It looks like Gameloft has done it again, cooking up an awesome new game for Android. The makers of such hits as BackStab, and the N.O.V.A. series, released today the first official launch trailer for their new game - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

The Modern Combat series is one of the "most acclaimed FPS games on Android," bringing polished, action-packed, first person gameplay to the palm of your hand. The series aims to immerse the player in a "modern war experience," taking you to detailed, polished environments, and providing you with plenty of challenges, along with enough weapons to get the job done effectively. Modern Combat 3 appears, from the trailer, to have a considerable leg up over its predecessors, packing a higher level of detail and finesse into the environments, and bringing the same level of action we've come to expect from the MC series.

Gameloft hasn't given us an exact release date yet, but we can expect Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to be available for Android (and iOS) "soon."

Update: According to Gameloft, the release date is October 27th!


Liam Spradlin
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  • vladwt

    Homefront much? look nice though *drool*

  • Master Teflon

    I am on CM7. I use SGS I. My device is not compatible with Gameloft games. I can't download them thru the Market...

    • ScottK

      Yeah, my Bionic isn't compatible either. Sucks.

    • Neeld

      I have sgs using stock rom and the games are on the market for me and I can play gameloft games though. I think its the region u are in. try downloading .apk files from filecrop.com like asphalt 6.apk.... See if it works.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Update: According to Gameloft, Modern Combat 3's release date is October 27th.

    • Viktor

      Is this the real game or just a beta where only a few people can try it out to see how it is? Please reply asap, thanks:)

  • GraveUypo

    man i get sick watching these gameloft games. seriously, every single one of their games is mixed mash of COPIES different existing, active franchises.

    Even their presentation. those "screen artifacts" effects are so obviously taken from bf3 it disgusts me. get some creativity.

    ps: before anyone goes there - i know bf3 isn't the first one to use that and won't be the last, but gameloft's intention is clearly mimicking bf3's presentation in this case.

  • adam

    sh** just got real .

  • Used2bAndroidUser

    LMAO ... That's why I changed to iPhone ...

  • HatesTheHaters

    I hate it when people complain that it looks like other games. Well I would like to see them make a game look more real than most games out there. It's hard to make games to look any different than ones already have been made with suck graphics.

    • HatesTheHatersOnHaters

      Yeah but it's not just how they look, almost all the mechanics have been copied aswell. Gameloft is useless. All there games are repetitive and boring. None are worth $10 because they suck that bad, and thats why new games are brought out all the time. Practically all they have done with modern combat is added more graphics, and more voice acting - yet they still don't bother to add anything new. There's no point wasting your money, just accept that Gameloft has no originality at all.

      • sky

        You sir are a fucking idiot.

  • loopyman123

    do they mean at twelve when the day starts or when the next day starts

  • BrendanG

    How much will this be in the US?

  • Viktor

    I tried to download and install Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation on installous 4 (jailbroken, cydia stuff) and everytime I try to download it and install it, it always says "incorrect IPA, cannot install", what does that suppose to mean??!?!??!! PLEASE HELP!!

    • VladTheLad

      This is just a guess, mm-kay? But I'd say you probably downloaded (illegally, I might add!) the wrong version for your iPhone. You see, it's not as complicated as on the Android where you have an APK (the small file) and cache file (the big fat download that sometimes take forever depending on availability of server) for different Android device such as those using ARM Cortex, Qualcomm Snapdragon, LG Optimus, etc.

      Dead Space. That's the game that did it for me. It DID NOT like my Tegra 2 tablet, and it went out of its way to make that point across. It caused me sleepless nights. Because this game at first gave me a white screen due to missing textures, then after I applied another app to override the texture by using PowerVR's (or was it Qualcomm? Hmm...) texture, it then insulted me further by making the screen locked in portrait mode! Although on a YT video someone managed to make it run properly in landscape mode, it was revealed that the Honeycomb needs to be ver. 3.1 or something like that, or the tablet needs to be docked to the keyboard.

      So in the end the real solution was to sell off my Android and get an iPad 2.

      So compare your problem with the Android version, yours is just downloading the right version, of which there are only 2. One is for iPhone/iPod Touch, another for iPad.

    • Addi

      Stop Fucking pirating you poor whore

  • Devante

    I cant download it either, i have enough memory for the game, but once i download it, it keeps saying that i dont have enough memory to download

    • kyle

      Well first of all, this is is an android forum so I'm not sure why you ask that here. Luckily I had a jailbroken iPhone 4. I believe the error your getting is because so many other people are downloading the same file simultaniously which its servers can't headless therefore it just sends you an error message instead of your file. Just keep trying and you should get a turn at the download eventually.

  • j_wya

    Does anyone know when it will be released on Android platforms?

    • VladTheLad

      Question should be: does anyone know what Android models will the game be available for? Because it would totally suck if you're not on Android phone.

  • Artyomszeg

    I heard MC3 is coming out on Nov 21st

    • http://youtube.com x2goldpistolsx

      That would be awesome ! i most definetely getting the game when it comes out , i heard its an big improvement from sand storm & black peagsus . I've tried installous also from my ipod but i having no luck when installling the file towards the springboard . So i'll just wait like other android users and brush up on my skills in MC2 . add me kypile.

  • justin

    Modern combat 3 is on the android market now I seen it with my own eyes

  • http://www.cellbull.com Hassan

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is is really kool game. i found download link for the game. this is link for iOS . Android link is also available on that blog