It seems that these days, Samsung must constantly be on alert for new entries in the ever-growing list of patent disputes with Apple. Sensing this, Samsung's Mobile President, Shin Jong-kyun (who we heard from at last night's presentation) took a moment to stress the fact that the Galaxy Nexus was designed with patents in mind - specifically, it was designed to avoid trouble with Apple. While it is a rectangular device with a touch screen, not much else seems to put it in danger.


What's interesting is that Shin decided to speak to the subject at all. Gizmodo reports that Samsung's Mobile President "claims that no 'known' Apple patent was used in the Galaxy Nexus."

I find it somewhat curious that Shin would specify this regarding the Galaxy Nexus - does this suggest that patents were knowingly violated in the past? Probably not, but it's worth noting the exact wording Shin used: "Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously..." Again, I have to ask - were patents not taken seriously or avoided before?

At any rate, it would seem that Samsung feels confident about the Galaxy Nexus' use of patents, but will remain on alert. Shin added "we will see if (the Galaxy Nexus) will be 100 percent free."

via Gizmodo

Liam Spradlin
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  • Bas

    Too bad, it's still a device with touchscreen. Apple sues it in 3....2....1....

    But seriously: Apple is going too far with patents. They'll have 'patenting' patented soon...

  • Albert

    So sick of the patent wars. I understand the need to protect your products and ideas, but the legislature really needs to get with the times. Too much valuable time and money is wasted on this stuff.

  • vincentisdoinghisiphone

    for real, f ing crapple

  • ManMythLegend

    How disgusting.
    Apple the leader in stifling innovation in consumer products.

  • franz

    maybe he was referring to those deals with microsoft as well.

  • Hooman

    well it's funny how apple is protective about its patents but it goes around and steals others ideas make them a little bit different and puts an apple brand on it, just like what they did with android notification bar and etc.

    • Jon

      They basically take existing ideas then refine it to their styles then say we made it all by ourselves.

  • Cordane

    Stop parsing the guy's words. Jeez. First, remember that English isn't is first language. Second, the qualifiers of "knowingly" and "now" do not imply that such precautions were not taken in the past.

    But, obviously, SOME corporations believe that the patents were violated. This is just Shin's way of saying, "There, Apple! Hope you're bleeding happy. Now, get off of our collecting scrotum about it!"

    • Jacques

      Yeah, Koreans speaking English often say stuff like "now I will take this very seriously" and an English speaking listener will come away with the impression they weren't taking whatever seriously before, but that's not what they meant at all. My father in law and I have this confusion constantly.

      • Vinny

        Excellent point. You are the first to bring that up and point well taken. Too bad journalist who write for these sites don't have the smarts to realize this but would rather throw a twist on it and make it sound as if something sleazy was going on.

        • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

          I fully understand and appreciate your point, but I would argue that regardless of one's first - or second - language, if they are putting themselves in a position to speak publicly, they should be prepared to over-think each word. My post isn't attempting to reflect any presumptions or sensational twists, just logical questions that follow from what was said.

  • Cordane

    Oops, that was to be "collective."

  • anhmel

    Down with patents!!!

  • Jeff A

    I can imagine that you would design a product without thinking that simple ideas like the shape or colour of your product can be a reason for suing.
    I concur get rid of patents for software, and make it illegal to patent basic design ideas like shapes and colours.

  • MicroNix

    Does it also avoid the Microshaft patents?