It looks like the HP Touchpad isn't the only tablet to have a bounty placed on its head - Kindle Fire Forum is now offering a substantial reward to the first person who's able to provide a reliable, reversible root method, or either a Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich port for Amazon's Android tablet.


The forum is offering a prize of $200 for a root method, and a whopping $800 for a "Basic" Honeycomb or ICS port. The original post outlines the goals like so:

Reliable Reversable Root Method - This one is self explanatory.

Basic Android Port – The stock Android home screen and apps boot. Touchscreen works, full offline app functionality is present. Android – Honeycomb required ICS preferred. Audio, Multi-touch, etc: Full or nearly-full functionality required. Only quality ports will be rewarded. Fastboot/ADB/Bootloader Support – Development and documentation of a method for flashing test/dev Android system images Recovery – Development of a working recovery mod for the Fire.

The developer who reaches the goals first needs only to post their source to GitHub, and post videos/links of their work in a separate thread. Such a generous reward should substantially speed up the process of getting a full Android experience on the Kindle Fire, and the race will certainly be interesting to watch. To see the full details, check out the original post on Kindle Fire Forum.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Nobody


    Source is not available for ICS or HC meaning any "port" is going to be some awful, horribly buggy unstable kang.

    Anyone of any intelligence would port CM7 which should be straight forward since Amazon's already released the GPL bits, and then CM9 when ICS source drops.

    This is why people like Pete exist, or did exist. SAD.

    • Taedirk

      Protip: The Kindle Fire isn't even out yet. By the time it does come out, we'll have had ICS on a device for a week or so and be close to seeing source release. I doubt anyone would bother with some SDK emulator crap port unless they thought they could get it out of the door fast enough to beat a real project.

  • http://www.kindle-fireforum.com/index.php wicked

    Really excited to see what devs have in store for the Kindle Fire.

    • http://competitor.com seemore

      You and your cookie cutter forums all about generating ad revenue.

  • Somebody

    I would imagine that the ICS source code will come out around the time the Kindle Fire does. It's going to take a while before CM9 comes out with a stable release, even when the source code drops. If there's a dedicated team, I could see a stable ROM on the Fire within a short period of time of the ICS source coming out.