Go ahead and file this one under the we're not surprised tab: Google's Hugo Barra told the Telegraph that the Nexus One won't be getting updated to Android 4.0, as the hardware is just too old. Honestly, we didn't expect the Big G to support the original Nexus forever, so this shouldn't really come as a shocker to anyone.


With that said, we know that tons of unofficial ports (read: custom ROMs) will be available shortly after the ICS source is dropped, once again breathing life into an otherwise dying device. Just one more reason we all love the Android development community so much.

[The Telegraph via Android Central]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Chris Clark

    Isn't it the current development phone? And can't you still order it from Google?

    • Mike

      No, the Nexus S is the current development phone

      • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

        Since Galaxy Nexus will be their next developer phone and also the first phone with Android 4 that means that when ICS is released the Galaxy Nexus will be the "current".

        • William D

          And that also means, the time line of Google support for each device will be about 2 years. Meaning the Nexus S/4G has about another good 12-15 months before its support is finished too.

          Remember, while its screen may be AMOLED, its still not as good as the Galaxy Nexus resolutions support. The Nexus still has only a 1Ghz Hummingbird processor, not a dual core which is the standard now, and it still has hardware keys that the Galaxy Nexus does not. So the support going forward will be lower on the Nexus S, but will hold out for at LEAST a year.

    • Morgan

      Nope. The Nexus S is the current development phone and you cannot buy the Nexus One.

    • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

      Since Galaxy Nexus will be their next developer phone and also the first phone with Android 4 that means that Nexus One won't be "the current developement phone" when ICS is released.

  • SpectroBR

    "Google's Huge Barra told the Telegraph that..."

    Cameron, I believe that would be Hugo Barra, right?

  • Bas


    Why would they do that? :'(

  • cece

    The real question is what is missing for it to get Ice Cream Sandwich?
    (RAM? "ROM"? GPU?....?)
    Because if it is not powerful enough this means other recent but lower end phones will also not be powerful enough.

    • JLishere

      I think the main reason has to do with internal storage. Not sure about this one, but didn't Google say ICS was a significant bump in size? I have the N1 running CM 7.1.0, Android 2.3.7 and almost all apps moved to SD (including Maps). Even on Cyanogenmod, I barely have 20-25 Mb left. I imagine ICS would leave us with nothing. Anyone else have an idea why the N1 is not officially supported?

      • Joshua

        They can certainly release some LITE version of ICS. Instead of just abandoning their first google nexus phone. Damnit google...

  • Joshua


    • Bryan

      Please. Grow up.

      They provide a great email service, a great translation service, a great mapping and navigation service, a great search service and many other great services.

      They did not abandon the nexus one. They opened did the exact opposite by opening the source code and allowing us to flash whatever we wanted on this phone.

      Other phones with locked bootloaders, custom UIs, and inability to root are abandoned. The Nexus One will never be abandoned while google still supports the AOSP code.

      Maybe you should to to Apple where you have only 1 choice in hardware, 1 choice in software, censored apps, and no source. In fact, please do.

      • Joshua

        Since this is Google, I've been expecting more than any other phone manufacturers. I was expecting since I have the Google phone, I should have more perks than the other phones. I'm no rich brat like you who is able to switch phone like eating sandwich. I just don't buy the excuses given by Hugo.

        One thing I know, CM never fails me.

  • Alice

    OMG... I just yelled "WHAT!?" really loud...shame...

  • ZZ

    Understandable, since Gingerbread took 2/3 of the N1's storage space, and ICS is twice the size of Gingerbread.
    It won't fit on the N1 unless you do a symlink-SD card hack, which doesn't really fly for an official build.

    • Joshua

      Lite version should have fit?? Remove certain heavy apps which Google Nexus definitely won't need it. Allow us to choose stock apps to install like CM7? They just don't want to do it...

      • Levi

        They have never done that. This is a google phone so its the full Android built from AOSP or nothing.

  • http://arshednabeel.tumblr.com Arshed Nabeel

    Sounds fare to me — the Android veteran has survived a comfortable span of two years, with all updates arriving in time; now it's quite the time for it to retire.

    • William D

      You mean "fair"

    • idk

      1 year 7 months. not 2 years. feb 2010. tmobile was still selling n1 a couple of months ago. this is LAME. im not gonna spend $500 on a phone every one and a half years. with iphones id get a longer life span.

      • hldc1

        Actually, one year and ten months (plus a few days), as the beloved Nexus One was released on January 5, 2010 (mine was delivered on the 6th).

        The fact is that Android has developed at a ridiculous pace, and considering how advanced the Nexus One was (key word, "was") at It's debut, it should be no surprise that Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus are where they are in the grander scheme of things.

        I love my Nexus One, but there is a reality that my phone is nearly two years old and an official update to 4.0 from Google is simply an unrealistic expectation. I would rather them simply tell me that the device is incapable of handling the update then for them to provide a half-baked update that makes my phone virtually unusable (a la iPhone 3GS that updated to iOS 4). I would rather have a smooth 2.3.x ROM than a crap 4.0 build.

        I would guess that a majority of Nexus One owners are of the rooting type, so if you require 4.0, just wait for Cyanogenmod or whatever else pops up on XDA.

  • http://arshednabeel.tumblr.com Arshed

    Sounds fare to me - the Android veteran has survived a comfortable span of two years, with all updates arriving in time; now it's quite the time for it to retire.

  • Guns

    Woo,it's a bad news,i used n1 and have no plan to update a new phone yet.

    • 9ooyan

      Same here....but CM9 will come through for us. I'm waiting for the S4 Qualcomm SoC due out next year.

  • Xephik

    Even if it had the storage space I would still understand it not getting ICS. Even as a Google experience/Nexus/developer device, it's true EOL has to come along sometime, and in the scheme of things the fact it still gets incremental GIngerbread updates is still really good. Why waste manpower on getting software to run on a device that is almost 2 years old? If it was like June right now, yes I'd kind of be like "wtf" but to get every update from Jan 2010 until Oct 2011 is pretty legit.

    On a sidenote, I havn't seen a nice detailed picture of the N1 recently. I remember how much I wanted this sexy beast in Jan 2010. I literally searched Google every single day from then until mid-April for "verizon nexus one" and went to the news section looking for ANY updates on the matter (This is before I found any Android blogs). I always envied that multi-colored trackball and nice back. Ah well... my Dinc has served me well.

    • Sorin

      "Why waste manpower on getting software to run on a device that is almost 2 years old?"
      BECAUSE I spent over $600 on the phone and it's accessories one year and seven months ago when it was launched! Because the phone was still being sold by T-Mobile a couple of months ago. Because competition (Iphone) offers way longer life-spans. Because all dual-core processor smartphone owners should now think twice about buying an Android phone since in January quad-core smartphones are coming out!

      • http://twitter.com/AeroEchelon AeroEchelon

        Tough luck. The industry moves fast.

        You pay for what you purchased at the time of purchase, not what you "might" get at a later date.

        Did Google ever promise you any such update? No.

      • Calvin

        what some ppl are not thinking about is this, phones! "Phones" are like game consoles, (witch have a 5 year life span) but unlike game consoles its a 2 year life span for a phone. yeah a ps2 game may be played on a ps3 but not the other way around.

        I for one would not want a ps3 game attempted to be played on a ps2, also Google never said we will support any X phone to the end of time, but instead is saying this.

        "two years is the life of a phone and the life of your carriers contract"

        so be happy with what you got, Heck most phones don't even get 3 months of supports after its released. (with out it being hacked)

  • Joshua

    At least gives us gingerbread updates until 2.3.9, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 etc....

  • Darryl Stanley

    I still LOVE you my little NEXUS ONE x

  • Gear

    Lazy software developers! Optimize the system to us! Fuck the Planned obsolecense

  • wirbly

    I disagree with the lifespan timing of the nexus phones vs. traditional carrier phones. I really thought Nexus phones were supposed to get updates until the device physically couldn't run the latest version any more. The whole "it's old" and "it's had a good run" arguments shouldn't apply. From what I've seen of ICS ROM, it could be squeezed onto the phone, possibly at the expense of some extras. And as for the "but it would limit the full experience" argument, I'm pretty sure there isn't a single N1 owner who would care (because if there was, they would just use a different ROM).

    Whatever. BAH.

    • Joshua

      Nexus One didn't even make it 2 full years. They expect us to change phones every 36 months.

      • tjwoo

        36 months is 3 years.

      • Chris Hopkins

        Why would you have to change phones. Doesn't the Nexus still work? Who said that it's Gingerbread support would end?

        Do some learning and compile your own ICS build when the source drops, or find one of the many that others will develop for your phone for free. if that doesn't work, go to www dot apple dot com and pay for a device that you truly do not own.

        Its only 2 months shy of two years.

      • http://twitter.com/AeroEchelon AeroEchelon

        Just because your phone didn't receive an update doesn't mean it's obsolete. I mean your phone is still running isn't it?

  • TheTrix

    what about Xperia smartphones?

  • John

    Whats the need to complain..... Its gonna come out via CM9 anyways, with better optimization.

  • Duffin

    So, there you have it folks. The 'Pure Google' phones get a total of one new major update before they're 'too old', assuming they keep up the trend of having one new major OS update per year. Just freaking great. So, I guess the nexus S will get ICS, but won't get Jelly Bean or whatever the next one will be called.

    • tjwoo

      N1 was released with 2.1 Eclair
      N1 saw froyo, gbread. If nexus galaxy follows the trend, it'll see ICS (release), J & K. Stop your nonsense.

      • Duffin

        Actually read what I type before claiming it to be nonsense. I said, and I quote, "assuming they keep up the trend of having one new major OS update per year," which is what they did between Gingerbread and ICS. Granted Honeycomb was the 'summer' release (even though it was released in February), so it's possible they will go back to the Summer/Winter release schedule now that everything has merged back together. If they do then yeah the Galaxy might get I, J, and K. If not, they'll be lucky to get whatever J is. So far the Nexus S has only seen one major update in Gingerbread and it's getting to be a year old already.

  • Deltaechoe

    Nexus one officially retired, time to upgrade that contract of yours

  • Foo

    I picked up my N1 in Jan 2010 and I really like it a lot. I was hoping for ICS as its last final hurrah, but that doesn't seem to be the case. CM9, yes, but we'll see. All good things come to an end, but that doesn't mean it's easy to accept.

    Maybe a new Galaxy Nexus will help comfort me with my loss??

  • sidd

    but im poor , i cant follow this 2 years switch shit , im going to buy galaxy s2 and thats it

    • Foo

      There's nothing compelling you to buy a new phone except your own personal desire. Don't try to keep up with the neighbors, it'll put you in the poor house. Oh, you're already there!

    • hldc1

      If you can't afford a new phone, perhaps you have bigger problems in life. Maybe you should focus on getting a better job to improve your financial situation.

      Quit your whining and go get a better job if you need more money for a new phone.

  • Thaddeus

    I'm sad that they won't get ICS, but my Nexus One still had a better update run than most of the phones on the market. I still know people waiting on gingerbread for the original Galaxy phones. There isn’t any reason to jump the N1 ship people this update won’t make your phone function any less than it does now, you will not see ICS on a lot of the other devices in the market today and those you do won’t be for several months after the release. So switch if you have to have the latest version of android but this won’t stop the N1 from being one of the better androids.

  • Vi

    Screw Google, I've taken more BS from them than I've ever taken from any company ever! How long do you think it will take a hacker to get it on one...2 day's!
    Gotta go, moving on...to Microsoft!

    • sidd

      so you are rocking bottom already?

      • Vi

        These smartass phones are getting to be the scam-o-century!

  • Simon Belmont

    The Nexus One went through three majors versions of Android (Android 2.1 through Android 2.3). That isn't that bad, if you think about it.

    The ROM space is probably the limiting factor here and once the ICS source is out, custom ROMs that use EXT partitions will be made that will easily put ICS on the Nexus One. I truly doubt that the RAM or the GPU is the bottleneck.

  • N1-N-Done

    I don't know if this is the final word. I saw the SDK ported over and it seemed to run fairly well. Once the ASOP is out and the devs get their hands all over it we'll know more as to this decision. *sigh* I really hope this is a false alarm, I don't have the scratch to buy another phone without subsidy and I hate contracts.

    I guess I could always go custom mod but I really enjoyed stock from Google.

  • idk

    1 year 7 months is too old??? the same age iphone got ios 5 update...

  • _Tetragrammaton

    My 2 year old iPhone 3GS just got the upgrade to IOS5. I guess some companies care more for their customer base than others. 3=====D~~~~~~~ 0:

  • Kevin

    Not a particularly clever message for Google to send out just ahead of the Galaxy Nexus release. They'll have forgotten about it before your new 2-year plan has finished.

  • http://androidpolice Sharpe

    dont get mad at Google because that ancient N1 is lacking hardware thats required 2 run ICS. I had the N1 from launch day & have had the Evo4g, Motorola Photon, & now Epictouch4g. If you cant keep up go 2 lame ass Apple's boring ass UI. And how in the hell can some of yall compare the IOS updates 2 the Android updates? There is way much more going on with an Android update like appdrawer, widgets, full multitasking support & different overlays by some manufacturers. The IOS just now recieved voice recognition lmao.IOS is way 2 boring and non-customizable for me oh & that tiny ass screen requires some mean reading glasses. Keep up or kick rocks muthafuckers, Google is blessing us with this unique & futuristic UI & when it drops its no phone UI's out hear that can touch it

  • lolobabes

    I am not asking too much from google, "N1 is too old to get ICS" is just giving a bad taste in my mouth. Atleast he could have said that the internal memory is too small or gpu issues, that I could accept because it gives me clear reason rather than having all the speculations and making owners disappointed wondering why. Just learn to communicate google, how ironic...

  • RomeSC

    I bought an N1 on the last day it was offered from Google.com/phone. I love the thing and i wont be upgrading either. These arguments that The N1 only went from 2.1->2.3 so the nexus S and Galaxy Nexus will only get 2 updates is ridiculous.

    No android phone ever made from here on will have as small of an internal memory as N1 does. Therefore, since the reason N1 won't get ICS is internal space, then the Nexus S could hypothetically get updates forever.

    Stop spewing nonsense. It sucks that N1 doesnt have any internal storage space... I know from experience too... but it is what it is. You own a phone that's more powerful than high end PC's used to be. How about being grateful for what you have! (lost concept nowadays huh?)