Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

Update: Well, what do you know -- Verizon just updated the support documentation for the Tbolt to reflect the newest build... and it just so happens to be 2.11.605.5. Yep, the exact same as this build. Looks like this is the official OTA, folks. Check out the full changelog here.

Thunderbolt owners have been waiting a long while to get Gingerbread -- too long, considering this phone was once Verizon's flagship. We've seen several leaked builds come around, all of which experienced a variety of problems. The most recent leak seemed to be the most stable so far, but it was still chock-full of annoying little bugs.

Fortunately, we've gotten a hold of a newer build (2.11.605.5) that fixes a lot of the issues from the 605.3 build, so HTC is clearly heading in the right direction.

Here's a summed up version of what's new in this build:

  • HTC Logger removed
  • Voicemail notification fixed
  • Front facing camera/Gtalk fixed
  • MMS/SMS Fixes
  • Weather syncing fixes
  • ...and more

Sound good? I thought it might. Head below for download and installation instructions.

Using this RUU will wipe all data on your device! Please make a backup of all sensitive data before proceeding. Similarly, you will lose root if you flash this. It is unclear right now whether or not this version is easily rootable. Proceed with caution!

As always, Android Police is not liable for any damage caused to your device if you choose to use this RUU.


Gingerbread 2.11.605.5 for the HTC Thunderbolt (MD5: c5fda16925a974bbd6cd7007b2cf28f0)

Installation Instructions

It's the same song and dance as always, so if you've done it before, then you already know what to do.

  • After downloading it, rename it to "PG05IMG.zip"  Note: If you're doing this from a Windows machine, make sure you don't rename the file "PG05IMG.zip.zip," as Windows hides known file extensions by default.
  • Drop the file on the root of the SD Card
  • Turn off your device
  • Hold Volume Down + Power to reboot into the bootloader -- the file should automatically be detected and the flashing process will begin.
  • Wait for your device to complete the process and reboot

The first reboot will take several minutes, so just kick back and let it do its thing. Enjoy!

[Thanks, Jerry!]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.ajd.us AaronD

    Has anybody extracted the radios yet?

    • sgtguthrie

      The radios are the same as 605.3

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I flashed it without issues earlier - it definitely works. Unfortunately, this didn't help the disappearing 3G data on my Tbolt :( Damn it, Verizon.

  • tbolt user

    I managed to get the gbread version sent ota originally and it rooted very easily. I would think this would be almost the same as ota so it should to.

  • Matt

    Is the radio different from 605.3? Anyone extract it yet?

  • Uphor8

    Curious about the radio as well.

  • conazo

    radio? anyone get it yet?

  • Deltaechoe

    Just give it a day and there will be all kinds of fun things for us over at rootzwiki based on this build

  • System6

    Installing now and then attempting Revolutionary root method. Will report back ASAP.

    • skinien

      Thanks System6!

    • http://social-catalog.com/all-about-samsung-galaxy-note aatif

      Will be waiting :)

  • Defcon999

    I am curious, what is the:

    ...and more

    suppose to mean?. Can you give us what that means. I am running BAMF Forever and am happy with it. If this fixes some things, I would come back to this.....maybe

    • Cameron Summerson

      It means there are more fixes in the ROM, but we're not entirely sure of every last detail. Leaks don't come with changelogs, you know.

      • Rich

        do you know if this fixed the hands free auto answer issue. before 2.3.4 update my my thunderbolt and hands free in the car automatically answered incoming calls after 6 seconds.
        I drive with hand controls and really need this.


  • http://www.uic.edu Andy

    ...so will the camera crash out after a month, or am I safe with this one?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Tell us in a month :)

  • System6

    OK, so the new ROM is flashed. I went to use revolutionary and when it goes to check my I already have S-OFF. Flashing to try to root now...BRB.

  • System6

    New ROM works great and is easily rootable via Revolutionary method. Cheers!

    • Jethroe

      So I want to make sure I got it right... First you flashed the 2.11.605.5 ROM. Then you plug in the phone and run "Revolutionary" to re-root the phone and it worked.... Am I missing any steps? I am already rooted now and have "S-OFF". I want to update from 1.70.605.0 and just want to make sure it worked for you.

      • Dank

        I am on rooted 1.70.605.0 too, did this method work for you?

  • Drstrange462

    I think I'll wait for a few on this one. CM7 is working to well at this point. But I would like to have that new radio. (:

  • Pete

    I installed it without hitch, voice mail notification works, I am seen 3G in a area where previously I didn't get any data signal.
    Thank You AndroidPolice !

  • TechnoRave850

    I understand this will Wipe Data on your phone, but will it Wipe the DATA on your SDCard??

    Do I need to backup my SDCard , pictures, ringtones, music??

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      No, it doesn't touch SD - no updates do.

  • system6

    It doesn't wipe your SD card, but do yourself a favor and use titanium back up
    It will save and restore all of your app data on the phone. Makes setting everything back up 100xs easier.

    UPDATE TO ALL : So, great ROM, good battery life and my phone signal and data signal has improved a noticable amount.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Compared to Froyo or .3 Gingerbread?

      • system6

        Better than GB and other custom ROMs I've had recently including BAMF. Good stuff so far, no complaints.

        • Roy

          System6 are you located in Chicago because I need that root lol

        • Nocturnhabeo

          is it running sense 3.0?

    • http://social-catalog.com/samsung-galaxy-s3-specifications-revealed aatif

      Nice to hear that it is good . Thanks for your update . Going to check it out .

  • SirCastic

    Flashed a few hours ago and everything seems stable. Good voice and data signals, even in some sketchy areas

  • UndergroundWire

    Just wanted to throw this out there. One of the new features which was not in any of the previous leaks is the the weather sound effects from Sense 3.0 are on this leak.

    This came as a surprise when I heard the sound when I went to unlock my phone this morning.

  • CapitanStrange

    I like this release MUCH better than 2.11.605.3. I used this RUU to get back to stock because of warrantying. I'm already dreading to send my Thunderbolt away because the 4G data drops have finally gone away for me. Last release only temporarily fixed the data drops. Thank you Android Police!

  • Rick

    I could be wrong but it seems that the bass boost is actually working with this leak for music sounds better to me anyway.

  • mcannon-gso

    Everything seems to be working alot better after applying this RUU. Still have no clock app icon.

  • Jasen

    Is this for rooted devices only? I remember having non-rooted devices and applying updates.

  • Nick

    anyone got a clue on whether or not this release will fix the dialer bug? that's really the only issue I've been having since I pulled down the official GB OTA update the night they released it...

  • Joe

    Will there be a release for this that does not "lose root"??? i don't mind losing data since i have Titanium Backup.

    • Matt

      Joe: As mentioned in one of the initial comments, you can easily get root back.

  • rbw62

    Works great! No problems to report, a lot of improvements in this build. Thanx Android Police.

  • BLenz84

    I flashed this then restored using titanium backup pro and un-installed what I thought was bloatware. Now I get an error and force close anytime I try to use the people app. Anyone experience problems like this before?

    • Nocturnhabeo

      The HTC facebook app and many others connect with your People app so anything that integrates with your contacts could be the issue. You could run a log cat and see what it is hanging up on.

  • jake

    so can i use this RUU if i am not rooted? if so, if i update will it void my warranty? thanks

    • Nocturnhabeo

      it shouldn't seeing as it is the same version as the OTA that verizon released. However if you are really worried then just make sure you flash back to Stock 2.2 before you bring your phone in for insurance.

  • egore93

    Does anyone know if you can flash this Rom if you have the revolutionary root. If so what is the prosese? I know it would be the same as a Rom but want to do afterwards.

    • Eurasianman

      Yes, you can flash this ROM. You will just need to re-run the Revolutionary root. Worked like a charm for me. I got root back and CWM Recovery working again.

  • skinien
    • dmcpilot

      Nope...this is the same .pdf that's been hanging on their site since September...don't get your hopes up. I've come to believe there's a new 4-letter word in the English language: "SOON"

      Confidence is low, repeat, confidence is low!

      • Mechabolt

        I've been checking that Verizon Thunderbolt support page every day since the original GB update and it has always said 2.11.605.3. It just today updated to 2.11.605.5. So one could gather that a new OTA is about to be released.

  • GolfOx

    Not the same pdf. was .3 yestweday and it is .5 today

  • Mike Brooks

    they just updated the verizon site to the 605.5 software number and added stuff to the list.
    like the voicemail thing and a few other different things different than the 605.3

    Now how long will it take? i actually got the 605.3 update on the morning of 9/28 just before they pulled it, and it works great, other than the voicemail thing. its faster and the battery is better.

  • Magnus

    Okay I'm a tech idiot. I did everything the instructions said and nothing. The zip file is on the SD card and I get a screen the gives me options after the vol down and power is pressed. What option do I use?

    • Sadman

      If you renamed the file as stated and added .zip if you notice the file on your sd card and it has two .zip-s delete one of the .zips so there is only one. The phone will automatically pick up on the update and ask you if you want to continue and all you have to do is acknowledge it.

      • Magnus

        thanks Sadman, I was an idiot and had zip.zip My tbolt is in the process of updating now. Again much thanks

  • dmcpilot

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas who wasn't very good this year...

    Dear Verizon-clause...please don't leave coal in my TBolt or tease me with an update that won't arrive or work correctly. I'll try to be better next year!

  • mike

    I been updating with these. Has anyone noticed that its Sense 2.1 not 2.2/3? i was also wondering if after installing this update can you still get the OTA Updates?

  • sgtguthrie

    It's about time HTC, but you're too late! Without a radical change, you've lost me as a customer for future devices!

    This change i talk about would be in reference to kernel source. The gpl clearly states that source for the Linux kernel with any changes or additions made MUST be released when the software is! You obviously have no real intentions of complying with this, being that MR2 source STILL HASN'T BEEN RELEASED! I have to wonder how long it will take you for this update!

    -End of rant :-)

    • Deltaechoe

      If you are talking about gingerbread kernel, keep in mind that the software mentioned in this post is the actual release of the kernel you are looking for. Htc hasn't actually released gb yet until this

  • dmcpilot

    ok, so who's got the official OTA update? Good, bad, indifferent? Did it fix what it was supposed to? What version of Sense is it running? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Eurasianman

      If you read the previous comments, you'll find that most of your questions have been answered. As far as good, bad, indifferent, good luck on that one. Everyone has their own opinion which you might, might not agree with. Just saying.

      • dmcpilot

        I've seen comments from those who downloaded the leaked version...anyone got the notification and downloaded the OTA from VZW?

  • Brittany

    Works great! No problems here yet. I love the sounds it added to the weather.

  • puck61

    Can someone post the revs from the Software Info screen to confirm they are the same as the VZW posting? With our luck the OTA update will include a better radio or other module and it won't get updated because it will think the phone is already up to date.

  • http://www.knuckledraggerz.com Toklas

    if i flashed using the previously leaked 2.11.605.0 will i need to manually flash to the new RUU or will the OTA eventually push out to my device?

    • john

      i still can't get root. any help anyone.

      • defcon999

        If you flashed using the stock GB leak (or the OTA), it will lock (S-ON) your bootloader.
        Go to this link and follow the instructions....very very easy. You will unlock (S-OFF) and gain ROOT after.


        • john

          i thought root did more than just s-off. I thought I read something about the differences in the two. am I wrong?

    • http://www.knuckledraggerz.com Toklas

      any answer to my actual post and not the hijacked reply?

      • john

        chill out Toklas. yes you need to manually do the new leak as the one you have didn't unroot your phone and turn s-off to s-on. This leak is same as ota and does unroot your phone.

        • http://www.knuckledraggerz.com Toklas

          wow... really? first off you really need to learn what your doing before you mess with your phone it it very evident by your posting you have no idea what your doing. also you really need to read before you answer questions. lastly learn not to hijack.

          1. my question had nothing to do with rooting.
          2. I unlike you know the difference between s-off/s-on and a rooted phone.
          3. also unlike you i read in previous posts that the revolutionary.io method has been tested with the latest RUU. and if you have read through the instructions on that site it also instructs you on how to regain root after you have completed the S-OFF procedure.

      • Eurasianman

        Root and S-OFF are two different things. S-OFF stays on. You just can't access Cwm. You'll need revolutionary to get it back. I used this RUU on this site and was able to get root to work again.

      • john

        actually i'm not the one who said revolutionary roots your phone. As it doesn't Someone else replied that. and revolutionary is not the best method as yes you can unroot the phone but it will still have Nand lock until you fix that too. much more of a pain in the ass than traditional methods.

    • defcon999

      Toklas, sorry about that. I don't like this POSTING style.

      It should eventually push to your phone. When?....that is anyone's guess. My advice, if the one Android Police have is the leaked official one, I would just flash that!

      • http://www.knuckledraggerz.com Toklas

        no prob defcon. thanks for the answer. i want to wait for the OTA as if i do the flash again i will loose all my apps and settings.. not a big deal except for one app RSA SecureID. it took me almost a month to get my soft token re-issued to me and I don't want to go through that again :).

        • john

          depends which version you flashed rooted or not rooted. if rooted then you will never get ota. and you don't have to lose apps and settings back them up. well maybe not rsa secureid, but regular apps.

  • john

    this is right on their faq page. Does Revolutionary give me root?

    and also it doesn't list this latest leak(ota) as one of the versions. it does work though?

    • defcon999


      I used Android Police's OTA leak from last month and then AFTER I had updated/upgrade to GB, I then used revoltionary to unlock the BOOTLOADER. It worked perfectly. Then download ClockWorkMod from the market.

      Also, just to let you know, there are TONS of video's on Youtube on how to ROOT your phone.

      • john

        my phone is already rooted. lol. think you meant unroot. but i see that if you use revolutionary then there is a zip file you can use to root your phone from recovery. thanks for your help.

  • js614

    So, total newb here, but if I flash this RUU, will I be able to apply OTA updates down the road (assuming VZW still wants to support the TB)? Non-rooted, as I can not follow what I would need to do for that. Would appreciate any advice.

    • john

      yes all ota's will hit your phone after flashing this. this leak is same as official ota that is being sent out.

  • Gspfilmworks

    I have a stock, non-rooted unit and flashed the leaked RUU. I noticed when I check the software status there is no information listed at all. Anyone else have his happening?

  • jake

    well have the new update for a few days and my dialer is still sluggish at best, if work at all. gotta exit out then open again to dial. no other system bugs so far. i do have app bugs but that's to be expected

  • puck61

    Just received my 2.11.605.5 OTA. I just kept checking for updates, initially I got system errors, but finally it gave in and sent me the update OTA. VZW website still says coming soon.

    • dmcpilot

      ...and? do you like it? faster? better battery life? do all the previous bugs seem to have been fixed?

      • john

        i don't have the ota but the leak which supposedly is exact same. I've never been happier with my service. For the first time I have constant 4g great 3g. No dialer probs, no VM probs, no probs period. I don't even know if I want to root not that it messes with anything but I don't want to risk anything.

      • puck61

        I like the changes to the UI and the sounds in the weather screen. Screen seems more responsive. The battery life is definitely better, will need a few days to see how much. The 4G seems to be more stable, but it still seems to have problems with the transitions - it seems locked in 3G, even in places where I know strong 4G service is available. If I toggle it in airplane mode, it seems to go into 4G fine, its just a pain. My phone is HW ver. 2, I don't know if that makes a difference. Would be interested to hear what HW versions others have when they post their comments.

  • jake

    I had the leaked update and then reverted back to. 3 and then updated just now t
    with the ota. so dar the same, however there are a few more skins. 2 more I think. more to follow

  • jake

    Ok, here goes. Same error as before i updated to. 5 and after i updated to. 3 if i someone calls me and i have assigned them a custom ringtone, when the next person calls me, it uses the ringtone from the previous person regardless of whether they have the default ringtone or a custom one..... Hhmm, any others experience this?? Im on hw version 2.

    • dmcpilot

      There are other posts around that show the same problem...I've seen 2 fixes:

      1) Hard reset the phone and start over...a bit extreme, but has a pretty good success rate...

      2) Remove all of your custom ringtones from your contacts...soft reset using battery/SIM card pull...add the ringtones back to the individual contacts...

      I've not had the issue, but have noticed others who have, have had pretty good success w/ the above...good luck!

      • jake

        Thanks I'll try the soft reset first.

        • jake

          Well I spoke to HTC yesterday and they told me they know there is more problems and they are working on an update.

  • Crebelo

    Anyone else getting bad audio after the update? I use an aux cable going from the headphone jack to the aux input on my car to listen to music and it used to sound great. Now the media volume is just low and tinny. Call volume through the car speakers are the same as before, just media audio is awful. I remember this happening to me when I updated my nexus one to gingerbread.

    • ssj drittz

      Anyone else with the audio skipping issue on the tbolt. I've got tons of skipping in playback from any player. Idk of this is possible but I noticed if my phone is dead still screen off less skipping, if I move it or hit a pothole it skips...acceleramotor problems causing the skip? Either way if audio isn't fixed soon I'm rooting back to the old before the audio problems. If possible follow up with ideas about fixing audio

  • Brian

    I received--like it or not--the OTA update on Saturday (10/29). There was in the initial reboot an option to initiate some power-saving options--one of them having to do with not using LTE if it's not available, or something close to that. Since selecting that option, the following has happened:
    1) Whenever I have switched on WiFi, and then turn it off, I have to restart the phone to get even 3G service.
    2) I cannot find anywhere an option to undo the LTE setting I turned on at that initial reboot.
    3) Even when I restart, I can only get 3G service in an area I know has 4G available.
    I'm beginning to smell a VZW rat here: have I been enticed to "save power" by turning off the 4G feature in my phone, so that VZW doesn't have to provide more data to me? I'm still on the unlimited plan, so I could certainly see their interest in doing so, even though I'm no data hog.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated--thanks!

    • Eurasianman

      That's odd. I have had zero issues with mine and I updated it Friday night. Then again, I restored my phone completely back to factory since I was running a leaked build of this just to see if there were any noticeable differences. None as far as I can tell. One thing you might can try doing is backing up your data and looking for the stock image file for this phone and restoring it to that and re-running these updates. My 4G data connection and wi-fi connection have been working fine for me.

    • Keith

      2) I cannot find anywhere an option to undo the LTE setting I turned on at that initial reboot.

      Have you tried downloading the LTE on/off app from the market.

      3) Even when I restart, I can only get 3G service in an area I know has 4G available.

      I think there was something up with the 4G over the weekend. Mine kept coming and going. But, the only time I utilize 4G is if I am streaming a video (which I never do) or using Youtube, which I do on occasion. If you are rooted, you can flash to a new radio. I am running MR3 and seems to be working great!

  • woomdawg

    I downloaded the img file and renamed it then transfered to my sd card and when I reboot it does not automatically install. I have never done this before can someone give me detailed instructions please or point me to a set of detailed instructions.

  • Pmerm

    Hi I just tried this to update from 2.07.605.0 first it said the update failed so I restarted the update and it then it seemed to work. The problem is after i restarted it the touchscreen is unresponsive the power button works but I cant unlock it or anything. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry Lange

    is it just me or is this taking forever to download right now? says an hour

  • teemunknee

    Guys, I cannot get the download link to open...

  • Tony

    I can't get into boot loader holding down the volume and power. It does nothing and when I let off even after a couple min it just loads normally. How do I get this update in my phone?

  • Tony

    Never mind, had to pull the battery and it let me into HBoot

  • surya