If, like me, you have always wanted a good data sync solution for your Android device, then we have a new app for you to check out. It's called My Sync Center, and it syncs data between your device and PC using your local Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to keep certain data up-to-date regardless of which device you're using, easily backup photos and videos, keep copies of your Titanium Backup files, and more. Did I mention that it does all of this automatically? Yep, you don't even have to to think about it.

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It doesn't just sync content from your phone to your PC, either -- you can also set it to automatically transfer music or videos from your PC to your phone (or tablet). If that's not enough, it also works with iTunes playlists, so if you don't want to transfer your entire collection, that's not a problem (granted you actually use iTunes, of course).

Like most other sync solutions, MSC also requires a desktop client, which, at this time, only works with Windows. The dev notes in the Market listing that Linux and MaxOSX support is in the works.

The free version of the app limits you to 25 files at a time for automatic sync (you can transfer more manually), while the donate version ($2.00) removes this limit. The app is compatible with Froyo, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb.

[via Addictive Tips]

Cameron Summerson
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  • b00sted

    thanks the app works awesome and was worth the 2$

  • Dan

    Great! Now make it sync over the web and offer that version for $10. I'll buy 3 copies immediately.

    • Craig Rachel

      Spend your money on "Tasker" + "rsync backup for Android" & it will sync automatically over WAN/LAN all without the need for desktop clients.

      • Pierre

        That's only really the case if you're running linux on your desktop. No rsync for windows which is why this app works so well! Yes yes, I could install cygwin but I could also stick a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger.

        Thanks for the tip, I love this app

  • Dan

    Hmm. What sets this apart from Dropbox, which is free, and syncs via Wifi and 3g, as well as making your files available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, UNIX and the Internet?

    • David

      No cloud storage with this. Syncing from Device direct to PC. For those who dont like putting stuff on the cloud for security reasons, it's a big plus

    • J

      In addition to David's security concerns....

      1.) My Sync Center does it automatically. Dropbox automatically uploads data on on the PC side, but there is no native automated option in the dropbox app for Android (or, I'd assume, iOS).

      2.) You can set My Sync up to transfer an entire folder (like the DCIM folder your photos are stored). You can drop an entire folder into the desktop Dropbox folder, but when you switch to your mobile app, you have to up/download the files individually - there's no option to do an entire folder.

      3.) Going PC Phone directly will be quicker. Using Dropbox you have to wait until the file is fully uploaded to the Dropbox server before you can download it to your other devices. Using My Sync, there's only 1 transfer, not 2.

      NOTE: If you're on a limited bandwidth connection, this could be useful. If you're trying to transfer, for example, 2GB of music, using dropbox, you'd actually use 4GBs of data (2GB to go from PC to Dropbox & 2GBs to go from Dropbox to phone). But, with My Sync, since there is no cloud involvement - just using your router's intranet, you're not going to use any of your ISP's bandwidth.

      4.) The size limitation is SD card &/or hard drive space (whichever is smaller), which most likely is larger than your 2GB free Dropbox account. I could transfer 20GBs of music to my phone without having to do it in 2GB chunks, cleaning the dropbox out each time.

      • Jeremee

        Good help J.

        That's what sux about dropbox.

  • http://www.google.com Sheikh

    its main function is to sync automatically ...then wont it take to much charging

  • Near

    Did anyone notice that some newer applications are using the design language from ICS? I find that interesting for some reason.

  • caliber

    For anyone else that this is a deal breaker for, this requires a helper application to be installed on your computer.

    It isn't capable of just syncing over Wifi using samba.

  • Hary Ayala

    so has this worked for anyone using the free version on a rooted Galaxy S, because i've been trying for hours and it won't sync...

  • concernedandroidian

    Cheetah Sync (available in market) can do this already, and it does it VERY well. It's 100% automatic and VERY customizable.

  • Postal Jim

    Sweet app. Love knowing all my pics are saved to my computer by just walking in my door.

  • Edd

    The first one out of this and Cheetah Sync to offer 'excluded folders' gets my $2. (Cheetah doesn't, not checked this one out yet)

  • Tomcat

    Is there still no app that does NOT need a host application on the PC?
    Is it so hard to create an app that uses existing smb network shares for syncing?

    • James

      I have been using Syncness and really like it. No desktop client required and it occurs over Wifi automagically! You can even configure it to sync only when connected to power if you choose. You can save different backup profiles, and set them to be mirror, or one way sync (either direction).