Google just announced the newest version of GoogleTV, which will bring four major areas of change to GTV sets:

final-home final-V2-TV-and-Movies

  • A much simpler, customizable interface, featuring an Android-like app tray.
  • Improved search options for LiveTV, Netflix, YouTUbe, HBO GO, and more. A new TV & Movies app lets you browse through over 80,000 movies and shows.
  • Improved YouTube experience built specifically for GoogleTV. YouTube is now more integrated into GT search, allowing you to easily find nearly anything you want even faster.
  • Apps! The Android Market will be included in the update, although apps that require touch interaction or telephony won't be available (for obvious reasons). However, fifty developers have already started to build the app ecosystem by dropping several GTV specific apps into the Market.

final-youtube final-market-screen

The update is set to start rolling out to Sony devices starting next week with Logitech devices soon thereafter. New software updates and new hardware should start showing up in the coming months, as well.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • gfahey

    About time! I bought GTV despite hearing how Boxee and other setups were "better" but, I bought GTV knowing that development would keep coming. The $99 Revue I bought seemed a good investment and I was patient. That patience will pay off within a week or 2 know. I hope. But, things are looking good I must say. I hope Android Market doesn't charge for the apps you already purchased for your droid phone. That would be a bad move IMO.

  • Ernie g.

    Yes, finally. I Iooove my logitech gtv.

  • Ryan S

    Woot! I have been waiting since all of those leaks. I just wasnt brave enough to root and flash a ROM that you couldnt go back from.

  • Doug

    Seeing the screen shots above with chrome browser and the underlying os being Android, does this mean it will be available on other android devices soon?

  • alex meza

    When i bought the Sony NSX-46GT1 i was pretty satisfied. then i realized it was only 60Hz. :(
    Hopefully this will make me feel better about a sh*tty purchase.

  • Bryan

    Funny how it was fine until you realized that some spec sheet listed it as 60Hz. Than it was shitty.

    IMHO you can't really tell the difference unless you place a 60Hz set next to a 120/240Hz set. Even then, the differences are not that noticeable...

    • Brandito

      120hz is marketing bs. The ONLY advantage is 24p content divides evenly into 120hz, however it also divides evenly into 48hz which my 60hz tv switches to when it detects 24p content. 120hz might5 also be your thing if you use that useless feature that makes everything you watch look like it's some crappy home movie.

  • Kindroid

    I am also looking forward to the update. But for $99...my Revue has been worth price of admission right out of the gate. Youtube and Netflix alone, are great.

    • Richard

      Same here. I was hesitant to move my HTPC out of the living room and into the basement to use it strictly as a recording machine but I haven't regretted it yet. Only thing I could hope for would be better local network support but even without that my Revue rocks.

  • Erik I Graul

    On other sites it says its starting this Saturday on the Sony Google TV. and in coming days after to the logitech. So witch is it? What the blog url?

  • Daniel

    There is something similar in Asia by a Taiwanese maker called Asia Tv box, hundreds of channels, downloadable movies content and some are even running android OS. These usually china made boxes offer full 1080p HD or blu ray downloads. Prices in the range of $200-$290 SGD. Amazing how this technology is evolving.

  • Ishinder

    WANT WANT WANT. For 99 bucks i would buy one for the whole family. Awesome if it gets an update soon

  • CoZ

    I just hope the update improves on audio codec support! Annoying not being able to watch certain movies because GtV has spotty audio support. That is about the ONLY gripe I have with my Sony GtV!

    • Erik I Graul

      I agree... But my Sony hasn't gave me much problems!!! For the most part it plays all Avi i've used... I'm looking for better codec support and flash support!!!

  • http://teenstech.com Michael Rosenfield

    I received the update! And it it is amazing. I will be posted a review on my website at http://www.teenstech.com.

  • Gregg Looker

    The $179 I spent for my Logitech Revue was money well spent! The interface with Dish Network is one click switching with the same keyboard. I have always loved my GTV and will look forward to this update. Comparing the current GTV with Apple TV both at $99 there is no comparison, GTV wins hands down.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah finnaly 3d movies are comming