While the bulk of us have been enjoying Google+ from our personal accounts for a few months now, those who exclusively use Google Apps (GApps) have been left in the dark... until today. Google+ is now open to all GApps users, and it even brings some new features for some users.

Additional Sharing Options


When sharing posts on Google+, you have the choice of sharing content with specific users, specific Circles, or publicly. With G+ for GApps users, there is another option: sharing with your organization. This is enabled by default -- no need to create a circle just for your coworkers, fellow students, or anyone else in your organization.

Hangouts Extras


At this point, most of us have hopped into a Hangout at least once to chat it up with friends or acquaintances face-to-face. For GApps users, Google has taken this  a step further, bringing GDocs integration into hangouts. This way, you can easily see and speak with others while collaborating on a project. Rather a good idea.

G+ for Colleges

On top of all the other additional features, G+ is also now available for entire college campuses that utilize GApps for Education:

  • Abilene Christian University
  • American University in Cairo (Egypt)
  • Arizona State University
  • AT Still University
  • Boise State University
  • Central Piedmont Community College
  • Dublin City University (Ireland)
  • ESSEC Business School (France)
  • Leeds Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)
  • Loughborough University (United Kingdom)
  • Saint Louis University
  • Strathmore University (Kenya)
  • Universidad Panamericana (Mexico)
  • University of Ferrara (Italy)
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Pavia (Italy)
  • University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
  • University of Washington
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Wake Forest University

...and more

For those who've already started using G+ with their personal account and would prefer to switch over to their GApps account, Big G is working on a migration tool which will help users move their data from one account to another. That way you don't have to start over from scratch. The tool isn't ready just yet, but should be ready to go in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can go ahead and start using your GApps account and migrate your data once the tool is available.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • ocdtrekkie

    Very cool, just need Google+ for brands and companies and such now.

  • yuku

    Hi Artem,

    While I'm sure that I enjoy Google+ updates as much as many of your readers too, I don't think you should post this on Android Police.

    On the past few months I find that Android Police contains more and more unimportant things, like giveaways AND the winner and out of topic posts like this.

    Shouldn't Android Police be more focused to Android news, and not be a cover-all news list?

    • joe

      But Google is the maker of Android, so talking about Google is relevant.

    • Dirk Coetsee

      I find it relevant. G+ is being integrated as a core service from ICS

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      G+ is very much at the core of Android and Google now, let alone the direct correlation between this announcement and ability for people to start using G+ on their phones who couldn't before. Yeah, it's related.

      As for contests, we took the feedback on winner announcement posts and decided to not do extra posts for those, so instead we update the original post. This has been in place for about a month now.

    • Drew DeNardo

      I respectfully disagree with yuku. I think this story is quite relevant. I've been waiting to use G+ on my phone since it was announced.

    • jack

      are you kidding, hangouts with content is the killer app I've been waiting for since Regan was in office and cellphones filled a car trunk

  • AEF

    I was waiting for this forever (or at least since Google+ started).

    However, since I work for a high school, we are blocked from Google +. (Only Higher Education school can enable it.)

    Despite the fact that we don't have students on our Google Apps account, we still can't have it.


    • Prok

      I'm an administrator of a K-12 district myself, and since our students domain is separate from the staff domain, I'm hoping I can get in contact with someone so we can use it on the staff side. I already filled out the "Higher Education" form with a plea, even though we're not higher ed.

      The reason it's not available to K-12 is apparently you have to be 18 to be a member of G+. Not sure why this is, I assume Facebook is 13+ and I know a Google Account is 13+.

      • AEF

        I applied at http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/request.py?contact_type=gplus_edu and wrote very clearly that we have no apps users under 18 and got the following response.

        Hello Avrohom,

        We've reviewed your request to enable Google+ as an optional additional service for your Google Apps for Education domain, but are unable to make Google+ available in your administrator control panel at this time.

        For your Google Apps for Education domain to qualify, we require that organizations are verified higher education Google Apps for Education customers. Google+ is currently not available to K12 / primary / secondary school Google Apps customers.

        Your users are welcome to use Google+ with a personal Google Account. Note that Google+ is only available to users who are at least 18-years of age. If users indicate that they don’t meet age requirements for Google Accounts (13 in most countries), their Google Accounts will be disabled. You can learn more about Google Accounts and age requirements in this FAQ.

        Thank you.


        Enterprise Support Associate

        I responded to the email reiterating my point but got no reply.

  • JimJam

    Can someone explain to me what this whole Google Apps thing is all about?

  • tony

    It's not yet available for my university GApps account. I imagine our admins will have to enable this if they so choose.

  • Drew DeNardo

    Gah! G+ works on the web for us Google Apps users (good!) but the mobile app won't allow Google Apps users to login (bad!).

    I [still] haz a sad.

  • ed

    wouldnt it be easier if google allowed the addition of those GApps accounts?