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Our friends over at informIT are back with another new book on programming for Android. This time around, though, the book places more emphasis on learning directly by creating apps - in other words, learning by doing. The book is Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach, and it packs 16 fully coded Android apps as examples.

The Book

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Written by Paul J. Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Abbey Deitel (quite the family affair...) and Michael Morgano, the book is 512 pages long and can be had for $29 for the eBook, $36 for a paper copy, or $49 for both.

Contains 16 Fully Coded Android™ Apps

The professional programmer’s Deitel® guide to Android™ smartphone and tablet app development and the Eclipse IDE with the Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in

Billions of apps have been downloaded from Android Market! This book gives you everything you’ll need to start developing great Android apps quickly and getting them published on Android Market. The book uses an app-driven approach—each new technology is discussed in the context of 16 fully tested Android apps, complete with syntax coloring, code walkthroughs and sample outputs. Apps you’ll develop include:

  • SpotOn Game

  • Slideshow

  • Flag Quiz

  • Route Tracker

  • Favorite Twitter® Searches

  • Address Book

  • Tip Calculator

  • Doodlz

  • Weather Viewer

  • Cannon Game

  • Voice Recorder

  • Pizza Ordering

Practical, example-rich coverage of:

  • Smartphone and Tablet Apps, Android Development Tools (ADT) Plug-In for Eclipse

  • Activities, Intents, Content Providers

  • GUI Components, Menus, Toasts, Resource Files, Touch and Gesture Processing

  • Tablet Apps, ActionBar and AppWidgets

  • Tweened Animations, Property Animations

  • Camera, Audio, Video, Graphics, OpenGL ES

  • Gallery and Media Library Access

  • SharedPreferences, Serialization, SQLite

  • Handlers and Multithreading, Games

  • Google Maps, GPS, Location Services, Sensors

  • Internet-Enabled Apps, Web Services, Telephony, Bluetooth®

  • Speech Synthesis and Recognition

  • Android Market, Pricing, Monetization

  • And more…

Think you're ready to get started? That's the spirit, wolves - read on to find out how you can win a free copy.

How To Win

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:

  • Borche Georgiev
  • Bob Johnson
  • Derek Garmon
  • Kevin K
  • d3vkit

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

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Once again, the contest is quite simple: leave a comment to this post (below) and be sure to include your actual email address in the "Mail" column - we need it to contact you in the event that you win. There are no rules for what kind of comment in particular, but something funny or witty would be interesting.

The contest will end Friday, October 21 at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via email. Once again, the contest is open to everyone in the world. Good luck!

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  • Lorenzo

    My first giveaway! This book is very cool and i was about to take it when i read your tweet about this giveaway, hope to win and save sometimg

  • Lorenzo

    My first giveaway! This book is very cool and i was about to take it when i read your tweet about this giveaway, hope to win and save something

  • Brandon

    Do want book please!

  • hashbrown

    Went to BigAndroid BBQ and learned very little if anything past installing Eclipse. Advanced Programing seminar was cancelled and would like more insite into Android Programming past Java! Please post results for these contests!!!

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    I am happy developing for Mac/iOS but if I win a copy of the book then maybe I'll give android a try! lol.

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    This will be a great reference to try my hands on creating Android apps. Thank you!

  • Roman

    Nice book will come in handy. Choose me! :)

  • Viktor Kovarik

    I want to start develop for Android. I've tried some things in Eclipse (editing Hello World) but I want something more professional to learn it...

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  • Gordon

    Please enter me for the book.

  • Michael Cruz

    my momma always said life is like a box of choclate, you never know wha tyou gonna get

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    This book looks pretty good.

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    Moar programming = Moar apps!!! A handy book to own.

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    Knowing your book would be out I just upgraded to a smart phone last week so I would have something to program on.

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    Odds are I won't win but I love Deitel books and I am ready for this one!!!

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  • Fahad Ahmed

    I would be glad to have this book. Not programmed android but am anxiously waiting for a job or a situation to come were I can get my hands dirty with it.Winning this book will definitely make an impact on my desire for learning android, please come to Papa sweetie :)......

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    Could you tell me if you ship this to Portugal? Or will it be an ebook? I know i probably won't win but why not?

    Need this to win my Android vs iOS battle with my gf xD

    Well, sign me up (if i can!)

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