The Galaxy Note, Samsung's upcoming 5.3" flagship "phablet" many of you are so excited about, got a 30-second video spotlight yesterday, teasing us with its giant screen, powerful editing features, and creative uses of the stylus. Did you really think Samsung was going to stop there? Nope, not Samsung - today the company released four more detailed videos, each taking a deeper look at different Galaxy Note's sides - business, creative, social, and on-the-go.

Suddenly, I kind of want it even more. How about you?

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Brendon

    lol jesus when he takes a call that looks pretty ridiculous.

    • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

      Hahaha Ther only reason that I was gonna comment was about that as well. :P

  • uin

    ....and very so subtlely... it's a phone too!

  • wyngo

    Galaxy Note: The Ultimate Flirting Device

  • I Smile

    You can see that this guy loves to show off.
    And the people in these commercial are also nosy.

    Mind your own business please!

  • Edd

    I'm all over this :)

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    Looks sorta cool in the super-portable tablet kinda way. Looks sorta freaking dorky in the non-portable phone kinda way (like, I would ONLY use this as a phone if I had a bluetooth headset handy).

    My bigger observations came from:
    a) Damn TouchWiz, please Sammy, get rid of it!!!
    b) The stylus seems to be more intelligent than the guy operating it. Either the videos are heavily faked to show off the feature, or HTC needs to steal this technology for their own stylus-enabled tablets.
    c) Yay for a return of the stylus and screw APPL for being so adamant about the need to kill the stylus.

  • http://www.protodepot.com E.J.Su

    Does anyone have information on what kind of technology the pen uses? Is it proprietary? N-Trig? or Wacom? the level of pressure?

  • zzzda

    Im Sold! I Want one!

  • Brian

    I think this phone could be classified as "Bluetooth earpiece only". That thing looks annoying to hold

  • Sky

    i love me some Galaxy Nexus but i'm seriously thinking of Just going for this instead.. i mean,ICS can come via ROM so i'm not worried about that part..
    the on-screen buttons is a Kool idea but more phones in 2012 will be going that way too.. and capacative isn't a big deal breaker for me at all..
    iv'e been satified with all my other capacitive button phones. :)-

  • Ryan

    Wait, people talk on smartphones?

  • Dennis

    Why all the concern about how you'll look using it as a phone?! Sheesh.

    If it works and you don't have mini hands, what's the problem?

    Now, when is it coming to the US?

    • Deljan

      Lots of kids on the block enjoy dressing up like idiots with hats back to front, shirts inside out, and yet feel embarrassed by holding a five inch smart-phone up to their nuts. An old auntie of mine refused to wear a rain cap on a rainy day because it made her look ridiculous. She dies of pneumonia because of her misplaced pride.

  • Fabulas

    For the love of GOD...........PLEASE COME TO VZW!!!

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    galaxy s4 is the best , i think so

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    samsung company is alway a jump in technology