don't ask. Evo3d is in the same position as all other 8660 devices, waiting for mainline merge. Tbolt, blame the RIL, but its being solutioned as we speak. /end quick summary"

    • John

      Yeah for photon, I thought it was a forgotten device. :)

  • Mark

    Interesting because I thought CM7 officially supported the AT&T Galaxy S II. In the XDA Forums for this phone there's a posting from Cyanogenmod himself about the ROM. But the nightlies were better. But I thought CM7 officially supported the SGS2 as I've been running it for a while. Also my coworker's running CM7 on his Atrix just fine as well.

  • http://www.whatupgoingon.com doclloyd

    Finally a nightly for the X10! They said support was coming, but was being held back because of documentation needing writing. I look forward to trying out CM7 on my phone this week.

  • JLeznek

    Will there ever be support for the Streak 5?

  • boe

    This is great! I'm hoping they'll consider the Epic Touch 4G soon as well!

  • Jim Dalle

    I have CM7.0 on my nook color, can I upgrade it to 7.1? I would like to run Netflix on it. I do like 7.0.

  • http://ohsoawesome.com inzel

    LG Optimus C? :( Sad still...

  • Jitesh

    Hi I am from India. Please someone suggest me easy steps to update my Xperia X10a unlocked (AT&T) Android 2.1 to directly CyanogenMod 7.1 Nightlies. I have just purchased this phone from USA and now wanted to unleash the potential of this phone. Please help. Kindly note - this phone is not flashed, rooted, debranded etc

  • @Jitesh

    You should look to XDA for advice!