At the beginning of the month, we broke the news about a huge security vulnerability in several HTC phones, including the Thunderbolt, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, and possibly more. Not long after word of this issue hit the 'net, HTC issued a response acknowledging it, as well as promising to deliver a patch to correct it. Looks like they are making good on that promise now, as several HTC devices are currently receiving an OTA update to correct this vulnerability.

So far, we've confirmed that the EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO View 4G, and EVO Design 4G on Sprint are all receiving an OTA update. While the EVO line is only receiving a small OTA that fixes the issue (and in some cases, a few other bugs), the fix for the Thunderbolt is bundled in the newest Gingerbread update, which should begin rolling out any time now. Of course, if you don't want to wait for that to happen, you can always flash the RUU.

Update: Looks like you can add the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide and G2 to the list of devices receiving the update, as well. [Thanks, Amaurys and skmpowdjy!]

To see if the update is available on your device, head into the Settings menu and tap About Phone > System Update > HTC software update.

As always, if you get this update on any device that we haven't already mentioned, make sure to drop us a line.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • joe

    Too little too late HTC. This was the absolute last straw for me with HTC. I have been dealing with nonstop issues, lack of updates, no support, and now this security issue with this POS thunderbolt since launch day. I will never buy another HTC product again and am steering everyone I know away from them as well

    • Jaz

      What are you talking about lack of updates? HTC is the best when it comes to updates compared to moto and sammy. The thunderbolt was one of htc's most horrible phone. On most of their other phones updates come on a regular basis and htc is usally the first to update the os on their phones. You can't base their lack of updates and support on one phone. Have fun using any other manufacturer if your complaint is updates!

      • TOMMMMMM

        HTC has been dropping the ball big time as of late. This issue coupled withlocked bootloader and not releasing full sourc code for their devices makes Samsung much more compelling.

    • Dan

      I've had a HTC, the Wildfire (Buzz), for almost a year and a half now and other than struggling to get the OTA Froyo update to install for about two weeks I've had no problems at all. Don't let the bad experiences of one phone taint the whole company, Joe.

    • http://www.htcsucks.com moto 1 htc 0

      I agree HTC sucks. I like my 'bolt, but I miss the superior build quality of my OG droid. I feel that the thunderbolt would have been a much better phone had it been made by anyone other than HTC. I like samsung's screens, but my next phone will be a moto phone and very well might be the Droid RAZR if they can unlock the bootloader. HTC sucks.

      • Jaz

        Is your decision based only on owning the tbolt? I hope not. I have had only htc phones ever since the original htc touch and yes, htc makes bad phones here and there but most are built very strong. Moto does have a good build but they lock their phones and they suck at updates just like sammy. But in the end if youve had several htc phones and just dont like them then by all means try someone else. That is the great thing about android. Plenty of phones to try.

      • feedhead

        Thunderbolt owner that moved over from OG here. I had touch screen issues with the OG twice ... sure Moto's builds are generally solid but I'm not sure what your beef is with Bolt. I'm pretty happy with the physical build.... now 4G / battery growing pains are another story

  • skmpowdjy

    The HTC T-Mobile G2 is also getting an OTA update with a "Security Patch" among other minor improvements.

  • Jaz

    I'm updating my 3d right now. Too bad this wont fix crappy sprint data. If the data speeds aren't improved by end of year I will be switching over to tmobile or verizon.

  • Jaz

    Will this break root for those who have it?

  • gpoww

    Hopefully if fixes the problem with HTC evo Shifts Loading issue I have done everything I can do and I am so OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jaz

      I would root your evo shift. It is worth it on this phone. Installing a custom rom will make this phone so much better and you will fall in love with it. My friend has a custom rom based on the latest ota update and he loves it and it still looks like the official rom by sprint.
      good luck.

      • gpoww

        Thanks Jaz I will consider doing this if it is not fixed soon as I have 15 more months with this phone!

  • Akasa

    Is this safe for Rooted phones? I've checked XDA and still no dice.

    • Jaz

      I would wait just to be safe although I saw on a post that this is just a security patch and shouldn't affect anything with root. But as always, just wait to see what people are saying. It would suck to loose root on 3d knowing how hard the latest ota is to root.

  • Samzzz

    As a general rule you should never accept OTA updates once rooted. They will usually not install properly even if they don't break your root.

  • Jaz

    I just did the update and something weird happened. Usually after an update the phone will reboot and stay on but this time the phone turned itself off. I had to turn it back on. I hope thats not a bad sign of a bad update from htc.

  • Akasa

    I just tried it on my Evo 3D after I deleted htcloggers.apk and the update froze my phone, had to do a battery pull.

    I still have root however, but the update failed.

  • Robm

    Hmmm, why not just have the best ROM on your phone now? TeamBAMF has a 2.11.605.5 base on their BAMF Forever 1.09 ROM, and HTC Sense 3.0. They also have a ROM with Sense 3.5 called SOAB (Son Of A Bliss)!

  • kyle

    the evo 4g is already getting it

  • JW

    I love HTC phones. They are the most supported and well built phones are the market, period! I've had 4 different HTC phones since 2008 and anytime there is a problem a update has been issued promptly to address the problem. I think a lot of people that are leaving comments here are over reacting.

  • Bob Boles

    I do phone repair. HTC is by far the best, with Motorola coming in at a close 2nd. And HTC is MUCH better getting updates out in a timely manner than any other manufacturer.

    Glad to get this update, and looking forward to getting ICS on my EVO 4G.

    • Bob Boles

      To clarify my post, I am not "judging" any "phone" based on how fast it gets updates alone. I am giving my humble opinion, as a phone repair technician, on the quality of the device's hardware as well as the timeliness of updates from the (combined) manufacturer AND carrier. I am not aware of any carrier that holds back updates to devices based on the contract. According to Wikipedia, the Nexus One will be getting ICS.


  • Jon

    I think judging a phone based on how fast it gets updates is incorrect. Even Google is going to drop the ball with the Nexus one. If you got the Nexus One on contact you are still in that two year contact and will not see ICS. Unless you root you are always going to have an old version.

  • Doug Fiedor

    My EVO 4G is a very early one running 2.3 and still stock. I did the update a couple hours ago and everything is fine.

    I can get a new phone any time but I don't think I will if they're sending me Android 4 for the EVO. The phone I have still works perfectly.

    • Bob Boles

      I agree Doug. The EVO 4G is still a solid, quality built device. The newer devices are not that much better. Sure, I'd love a dual core processor, a super AMOLED screen, and 4G LTE, but I am willing to wait another 6-12 months, especially if we can get ICS in the mean time!

      • Doug Fiedor

        My wife has a Hero that she likes. I've rooted and updated that thing till there's nothing else to do to help it out. She also likes my EVO 4G, though.

        So, when something really good -- like maybe the Samsung Note -- becomes available, I'll get it and retire the Hero.

        Meanwhile, my 4G does everything I want, does it quickly, and I have it trained the way I want it to operate.

        NOTE: Ever notice how much "stuff" one can put on an EVO in a just a year? Funny thing is that I still have plenty of room for more. lol

        • Bob Boles

          That's awesome. I still see a Hero in the wild every now and then ... some of which are still running the original software!

  • mark212

    so here's the big question: does the update actually fix the problem or will I still have an HTC-authored VNC server on my phone?