Last Updated: October 28th, 2011

The super sleek new Transformer Prime from ASUS is going to be the Android tablet in which all subsequent tablets are measured by -- and its teaser page just went live. It doesn't give any info that we didn't know or any new images of the device, but it did successfully increase my desire for this device by at least ten-fold, which, considering how badly I wanted to get this thing in my hands in the first place, is quite a lot.

2011-10-20 16h38_37

Now we just have to wait until November 9th to roll around for the official unveiling.

Hurry. Up.

[via Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Father Phoenix

    I wonder if they can afford an actual deal on the characters from the movies and various TV series. Have the top of the line model called the Transformer Prime Optimus. Hey someone HAD to go there.

    • Greyhame

      Now it's clear to my why the Nexus dropped the Prime moniker.. Asus swept in and pulled it right from Google's grasp!

      • Nocturnhabeo

        They have a chip named after Superman and the whole package named after the greatest transformer ever... this is going to be AWESOME

  • Buckii Rogers

    I thought the same thing when LG tossed thier Optimus line down, lol, even with the transformer as well... i am going to invest in this...

  • http://patricksoon.com Patrick

    Asus' marketing department is incredible. In one feel swoop they've appropriated the goodwill in customers who were anticipating Google' Nexus Prime phone while also pleasing fans of the Game of Thrones. Brilliant.

  • Genjinaro

    This is the tablet I've been waiting for, iPad 2, Tab 10.1, TouchPad, Fire etc. none of them really screamed "buy" to me.

  • ABT Benjamins

    I'm very curious as to the specifications. Aside from the processor, and a few deductive reasoning parts, we don't really know much. Hopefully ASUS managed to increase the memory. I really want ASUS to set the bar high with Prime, but Quad-core alone wont future proof the tablet. Tegra 3 is already next year's tablet standard, so it needs something more to hold through 2012 as a top tier device.

    • spenc0007

      hey just to let you know wayne is next so will you jump on the bandwagon now with kal -el or wait for wayne me i cant wait

  • John, Alabama

    I hope the battery life claims are true. I read somewhere, dont remember where, that the tablet alone was supposed to get 14 hours. If that holds true we could be talking days with the dock.

  • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu

    I hope Asus will include the keyboard by default. They need to start promoting this as a "complete package". It's the future of both tablets and laptops. They need to start pushing that idea. Plus, it's a strong differentiating factor compared to all the other tablets (not to mention its 15-16h battery life), especially if they can offer it at $500.

    • Tyler C

      I doubt it will only be $500. Didn't the guy say in the video that it will be $999 for the 128GB SSD version? I can't see it being only $500 unless they strip it down to 16GB or 32GB and it doesn't include the keyboard.
      I am excited though, as it will be the first tablet I may actually consider buying, and may even be good enough to replace my laptop.

      • nocturnhabeo

        I am selling my laptop if it is good enough and getting rid of the netbook I bought a few years back too get it.

  • Robert N

    Tyler, he was talking about the zenbook 'ultrabook' laptop not the transformer prime tablet when he mentioned the $999 price.

  • http://social-catalog.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-confirmed-specifications aatif

    Now will get prime and prime . I hope Asus will include the keyboard

  • djembeman

    I'm confused. Is thus the Transformer 2? Or a second new tablet?

    • Cameron Summerson

      This is the Transformer 2.

  • L boogie

    Between this sexy transformer prime & Toshiba excite, X-Mas is gonna be spectacular for me this year