Are you worried about your ice cream melting before it reaches the UK? According to a press release from Three UK this morning, it should arrive on your doorstep still tasting nice and fresh in the shape of Samsung's newly announced Galaxy Nexus.

Although no specific dates have been given by the network, it's certainly encouraging to see an announcement so shortly after the phone's unveiling in Hong Kong.

three uk galaxy nexus press announcement

During the unveiling, Samsung said that the phone will hit the market "in November" and see a worldwide distribution, so there is a good chance that the phone could come to the UK as soon as next month. Sylvia Chind, head of handsets at Three added,

“At Three we love firsts, so we’re excited to be bringing our customers the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone. It’s also great to add another HSPA+ enabled device to our range, which will see the Galaxy Nexus’ features be brought to life with Three’s award-winning HSPA+ enabled network.”

The UK based network has been going through a series of upgrades across the country this year in an attempt to improve its HSPA+ capabilities, so it will certainly be interesting to see how the Galaxy Nexus performs against other devices in speed tests. If we hear any other news about the availability of the Galaxy Nexus, you'll be the first to know, so be sure to keep a keen eye on us over the coming days.

[Source: Three UK]

John Thompson
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  • me

    If o2 don't offer it too, I'm definitely switching! :)

    • dward

      I'm looking to switch fron Orange to O2 when I pick this up (launch day). Not sure about three... Good Android background but still a niche network to me. Anyone know how their coverage compares?

      • Toonshorty

        I have always been sceptical of Three after hearing everyone rant on about their terrible network. I took the device in March and bought an HTC Desire on their Text 500 plan. It was the cheapest and best contract against any other provider.

        Coverage wise I've had phones with Orange and O2 and my Dad is with Vodafone. I can get the best signal with Three by a mile, their coverage is outstanding. Can't wait for them to roll out 4G (here's hoping that Three get the lower frequency bands).

        I don't know about where you live but around the North East I could probably get better 3G signal from a pidgin than O2, they are awful.

  • http://androidpolice.com John Thompson

    I switched to Three for my new phone myself when they started the One Plan. Until other networks start to offer truly unlimited data at £35 a month, I'm not interested in anyone else.

  • Pete Lunn

    Just had a call from O2 telling me i've an upgrade soon from my £35 a month iphone plan. I asked is I would still get unlimited data and was told no max 1GB.
    So good bye O2, hello 3 - timing might be quite good for a switch to get off my LG 2x which there is still no gingerbread update for (Actually running CM)

    I have a 3 sim in a Galaxy tab and coverage is actually OK.

  • Daniel Kenyon

    this is awesome and its upgrade time soon, been with three for a few years now and coverage is great every where i been :D

  • Stevedroid

    I've got a Galaxy S2 and a Sensation with Three on their One Plan... WILL have to sell them both to fund a Galaxy Nexus!

    So pretty...

  • Robbaddoo

    Don't think twice about 3. I was on their network twice before and it was awful but 18months into this contract with an SGS and it has been amazing coverage everywhere throughout,plus unlimited data. Friend with SGS on Orange/TMobile can hardly stream at all, mine NEVER buffers!