WidgetLocker is no stranger to the spotlight -- it's easily the most popular lockscreen replacement app on the Market. With good reason, too: it's highly customizable and allows you actually make good use of the otherwise useless lockscreen.

TeslaCoil Software, the creative minds behind WidgetLocker, pushed the newest version of the app to the Market just a bit ago, and with it came some really nice features to an already incredible app, like the ICS, Honeycomb, and Sense 3 Unlock sliders -- and they all work perfectly.

Update: It looks like this update also brought support for Honeycomb tablets. Yay!

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If you haven't already given WidgetLocker a shot, there's no better time to pick it up than now. Hit the link below to buy.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    Hmm, just installed Go Locker but may have to give this a go.

    • Matt

      Trust me, you'll install this and never look back.

      • Kevin C.

        Three bucks is a little steep in my opinion. As I see it, it's essentially like a home replacement app except in this case, I'm going to spend much less time interacting with that 3 dollar purchase. Maybe I'm just a tight wad.

        • Michael

          Don't be so sure. I arguably see the lock screen more than my home screen.

    • Thierry

      Id you want free as in free beer, go locker is the way to go. WidgetLocker is better, but doesn't offer much for free for people without Google Checkout.

    • Thierry

      If you want free as in free beer, go locker is the way to go. WidgetLocker is better, but doesn't offer much for free for people without Google Checkout.

      • Duffin

        I will admit that Go Locker is great. I used it as a beta. Unfortunately, there's little to no customization, which is odd for a GO product. I'm sure they'll fix that eventually, but until they do, I'll use WidgetLocker. Another problem I have with the GO Locker is it seems to have trouble suppressing the stock lockscreen, which WidgetLocker does a better job of. Hopefully GO can fix that in subsequent updates.

  • Mesmorino

    JUST when I was looking for a lockscreen replacement... Along comes this beauty :)

    No more stock for me!

  • Jonathan Nguyen

    Updating as we speak!

  • 420Man

    Bought my widget locker on Amazon AppStore, no update yet... hmm second guessing purchasing apps from there.

    • Larry Mao

      Your problem here is Amazon. You should have bought Widgetlocker via the Android Market. Amazon has an Apple like process to approve apps and updates to apps. It also requires that you keep it installed and running for apps to work on your phone. That's why I only use it for the free app of the day.

      • Chris Dow

        The thing I dig about Amazon is, OH YEAH, I got it for free with a $2 credit I got for tweeting something one day. It's updated in Amazon's Appstore now.

  • http://www.ragtop.org Jeff

    Ugh, I made the mistake of buying this from Amazon. I guess I'll be waiting a couple of weeks before I can get the update.

  • Randy

    I'm in the amazon waiting period too :(

  • Stephen

    YES to the additions.

    NO to the amazon waiting...but i did get it for only 99 cents.

  • Deltaechoe

    I am looking at this and am tempted to drop a few dollars for it

  • Seth

    Any word on how/if this will interact with facial recognition unlocking?

  • Chris Ford

    You getting commission for this? I just got it too.

  • T7S

    This was the very first app I ever purchased on Android, and it's probably the one I've used the most in the last 1+ year, can't go wrong with it. If I knew then what I know now, I would've paid $10 for it if that was the asking price.

  • Andrew – Des Moines

    Next to Droid48, this is the best app I have -- and one of the few on which it is worth spending money.

  • Zac

    Better not use slide to unlock as you will get sued by Apple since they were granted a patent on slide to unlock today.


  • http://www.facebook.com/barbie.doll.keri Keri Newsom

    This app saved me from the dreadful default lockscreen of the ET4g. I gotta say I'm even more excited that I can put the ICS lock screen on it now. :P

  • Edgar

    How did you get the new sliders? I've updated but can't find the ICS or Honeycomb options anywhere...

    • Yod-b

      You go into tool mode, then press and hold your finger on the "tool mode" icon. After some seconds a pop-up will appear with several options, like edit. Click it, and you'll be able to choose it from the theme drop down menu!

  • Yod-b

    i just bought it two days before this major update... and now i'm really happy! :)

    i didn't really like the settings page, but after the makeover it really became better. so now it's really great. altough i'm not a big sucker for the ics unlocker, i stick to the original.

    plus, in cyanogenmod i can disable the original locker, which makes it even better!

  • Charlie

    For E4GT users: How does Widget Locker handle unlocking the phone with a pin number? Would you slide to unlock and then still have to enter PIN?