It looks like Amazon's Gold Box and Woot! have paired up to offer a discount on the Motorola Xoom today. If you hurry, you can grab a factory refurbished, 32GB Xoom for just $339.99 (with free shipping), which is about $15 less than the last deal we saw from Woot! on the original Honeycomb tablet.


The deal will only be available until 12AM PDT tomorrow, so if you've been waiting for your chance to get a Xoom on the cheap, head over to Amazon and take advantage of the discount before time runs out. (Just click on "n refurbished from $339.99" to get the deal)

Liam Spradlin
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  • engineerGA

    Isn't that more expensive than a brand new Xoom Family Edition at Best Buy? My understanding is that the XFE is the same tablet but with a lighter (plastic) back instead of the heavy metal back and the addition of some pre-installed family software, right?

    This is a great deal if you want an original Xoom, I guess.

    Edit: Nope, it's $40 less than the 16GB XFE. Just checked BB's site.

  • Paladin27

    Also, this is 32GB vs the family editions 16GB. In case that wasn't obvious. ;)