It's a pretty well known fact that, when trying to lose weight, you have to create a caloric deficit -- for every 3500 calories burned, that's one pound of weight lost. Thus, it takes a combination of diet and exercise to create said deficit. However, it is exceedingly difficult to keep track of your caloric intake, as well as calculate the calories burned for various activities. If you're serious about getting in shape, though, there is a solution: using an automatic body monitoring system like BodyMedia's FIT Armband.

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So, what does this have to do with Android, you ask? The BodyMedia FIT has a corresponding app in which it communicates with via Bluetooth, making it even easier to monitor where you're at for the day. It monitors your caloric burn as long as you're wearing it -- day or night. The app also offers an easy way to track your caloric intake with its food logger. All that data, in turn, syncs with BodyMedia's servers so you can easily keep an eye on your overall progress.

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This system, normally around $250, is Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day, making it available for $140 with free shipping, which is a pretty solid deal for a system of this nature. Hit the link below to buy.

BodyMedia FIT Armband Weight Management System from Amazon

Cameron Summerson
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  • Brandon

    While I totally like the idea, even at $140 the device seems overpriced. Take into account that the MotoActv will come out soon and priced at $200 with a lot more functionality.. Not sure about this one. :(

    • max

      i would have to disagree =/ i own a polar watch and its awesome and great and everything that i love and i have already trained myself to be on a diet. i did think about buying the "body Bug" which is essentially the same as this too. This is awesome because not only do you wear it 24/7 basically but it does keep you honest... where the motoactv will only be worn at the gym... and it seems like an easy task when your working out or already fit but people that are overweight and ready to change need something like this on them to remind them not to give up! and it really works!

  • Tatanka

    It seems the MotoActv doesn't have the same purpose than this one.
    Unfortunately not avaiable on amazon.co.uk

  • Melissa

    I have a BodyMediaFit band and it's great, But I will warn you the actual interface for entering food sucks! I use my band to see what I burn, but I track all my food on Myfitnesspal.com. Just be warned you have to manually enter food a lot, since their database needs some SERIOUS work. But I've lost 40 lb this year alone, and it's really helped.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Does $140 sound like a fair price for this now that you've used it? Oh, and congratulations on losing 40lb!!