If there's one thing the iPhone 4S seems to be screwing up after its very successful debut, it would seem to be Sprint's 3G. Since the launch of Apple's newest iThing, Sprint 3G speeds have absolutely tanked for users in many areas. How widespread is the problem? Well, this 45-page (and growing) thread with nearly 700 replies over on the Sprint Community forums would seem to indicate the answer is "very."

The problem has affected everyone - as shown by lackluster results from some of our own Sprint devices of late while on 3G.

Samsung Epic 4G:

DL: 370kbps

UL: 306kbps

Ping: 165ms

Motorola Photon 4G:

DL: 214kbps

UL: 542kbps

Ping: 963ms

iPhone 4S users are reporting speeds even lower than these, sometimes much lower (like 50kbps). It seems that Sprint's network is having difficult handling the recent addition of the iPhone 4S to the carrier's handset repertoire. Here's an iPhone user's results (these are among the worst observed):

iPhone 4S:

Ping: 413ms

DL: .07 Mbps

UL: .01 Mbps

What about you? Has Sprint's 3G all but ground to a halt during peak hours in the last week on your phone? Let us know in the comments.

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David Ruddock
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  • masterxchief

    Those look like the speeds I get on Verizon 3G, thank god I have 4G in my area.

    • pwabbit

      One of my friends was comparing his 3G Droid to the speeds of my Evo on Sprints 3G. He wouldn't stop laughing at how slow Sprints 3G is compared to Verizon's. It sucks that Sprint's Wimax doesn't work inside my house and the 3G is basically as slow as dial-up internet. I rarely get onto a real computer for internet access, but the crappy Sprint 3G is forcing me in that direction. My current 3G speeds average 348/172.

  • William D

    Ive been screaming at Sprint for over a year about bad data speeds. From 2mbps to 900kbps to now 50kbps (and I use Android). Sprint has been having major difficulties with their network, they deny a problem and refuse to fix it. Sprint is crap.

    • 3dfreek

      I too joined sprint a year ago and only after borrowing a friends phone for a couple days... I went with sprint after seeing 1.5mbs consistently... 2 mo later lucky to get 200kbs... mostly 15k to 30k even now... called and they tell me its my phone... I bought three phones and they all suffer. Lies, ignorance, denial or all three? Lansing, Mi

  • http://www.ssdtechnologyforum.com JohnF

    I have not had any issues with sprint and my photon as of yet here in Portland Oregon. Sound like majority with issues is the crapple crowd.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Not so - I am in the Bay Area, and I have measly speeds on the EVO and the Epic Touch all the time, especially after the iPhone launch. It's just awful.

  • Ron

    Doesn't Sprint advertise 3G speeds to be 300-600kbps? That's why the WiMax network was 10x faster at 6Mbps..?

    The Photon test looks pretty low on the DL, but the UL looks fine.

    • David Ruddock

      Correct, but our speeds on these devices have typically been much higher (>1mbps) in the area we're testing.

    • scuttlefield

      300-600 k equals 3G to Sprint? I've been thinking about switching from Tmo to Sprint when my contract is up (because of Tmo's uncertain future), but I COMMONLY (in fact almost always) get 10x that speed...on 3G with Tmo. Sounds like I should reconsider my move to Sprint?

    • William D

      Sprint prior to iPhone launch advertised 3G as 800kbps - 2.3mbps

      A few weeks prior to iPhone launch, Sprint changed their 3G speed as 600kbps - 1mbps

      4G is advertised as "Up to 10x faster than 3G" and it was advertised as "6mbps-8mbps" Ive seen past 2mbps ONCE in the last year Ive had their service. I average 800kbps - 1.4mbps

  • Ray

    Unlimited crap!

  • Genjinaro

    It was a mistake to ignore EVDO Rev. B as an aide to the iPhone, prior to Network Vision upgrades & now it's biting them in the ass.
    My home area is excellent, as I'm getting 2.5Mbps down on Sprint & 1Mbps up on 3G but also my area is a lightly populated suburb, 20 minutes outside of Philly. In the Philly center city area, I was getting 400Kbps.
    I'm a big Sprint fan but I'm pissed because this could've been avoided by upgrading the EVDO Network to Rev. B.

  • mike

    I haven't had any issues with Sprint's 3G service in the metro Detroit area. Seems the same as usual to me. Nexus S 4G

  • Bryan

    Having no problems here with EVO4g running CM7.1. Getting about 1mb down in San Jose,CA

  • http://ericcamil.com Eric

    600KB down
    17kb up
    ping: 289

    There is a long road i take to work everyday for about 30 minutes, I only had one spot on it where i would drop calls completely, last few days, I've had 3 different ones. Not happy with Sprint at all.

  • Mike Lierman

    Definitely seeing this problem. Couple of my friends had me take a look at their phones for really really slow 3G speed the past week. I'm here in Utah, very very populated area. Seeing speeds of about 200-300 kbs on good days. Sometimes it's much lower than that.

  • mrk

    It's been flat out *dead* for long stretches of time in Austin. They take away my yearly upgrade, remove many benefits of having a contract with them, and now I can't even make a call? This is bullshit.

    • Ch3vr0n5

      I am generally on WiFi most of the time but when I strike up Pandora and run up and I-35 I have noticed a significant change in performance, longer load times and more pauses. Honestly I couldn't see my self changing though. When I signed my contract on EVO 4G launch day it was the best price. I haven't checked lately but I'm still reasonably sure $79.99 usd monthly for practically Unlimited everything is still the cheapest for a major network. If I'm wrong I would really like to know. I am always up for lowering my bill. =) I previously had AT&T and Verizon.

      • ijip

        yes, right now you can sign up with att and get everything for the same price or cheaper... minus navigator but with google maps it adds navigation... so u should reconsider. if u get unlimited text with att u get any mobile to any mobile like sprint as well... the best way to price it is at the apple website...

  • Kelly M

    I live in a tourist city with no 4g, and from labor day until the end of september voice AND data signal was shoddy. At times I could not get texts to send at all. Recently (this week), signal has taken a dive again. Data speed is similar to dial-up, and my calls/texts are not going through.

  • Alex

    I was wondering why I was getting "1x" instead of the usual "3x" on my evo lately. Another reason to hate iphones.

  • http://ericcamil.com Eric

    Just got off the phone with Sprint, at least here in Florida and other parts of the nation (the rep wouldn't say specifically) they are updating 3G and Voice and are having issues with both. The repair time of "today" was moved to "tomorrow." He mentioned also issues with 3g mobile browsing as well.

    I'm not one to make a lot of calls, but to drop a work call 3 times in a 30 minutes stretch of driving isn't something I am smiling about.

    20 billion on Apple phones, why not 20 billion on your damn network..and some LTE (since you ditched us Evo using wimax guys here in the Florida pretty damn fast)

  • Eric Gigliotti

    Speeds on my EVO 3D are just fine - in the middle of downtown Lansing no less.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Test them during the day.

  • J$

    In some parts my 3G has been crappy and I've dropped to 1x on my Nexus. they knew they were getting the iPhone for months. They should've improved the now crap network before hand.

  • Deltaechoe

    Sprint has been oversold on their network for a long time now (especially in the NW), they have just made the problem much worse by introducing the iPhone onto it

  • TA

    Same thing happened with AT&T and Verizon. iPhones are just that much of shitty bandwidth hogs. Why do you think those companies switched to tiered, metered data plans shortly after the rollouts?

    • http://TheAndroidSource.com Chris Gustafson

      Didn't happen to Verizon. I don't know of anybody really noticing decreased speeds.

  • Christian W

    Sprints network has been garbage in this area (Milwaukee etc) since I got my Evo on release day. Unlimited is nice, not being able to use it for much isnt. I was able to get the BBB involved when I disputed my ETF and used the speeds as my leg to stand on. We came to a nice agreement and I am no longer with Sprint. Its not just cause of the iPhones as its been crapping out for alot of people well before this. Look at other sites back when the Evo came out.


    Finally, this issue is being picked by the mainstream. Over the last 6 months, my 3G speeds have absolutely tanked. I used to pull in about 08 to 1.2 Mbps, and now I'm lucky to even see 0.4 (I'm usually in the 0.2 range).

    I don't think this issue is caused by the iPhones, but more from Sprint not doing anything to upgrade their CDMA network. The iPhone now is only going to make things worse.

    I actually called Sprint the other day to vent about this and told them that I am paying $40 a month for my data (I don't even have 4G in my area) and I am getting speeds that aren't even close to 3G speeds. "Isn't this breach of contract,' I asked them. So basically, for the next 9 months, I have to pay for a service that I am no where even close to getting. They actually gave me a $50 credit towards next months bill (which was nice), but if I have to put up with these 0.1Mbps speeds, what's the point of unlimited data?

  • craig

    Why do we pay the $10 premium data fee?

    Sprint spokesperson John Taylor attempted to clear things up on his blog tonight:

    If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.

    Because the phone has a faster processor, a huge 4.3 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camcorder/camera, we expect you will be using a lot more data than you would with our other devices. These features will give you capabilities that have previously never been available on a wireless device and we think they provide a premium experience. (Remember, this is the world’s first 3G/4G Android phone.)


      This made me LOL...... so much for exploiting my EVO 4G's networking capabilities!

    • Pissed_Epic_Owner

      I'd agree with the $10/month extra charge if I could actually use the extra data they claim I could have used. With an average DL and UL speed of less than 50kbps I find it unlikely that I could reach their 4gb (invisible) cap. On average since Feb, 2011 I have used 367mb/month. Far cry from premium data usage. :-\
      They should have changed it so that anybody that exceeds 4gb at all is from then on required to pay an extra $10/month for premium data, even though their contract already stated "Unlimited Data".
      Sprint just needs to pull their head from their ass and get with the program. They're screwing their customers who are paying their salaries. I'm leaving and I'm sure lots of others are as well. Hopefully Sprint has a rude awakening from all of this.

  • NCX

    Sprint is going to have to do something about that unlimited data, I bet all those new iPhone users are having a buffet slowing down the network.

  • frozndevl

    Remember people that the average Android is a data hog much more so than the average iPhone user. I concur that data speeds have been getting worse since before the iPhone launch. Also, a lot of these users were already sprint customers which means they were airway eating sprint data.

  • Ali Fazel

    I think my speeds have actually gone up since the iPhone 4S launch.

  • duplissi

    no problems here in auburn, maine.

    on my photon
    994k d
    756k u

  • Fred

    I'm no expert but aren't these issues likely related to pinched backhaul capacity?

  • Terry

    Sounds about right. The speeds I've been pulling on my Evo 3D the past few months have been highly lackluster.

    So I said screw it and bought a Galaxy S II from AT&T about a week and a half ago and am entirely too happy.

    No more turning on any radios or fiddling switches to get my high-speed data; it's just there!

    No more waiting around for pages to load. I consistently get 3Mbps/1Mbps, which is pretty damn good considering I was getting the low end of the EVDO capabilities (300Kbps/shit).

    No more wasting my battery just to use the damn internet. Bye Sprint, Hello AT&T!

  • joe schmoe

    In my area I have been getting horrible 3g speeds for over a year. I live in a suburb near Los Angeles. No 4g in my area either.

    .10 to .40 mb is common.

  • Freak4Dell

    The problems with Sprint's network have existed for about a year or so before the iPhone.

    They've done some work in upgrading backhaul capacity, so some areas are seeing better speeds lately, but this is something they should have taken care of long ago. I'm not very optimistic about Sprint's ability to meet their deadlines for Network Vision or LTE, either.

    Sprint has proven to me that they're about the most incompetent business out there. They have absolutely no concern for their customers, their network, their money, or the law. They make changes to the contract and refuse to let people cancel, they don't do a thing about their crappy network until it's way too late, the customer service reps are not unwilling to be downright rude to a customer, and they blow their money like they think they actually have money to blow (or at least, they don't deny the rumors of blowing money). Unfortunately, this won't change until some powerful shareholders realize that Dan Hesse is a complete idiot, and fire him and his other management cronies.

    I would advise anyone that signed up for an iPhone with Sprint and is seeing poor speeds to return it ASAP and get with AT&T or Verizon. It's not a good gamble to stay with Sprint in the hopes that the speeds go up.

  • juliet

    just cant tell how fake is ur post! u silly wannabe...learn grammar first and then write.......

    • TeeGee

      Look who's talking...

  • Justadude

    Sprint just announced they are spending billions to upgrade their entire network to LTE and plan to complete the upgrade by the end of 2013.

    • wolf hogen

      What wasn't mentioned is that will include using Verizon's network in some areas.

  • Roy
  • John

    I knew this was gonna happen... Add 1MM plus users to your already over crowded network and look what happens. Sprint is really starting to piss me off. What is the use of unlimited data if it takes forever just to do something. Really thinking about moving to T-Mobile. Should have spent some time upgrading the network (rev b and 1x advanced) before bringing in all the crapple fans.

    • Alex

      I am on Wind Mobile, T-Mobile like network in Canada. Right now I am downloading a video and the download speed is appr. 30 KB/sec. I assume it is close to 2.5 MBit/sec. iPhones are not compatible with the T-Mobile 3G network, so you will get pretty much better results on it.

  • http://bionic.tavishandmolly.com Sheldon

    I've had no problems whatsoever on Sprint. Never have. Don't currently. I think people just want something to complain about.

  • pat

    WoW reading things like how shitty Sprints data speed is makes me happy I'm still with Tmo. I think Tue funniest part is when someone comments how everything is fine /t there area and its less than a meg up and down lol.. My Tmo 3G goes abouyt 5-6 meg down and about 2 up... lol my G2 does about 14 meg down... wow.. so Sprint's "all good" equals poo!

  • nc_carol

    Suddenly, I've been dropping from 3G to 1X for no apparent reason. Started 2 days ago. Nothing has changed in terms of location, etc..

  • Dan

    Mine in Chicago now goes to 1X instead of 3G it never did that until a few days ago. 4G connects but does not work all the time. Evo 4G user.

  • JohnK

    I haven't noticed any change in speeds or dropped calls since the iPhone has come to Sprint. I'm a truck driver travelling the south east region and i use my EVO3D all day. I think there are some people just like to complain and it doesn't matter what its about. Don't like the service, change carriers and quit complaining.

  • Robert R

    My Data speeds are about the same in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. However I have noticed since last week I am getting A LOT of Network is Busy when I attempt to make a phone call.

  • John R

    So far I'm actually happy Sprint picked up the IPhone 4S. It seems to have forced them to at least somewhat fix their issues in the Cedar Rapids, IA area. Still not great 3G speeds, but 600-700kbps is way better than the 256bps I routinely got before. BTW, I'm actually with Virgin Mobile.

    • wolf hogen

      Actually it was the July storms that took out several towers between Vinton and Cedar Rapids that forced Sprint to replace the towers with better ones. It took about 2 months for Sprint to get the new towers in which actually resolved some issues. However Sprint doesn't have a tower in Cedar Rapids itself. Just a relay station. Hopefully with 4G coming on Nov 17 we'll have better speeds.

  • BoB1673

    this is the reason i left sprint data speeds im with at&t now yes i have a data cap BUT ad lest i can get my email where ever i want or need too

  • AshR

    Hmm.. I live near NYC and the 3G speeds on my Evo 3D have actually gone up.

    Dated 10/17/11 (7:41pm):
    Download: 0.73Mbps
    Upload: 0.51Mbps

    Dates 10/21/11 (10:24am):
    Download: 0.88Mbps
    Upload: 0.65Mbps

  • ex-iPhone user

    If I were still an Apple fanboy I would say that its some secret agenda by Sprint to promote Android devices. LOL!

    I guess they will need to do some tweaking of their network before Apple pulls their product off of their shelves. :(


      It's affecting everyone, but people only care right now because the iphone is involved. Hopefully this is enough motivation for sprint to fix their network.

  • Drewskeetz

    Yeah my 3G has been horrible lately. Theres times I cant even download from the market as the download wouldnt even begin for a good 10 minutes.Well thats the longest ive waited. Im DL'ing speedtest from the market right now and that took about 3 minutes for a 3.00MB DL...Running speed test 1st try (DL: 542kbps- UL:60kbps). 3rd try (DL:0.14MBps- UL:0.05MBps) ...yeah thats sad.

  • Genius of the Crowd

    I'm getting a whole 150kbps-350kbps download average on my Photon in NYC. My upload is actually higher around 400kbps.

  • treoo0

    Atlanta, GA area (North Fulton): HORRIBLE 3G speeds for about 6 months now. I'm getting around 50kbps!!!!!!!! Unusable. Only happens at my office, but I'm here all day. I'm leaving for the Galaxy Nexus at first chance.

    Actually hoping the GNexus on ATT comes out, or is at least announced, before Verizon sells it...if the ATT version has a single Radio w/ LTE!

  • Kyle

    im in philly with an Evo 3d running MIUI

    -2380Kbps down
    -853Kbps up
    -86ms ping

    • mrbrooks418

      Yeah, you forgot to turn your WiFi off when you ran that test. Those sound more like the speeds my thunderbolt runs on Verizons 4G LTE.......

  • Mike Stanley

    I find pandora and youtube function just fine around boston and connecticut; I do switch between 3g/4g, sometimes one's better than the other, but seldom am I troubled by sprint's network, I give them a B+.

  • sleepyEDB

    I haven't noticed any difference in 3G speeds here in Metro Detroit. I am still on my old HTC Hero, so 4G isn't an option. While certainly not what I'd call 'fast', Sprint's 3G speeds have always been usable for me. I stream Pandora nearly 8hrs a day, M-F over 3G (no wifi at work) without any problems.

  • Mike

    Sprint service sucks completely, I can't ever do anything unless am using Wifi, I got the Motorola photon and I seriously never used the 4g it just doesn't work at all. Am in Brooklyn new york

  • Abdi

    I have definitely noticed too. I have the epic 4g touch and my brother has the photon. We have both noticed worse reception, the places where I used to get only a few bars now I get the circle with line through it. I never had seen that on my phone until recently.

  • Pissed_Epic_Owner

    Sammy Epic...
    Sprint, no 4g coverage even in their mapped 4g area (for me).
    crappy 3g in 4g area and here's the results...
    Ping: 216 ms
    DL: 24 kbps
    UL: 9 kbps
    Average data usage/month since Feb, 2011: 367mb. Were's this $10/month "Premium Data" charge coming from? Sprints ass, that's where. They pulled it out of their ass and they wont suck it up and take it like a man to offer a refund for those of us who can provide documentation that they're full of shit. I'm sick of Sprint and plan on switching to T-Mobile or Verizon by the end of the year. Loyal Sprint customer of over 6 years has had more than enough of this BS. It's time for change and we all know that wont come from Sprint.

    • Freak4Dell

      During Sprint's strategy meeting two weeks ago, they pretty much admitted that the Premium Data fee was nothing but a ploy to get free money. The guy said that because of the success of the Premium Data fee, they know now that there are other things they could do in order to raise ARPU. I would not be surprised if there were other fees coming in the future.

  • maglito

    Working fine in STL. Just tested 1.5mbps down 3g on my evo3d running cm7 alpha3

  • Bill Smith

    I have Verizon here in phoenix and I'm getting 17 down and 7 up sitting in the basement of my house in central phoenix.
    I actually have LTE though :P

  • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

    this is just a common case of "grass is greener"... like those that change lanes 'cause the one they're in is slow and others are faster. When they change lanes everyone else changes lanes with them, so the speed jumps; now the new lane is slow 'cause everyone jumped in it and the old lane is faster, 'cause there are now fewer users.

    Typical and will always be present until users can stop jumping ship JUST cause they are not happy. If it's a LONG unhappiness, then it's understandable, if it's a two year contract, common.

    Watch the trends and if a company plans on coming out with something that others have had for a while, expect things to get heavy for the new comer. Either stick with your veteran service, as it's likely to get better with fewer users, or jump from the new comer to the older folks.

    - based on 10+ years in the mobile industry and nearly two decades of customer service.

    • Pissed_Epic_Owner

      I'm not one of those drivers. I have been with Sprint for over 6 years and each year it gets progressively slower. However, my reason for leaving is NOT due to slow data speeds, rather, an increase in data usage fees while a drop in quality. Don't charge more for less. I'm leaving because of the ridiculous $10/month "Premium Data" fee that doesn't apply to me (367mb/month average) I stuck it out for 1 year in hopes Sprint would fix their issues, they've only gotten worse.
      So again, I'm not "changing lanes" because Sprint has gotten slower. I'm "changing lanes" because they're charging me more to go slower. Would you take a toll rode if it were slower and took longer than the free highway next to it?

      • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

        I get ya and your situation makes sense and is a prime reason to leave.

  • Lance

    I was sitting in a restaurant the other night. My friend was pullling 25mb down and 3mb up with his Bionic on Verizon. If I had not been sitting right beside him, I would not have believed him. I was sitting on 1x with my EVO. ;(

    Sprint needs to drop the Jimmy Johnson show on NASCAR and spend those $$ on their network. I'm dropping them soon.

  • fins1771

    Have had no changes here in Ohio that are noticeable. My custom ROM on my 3d flies. Data tweaks make a difference. I actually downloaded a ROM the other day faster than I ever had before on 3g. Calls have always been great. I hope their LTE network will reach me though. No Wimax near where I live. When I have tried Wimax I was fine with it. Downloaded a 400+ mb ROM in ten minutes. My next phone will be LTE on sprint. Only thing I care about is unlimited data. My EVO3d benches better than a sgs2 , so I'll be fine until whenever they roll out some LTE phones. To everyone complaining, go to another carrier if its that bad. I would have to if the "phone' part of my phone wasn't good. I rely on my phone for work, and it works well in all the states surrounding Ohio that I drive in. Tiered data makes me laugh. Good luck if you're switching to another carrier.

  • boe

    I had crappy speeds before and after the iphone on Sprint.
    I have an ET4G. I live at the intersection of TWO MAJOR highways in Los Angeles. My speeds are about 300k down and 100k up on average. Doesn't matter if I test at 5AM or 5PM - same crappy speeds.
    I've tested in Tucson, Brentwood, Pasadena, LAX, Gardena, Malibu and other locations. My 3G speeds vary from 0-500k down and 0-200k up on Sprint's yesterday network.

    Oh and forget about 4G - pretty much a given it will not maintain a signal and is often slower than 3G on Sprint.

  • John A Davis

    I cancelled my Sprint iphone yesterday and they are sending me an envelope to mail it back. I've been with them longer than 15 years (I say that because they didn't start keeping track until 15 years ago).
    I never really got anything, their website and emails keeps offering you *deals* for your loyalty but they ALL amount to spending more money.
    So I have my old HTC Touch gets me by, and has phone as a modem which always was slow, but not as slow as Hotspot for $30. I got an email from Sprint saying they were having network problems.

    I figured I'd send back that sexy phone that I do have fallen in love with. Did you know the 4s takes pictures that Adobe Photoshop with recognize and treat as RAW images? whew. And the volume on the earphones also works as a remote camera switch. iphone's are little pieces of jewelry. they feel good in the hand. Everything else just seems to be clunkier and more cumbersome. I make a living working on PCs, don't own or want to own a MAC, but all the Mac people I know have an iphone.

    Anyway, it was smart to send it back and float for a while until the dust settles. Speed is the most important thing for me, and I rarely use more than 350 mbs a month. So ATT and Verizon are starting to look really good.

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    This issue is definately not new. 3g coverage in New York SUCKS EGGS no doubt. 4g is fine on my evo 3d.

  • iTiErEy

    I have a EVO and I have been having SLOW 3G speeds. I called and they fixed the problem. Yesterday I got
    4G: 3.7 MB DL & 1.5 MB UL
    3G: 1.3 MB DL & 1.2MB UL

  • Longtime sprint

    Ive been with sprint along time (10 years). 2 years ago I was going to switch to AT&T but was convinced to tryout a 4g android EVO. I love the phone and was told 4g would be in place in 6 months. Here we are more then 1.5years later still no 4g to be seen near my house. A rep told me the other day probably 2 more years. So I ordered an iPhone since activating it I can't use any Internet without my wifi. Speeds average between .1 and.5 Mbps. I think my plan is to return the iPhone ($35 restocking fee) and waiting for the other 2 phones on the family plan to be clear of early termination. I can use my EVO month toonth until we are all clear. Just madining but I guess I thought long term loyalty was worth something.

    • boe

      Yes, Longtime. Long term loyalty is very important to Sprint as long as you don't expect something in return from them.

  • boe

    Sweet - we are starting to get some attention (by we I mean Sprint smartphone users dealing with crappy data speeds)


      I like how it takes the iPhone for this issue to come to light. I've been dealing with this crap for over 6 months.

  • wolf hogen

    Its not just Sprint having problems. Verizon and US Cellular are having similar issues. Missed calls, texts not sending, lack of data, calls dropping, etc. I suspect part of the problem is Verizon switching from 3G to 4GLTE. What this has to do with Sprint might be a little confusing here, but let me shed a little light. Sprint, US Cellular, and Verizon bounce of each other's towers. That roaming that your phone can do. That's what that is. However they can't bounce off AT&T towers and well AT&T customers can't bounce of Verizon or Sprint. That's the sad reality, especially in Eastern South Dakota if you're with AT&T...NO SERVICE! With the mention of Verizon's 4G towers coming to the area here, Sprint Techs were actually excited. They are hoping that Sprint customers will be able to use the 4G network which would provide relief on the 3G network. However with the towers being Verizon towers, there is no guarntees. Yes Sprint does have many outdated towers and unless you have a storm blow through that takes them out, then you can bet you're not getting better towers for a few years. In the mean time feel free to follow Verizon's progress with their 4GLTE towers, hit the 4G button, and see if you can connect. If so then awesome. If not, then at least it was worth a try.

    • Freak4Dell

      Sprint's phones can't use the 4G that Verizon is using. None of their phones support LTE. As far as I know, Sprint doesn't even have an LTE roaming agreement set up with Verizon yet. In fact, lately, Sprint has been upgrading PRLs to allow only 1xRTT data while roaming, instead of using Verizon's 3G network.

      This has nothing to do with Verizon, and everything to do with Sprint's incompetence.

  • thorn

    I couldn't even download email yesterday, and my phone drained twice. Of course, my device is a serious p.o.s. so who knows the real cause of my issue. I was in Chicago.

  • Pschorr11

    my sprint 3g service in Milwaukee totally sucks when I speed test it it averages 17 kbps. It's worse than my 56k modem I had back in the 90s. Absolute garbage. I called and complained they said that they have been working really hard to fix the towers by my house since June 2011.

  • cjbanks

    My speeds are faster than ever on 3g! I get 2.3mbps consistantly in my area! Idk why but I love it. Way faster than Verizon ever was here! I'm in zip code 46795 and sprint doesn't even show 3g here.

  • Cee

    My sister has really bad signal and it drops calls all the time !

    • Haneefbradley

      same here Sprint is nothing without the unlimited data plans, which is keeping them in business.

  • Evleon3863

    i live in Tucson AZ and sprint service with the 4s is horrible. i called 3 days after having the phone to see what was happening and the said it was a tower that was down.. three months later still horrible service. after numerous calls with agents and reps  and visiting the sprint store i called in to cancel service and early term fee 350 per line could not be waived even though i called in 3 days after i purchased the phone and was waiting to have the issue resolved. what a rip off.