Last Updated: November 23rd, 2011

While the Galaxy Note still hasn't made its way to US shores (and possibly never will), that hasn't stopped this gargantuan beast from making a name for itself in other areas of the world. It's big, powerful, comes with a built-in stylus, and has an amazing display. What more could you want?

How about a little hack action.

For devs out there looking to work some magic on this tablet-meets-phone hybrid, Sammy just released the kernel source code to the Open Source Developers Center. Grab it while it's hot.

Samsung Galaxy Note kernel source code

Cameron Summerson
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  • L boogie

    What possible reason(s) in this universe could Samsung possibly come up with for not bringing this phonblet to the States? Though a little hack fun could bring wonders with this code when it ever comes through

  • zzzda

    What?? http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-galaxy-note-headed-to-usa-on-att-says-fcc-30184411/ I don't under stand, somebody is informed wrong! Any new on availability besides Nov 17 in the UK?

    • L boogie

      Thanks for the 411, I saw the same story on another tech site awhile ago but got curious about its current status so, once again thanx

  • Hassan Mahmood

    actually - the fact that Samsung brought the phone through the FCC is in no way indicative that the phone will be released in the US. the FCC regulation is required in order for US citizens to use any version of the phone in the United States. So, if someone were to buy the European version unlocked and bring it to the US, in terms of legality, Samsung needs to have FCC approval for those customers.

    If Samsung decides to have a US release for the Galaxy Note, there will be a second round of FCC confirmations required.

  • Andrew

    hassan, are you certain 2 fcc requirements are necessary? i have not heard that before...i didn't see one for the galaxy s2 last may when it was first released but perhaps i missed it?