As part of a special Halloween promotion, Gameloft is offering two of its premium titles (as well as Uno) on the Android Market for a paltry $0.99 each for a "limited time." We assume this means until Halloween, but Gameloft's app descriptions don't specify.

Order And Chaos is the largest (and really only) MMORPG on Android, and with your $0.99 purchase you'll receive a free 3 month game subscription, after which you'll have to pay a monthly fee to continue accessing the game. Order And Chaos recently suffered a security breach, compromising numerous players' accounts, and the sale may be an attempt to mitigate some of the fallout from that gaff. Backstab HD is sort of like Assassin's Creed for Android. Both titles have impressive visuals, and for a just a buck, they're quite a steal compared to the $7 they'll  normally cost you.

Uno, also by Gameloft, is on sale for $0.99 as well, though that's just $2 off its regular price.

Note: the prices listed on AppBrain below are not reflective of the actual sale price on the Market at this point.

via DroidGamers

David Ruddock
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  • http://twitter.com/ryocoon KS Whitti

    Do you not consider Pocket Legends and Star Legends MMOs? I would. Yes, they are a bit more light-hearted and cartoonish, but they are certainly MMOs on mobile devices.

    • Shane

      Those are not MMOs for the same reason Diablo is not an MMO. It's just MO(not massively).

      • http://twitter.com/ryocoon KS Whitti

        Fair enough. The only time you see tons of people is in the town hubs. In the dungeons you see about a max of 5 or 6 people at a time, as I think they are instanced. It is sort of like "Guild Wars" in a way like that.

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    Gameloft has got to be the dumbest company ever! Still nothing available for the Transformer or Bionic.

    • nerdshowandtell

      Backstab wont install on EVO4G, EVO3D or GT 10.1 :S - lame. Also gameloft is just a mess w/ some games on android market, some on appbrain, and others only on their site..

      UNO is only the phone version :S - and not UNO HD which is not 99cents and not available in android market, only on their website.. This company is a joke / mess.

  • http://www.website.com androiduser

    Gameloft is a shameless gaming company.

    In earlier version of backstab HD half of levels had graphical errors, major issues, only 40% of stuff was visible. On all phones not any specific.

    Ashphalt6 - Frame rate would not go above 22. Wat were they thinking?

    It took them 4.5 months to release a patch for both.

    Take a wild guess how many people were happy for the purchase?

    I bid to buy Gameloft -- 2 cents, highest I can get.