Out of all the awesome accessories for smartphones on the market, Capta has to be one of the coolest I've seen in a while. It's a multi-functional accessory that works as a tripod mount/desktop stand, bringing some incredibly useful functionality to your device. Just take a look for yourself:

I know what you're thinking: how does it stick?! Yeah, I wondered the same thing after watching the video for the first time. Fortunately, there's an answer to that, as well:

Honestly, I can't believe someone didn't make this sooner. It looks like a really simple, yet highly useful accessory.


So, where can you buy it? That's the thing -- you can't. Yet, at least. This is a Kickstarter project, so the creators are still looking for the financial backing to get the ball rolling on mass production of this badboy. To find out more information, including how to donate to the project, check out Capta's landing page on Kickstarter.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • blazingwolf

    This is going to be a great device. Can't wait for it to ship. Just need more backers to sign up to make sure that it makes it to the market. :D

  • pattavino

    They should go on Shark Tank! The investors on there would love this.

  • heartbraden

    How well do you think this would work with a motorcycle? Either for recording, as a dashboard camera, or for mounting, as a GPS?

  • Ryan

    I signed up. I've never done a kickstarter before because they are usually asking way too much for the product (after signing up for this one I was linked to a "year clock" for $120, no thanks), but this one is priced right and VERY simple.

  • Kevin K

    Signed up for $50 to get 2 of these! This thing is awesome, can't wait for it to ship.

  • Coldman

    Brilliant - I still can't believe how well it grips.

  • Nocturnhabeo

    Not sure if you guys care but I told them you just plugged them. Maybe you get some free stuffs

  • need Capta ASAP

    Perfect accessory! Cant wait to try it.

    • Jeremee

      Wonder how many of these comments are people from over there coming here adding lots of hype to get others thinking "hey, everyone seems to be wanting one, I'll get one too.."

      It's a great design, but just to hold your phone up? From the pictures I though maybe that swirl design at back was a speaker thus this thing could also be a speaker dock...
      But to buy it and carry it around just to hold up your phone??

      Good on them for the idea.. and god luck on their goal. I'm just saying.

      • Nocturnhabeo

        If you keep it in a car or some other place like a desk at work it is great I wouldn't carry it around with me it is just a nice dock that I can use when ever and not have to get a new one each time I get a phone

      • need Capta ASAP

        As I see Capta primary purpose is tripod mount for any phone and than stand and rest of functions. Anyway it is so small that you can carry it around if you like...
        I like its design, so solid and attractive.

  • Mike Brooks

    iPhone owners are gonna need this after seeing the drop test results on the phone. lol

  • Neil

    What a great idea. I pledged $25. I hope they reach their goal. It looks like an awesome project.

  • Brad

    This looks incredible. I couldn't mount my phone vertically of course (Nexus S 4G hump in the back), but horizontally is still good enough for me! I'll get one whenever they get going, because it looks really useful.

  • http://www.terminalesandroid.com Jose

    Is a great invention, I want it !

  • Pegger

    I would like to see an iPad (2) version for the car :)

  • Jeffie

    I like it alot pledging $100, hope to see this take off.

  • faceface

    Not to say anything about the merits of one vs. the other, but if you're excited about this, there is something similar (without the 1/4-20 tripod mount) on the market already. It's called Clingo. It's definitely not as versatile as this with the threaded mount that can go on anything, but they have multiple designs. I've got 2 of the car mounts, and I love them. They're not supposed to leave residue either, but after a few months they started to leave a little on my phone. Not a huge deal, cause it rubs off easily. I wonder though if this uses the same/very similar adhesive. Maybe it does better at not leaving residue.

    • Nocturnhabeo

      they say it is proprietary... what ever that means but maybe not

  • Mad69207

    Can this be used for your iPad 3