After Google's Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, the obvious question on everyone's mind was will my device get it? Motorola has started to address that issue, albeit very slowly.

A note about Ice Cream Sandwich:

We are planning to upgrade DROID RAZR, Motorola RAZR, Motorola XOOM and DROID BIONIC by Motorola to Ice Cream Sandwich. We will provide more precise guidance on timing after post-public push of Ice Cream Sandwich by Google, as well as any possible additions to this list of devices.

Therefore, we know at least three Moto devices that will see the ICS update. Of course, if you're rocking a high-end Moto device that was released in the past six months or so, I wouldn't sweat it too much.

We'll get a better idea of the range of devices that will see the update shortly after Google releases the ICS source, as Moto confirmed via Twitter that "within 6 weeks of Google’s public push, [they'll] confirm other devices to get ICS."

2011-10-24 16h28_06

Of course, any device capable of running Gingerbread should get the ICS update, which would include the Droid 2 and Droid X, but we'll just have to wait and see what they decide.

[Motorola Owners' Forum; Twitter]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Sean

    I'll take ICS with a side order of Root please :)

    • Kree Terry

      same here, i can see me running ics for a while before flashing any roms. looks like el goog has eliminated quite a few reasons for flashing roms. still like root so i can backup apps and the like.

      • Sean

        I can't live without my Nandroid :)

  • Zac

    Did y'all totally miss "Motorola RAZR"? So that means there is a GSM version of the Droid RAZR coming to AT&T? You guys just had an article on the GSM version passing through the FCC.

    • Cameron Summerson

      They said that it would be launching globally as the RAZR when they announced the Droid RAZR. The name is nothing new.

  • Dan Bobke

    Hoping for the Photon to get the update...I am sure it can handle it.

    • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays GarciaM25

      And then there's my lonely Atrix that.... well, I'm probably just going to have to upgrade soon whether or not it's getting ICS....

    • Mark

      Seriously. The Photon is barely a couple of months old, and if the Xoom (Tegra 2) gets ICS, no reason the Photon (Tegra 2) shouldn't get it. Right, Moto?

      • Mgamerz

        But it's going to take time to blur the s*** out of it.

  • david

    C'Mon Moto,update all ur "smartphones",Google came in and bought you,least you can do now is keep your software udated!!

    • adam

      It needs to be pushed out in waves though .

  • Tim

    Please let the Droid x2 see this update!!

    • http://androidpolice.com gsp

      i second that!!!

  • LAmDroid

    the Droid3 seem to have been forgotten after the Bionic dropped.

    • ocdtrekkie

      I have a DROID 3 (and a BIONIC actually, yeah, I'm weird), but given the DROID 3, DROID X2, and DROID BIONIC all use effectively the same build, I would expect them to all get the update.

  • TheLurg1687

    Any word yet on vanilla ics? Or will it have "motoblur"/moto no name? Ha

  • calvin

    What will Google do about capacitive and hardware buttons? Will we be able to disable them in ICS, seeing as they will not be to use full any more adding some way to disable them on a phone like the epic touch would be nice. (Just saying)

    • adam

      we'll be losing some real estate on our phones but it will be worth it.

  • djembeman

    Couldn't you just keep the same functionally of the physical buttons on phones that have them? I think it would suck to have them, but not function. I really hope that LG allows the Revolution to get updated and get rid of all the Bing/ Verizon bloatware garbage.

  • Nick

    I think it's great that Xoom users have gotten updates pretty quickly, considering we shelled out the big bucks to be the first ones with Honeycomb tablets. I love mine!

  • Mike C

    It would be nice to hear about Motorolas plans for non US Xoom's. So far we have been left behind - we are still waiting for Android 3.2. Given Motorolas track record we may never get ICS.

    • E Malone

      yeah im thinking the same Mike

  • http://www.gadgetrophy.com/ Gadgetroid

    The sooner they get Sandwich in the RAZR the better. Galaxy S2 will not be the only Android Amoled darling. Its important for the christmas smartphone battle

    • calvin

      I guess the point im making is the US galaxy s 2 and nexus s look good with there displays off and the capacitive buttons are all but unseen so it will look good on then. But I do wonder what will happen on other phones.

  • http://lovepeacestudios.blogspot.com Love Peace Studios

    No love for atrix? wth

  • Superfrog

    man this is why Android cant even come close to Ipad and IOS, when an update comes every fking person gets it at the same damn time. This is the worst ever Company to deal with by a bloody mile... You Charge Australians so bloody much more for Tablets and the like and weare either last to get the frikkin Updates or we just dont get them in general. Absolute Scum of a Company, I paid around $800 or so knowing full well that I would get ICS either first or very quickly but is it happening ? 

    No.. Do you fix the wifi only which cost bugger all first? Yes thanks alot ffs... Any damn- wonder you sold ur tarnished name, rep and company to google when you did, well the mobie Arm anyway. Furthermore I have used only 5gb out of 32gb or W/E it is, and it runs so damn slow, freezes all the time, needs a force reset at least 10 times a day and a few hard resets aswell, every single letter i type in any browseri use and its hell, so slow it kills me, my ipad 2is way faster, the ipad1 even still is lol. pathetic now y9u have forced me to custom ROM and ROOT this Device, thanks a fking bunch, stay the fk away from Motorola, by the time we all get ICS Jellybean or thenext version will beout