ASUS has been hard at work on the successor to the company's first foray into the Android tablet market, the ASUS Transformer.

Transformer Prime

The Transformer's yet-to-be-officially-named sequel (Update: The name turned out to be... Transformer Prime) was shown off today by ASUS chairman Johnny Shih - and boy, is this thing thin. ASUS's next Android tablet will be a mere 8.3mm in profile and stick with the 10.1-inch screen form factor. Of course, it will have the detachable plug-in keyboard that made the Transformer a unique product in the marketplace. It will also have a next-generation NVIDIA quad-core "Kal-El" Tegra 3 processor, as had been expected.

Update: Here is the video. Jump to around 6:10 to catch a glimpse of the Transformer Prime in all of its sleek, sexy glory.

asiad-20111020-093103-02768-XL asiad-20111020-093208-02787-XL

ICS On Existing Tablets

Update: ASUS is already teasing ICS for the Transformer via its Twitter account. And now we wait.

2011-10-20 12h53_20

Shih also spoke about the company's existing products, and said that consumers could possibly expect Ice Cream Sandwich on the company's existing Honeycomb tablets by the end of the year, though that statement was definitely a qualified one - not a concrete promise.


Finally, the Shih revealed that the Padfone, ASUS's combination phone-tablet-dock-thing is scheduled for a first quarter release next year, pending approval by carriers and US wireless certification from the FCC.

Check out the transcript of Walt Mossberg's interview over at AllThingsD.

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  • David

    Just saw the 1st gen version at Best Buy this weekend and was impressed. The new one sounds like a beast!

  • John, Alabama

    They need to take my money now, and give it to me. I have heard on another site that it will be called the Transformer Prime.

    • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

      It should be named that, and the Nexus should have cept it Optimus name to :)

      • Nocturnhabeo

        well with a chip in there named after superman I am in support of even more awesome names

  • yourissues

    When is out coming out? I want to get one before I deploy.

    • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

      Supposedly November sometime.

  • PB

    Cant wait to get ICS on my Asus EeePad Slider

  • L boogie

    Tablet named after the greatest robot leader ever, with a quad-core processor named after the first & one of the best superheroes out there plus ICS treats & a splash of sexy, i definitely WANT this tablet.

  • sadfasdf

    Haha the name, i smell a patent suite!

  • Bharath Yadav

    Can't wait to see ICS on Transformer... Hope they make it soon...

  • Dennis

    My wife wants a tablet and I thought about buying her one for Xmas. FORGET THAT... I'll give her my Asus Transformer and go for an upgrade to this beast.

    Oh yeah... giggity giggity...

    • stateit

      "My wife wants a tablet... "

      I find a few tramadol or oxycodone usually work...

  • http://xxx.com Sharp

    I'm having a feeling this tablet is going to have ICS on it. Google Tab?

  • Mike

    I may have to drop my hatred toward tablets for this one >.>

    The Transformer Prime looks beautiful, and ICS looks so much more polished than Honeycomb.