The Adventures of Tintin is certainly one of the most enduring comic book series, making its debut in 1929, and finally finding its way to the silver screen in 2011. Gameloft has expanded Tintin's domain recently, by releasing The Adventures of Tintin into the Android Market, bringing the wunderkind's sleuthing prowess and action-infused storyline to the palm of your hand.

The game looks to be a fun interpretation of the film adventure, tying in the characters we love from the original comics and a familiar storyline that's been adapted for the big screen.

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Interestingly, the game has multiple playable characters, from Tintin to Snowy to Captain Haddock, adding a new dimension to the gameplay that helps it stand out from your average movie tie-in games.

At $6.99, The Adventures of Tintin HD isn't exactly a steal, but it's certainly worth checking out for fans of the original comic and the new film alike.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://jonathanl.am Jonathan

    Tells me this isn't available in my country. :-(

  • Ron

    Me too. US here.

  • archboy

    Gameloft suxs. I said I would try their games if they ever put in the Market. They did so I checked it out. What's the point of producing good games that doesn't run on any phones...No on the Xoom, no on the Sensation.

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    Who cares about a shitty Gameloft game, Shadowgun is out!!

  • androman

    same shit here (france). the problem must be somewhere else! I'm in 2.1, what about you?

  • luiz paulo

    happy wheels

  • luiz paulo LO

    happy wheels e muito bom 7 ano e 50 ano manhores de 7 anos cuau schi porque sim