I've never really thought racing games could work on tablets or smartphones with touchscreen controls, maybe the upcoming title Race of Champions will change my mind. I sure hope it does, because by the looks of it, this game is shaping up to be awesome. Take a look at some of these screenshots:

Update: Here's the gameplay trailer, as well:

RoC_00 RoC_12



This will probably be as close as I ever get to driving a KTM Crossbow.

These were taken on what appears to be an emulated instance of the game iPad (the resolution is 1024x768), but given the hardware in most newer Android phones, we wouldn't expect any decrease in quality once the game makes it debut on the small screen. Invictus has developed this game to coincide with the annual Race of Champions event, which will be held in Germany this year. Race of Champions is basically like the X-Games for car racing, in which the world's best drivers compete in standardized vehicles in various types of racing challenges.

As such, the game will include circuit racing, off-road racing, and likely various challenges. Oh, and one truly awesome feature that we're looking forward to? Cross-platform multiplayer. You'll be able to challenge your iOS friends to a friendly (or unfriendly?) competition of speed.

Race of Champions is slated for an Android and iOS release in early November, and we're quite anxious to get our hands on it.

David Ruddock
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I'd like to see how this looks in motion - if it's as good as the screens, this is going to be one sweet-looking racing game.

  • Zomby

    "These were taken on what appears to be an emulated instance of the game (the resolution is 1024x768)"

    Actually, that's the resolution of the iPad. So I'm guessing those are iPad's screenshots, meaning our phones won't have any trouble running the game at this kind of detail level..

  • Ryan S

    Awesome. Im not that worried about running it on a tablet if they are smart and enable it to work with USB/bluetooth host controls.

    Ive been using my PS3 controller with my tablet for a while now.

    • ex-iPhone user

      how can you use ps3 controller with your tablets? And what tablet is that?

      • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

        There is alot of apps for android that connects your android device with PS3 controls (and more)
        Just do a search for "PS3 Controlls" on Android Market.

      • Jon Garrett

        lol, guess you didnt know that Android tablets can use game controllers.

        better trade in your iPad.

  • Mickey

    PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME so that it'll blow other mobile devices especially the iPod touches out of the water. Optimize this for like all tablets and high end phones to top notch lol.

  • http://www.here4.me tc1967uk

    I wish game makers would show actual gameplay instead of FMV. I don't want to see how fantastic you can make FMV look, I want to see how the game looks when you play it. We got about a whole 2 seconds of gameplay in that 1 minute 9 seconds.

  • fingamer

    Apparently you don't know the meaning of gameplay...