The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is, if nothing else, a unique breed of tablet, conveniently offering the functionality of a netbook at your whim, with the addition of a handy keyboard dock. It is, no doubt, a capable piece of hardware, but (in my opinion) it seems a bit awkward and bulky. Of course, upon its release, speculation about its successor began almost immediately. Several months later, ASUS has released a teaser video that gives us a few hints about the next Transformer.

As you can see from the video, the next Transformer looks like an improvement over its predecessor, at least in terms of form-factor. ASUS' teaser shows off a razor-thin, shiny device, and a slightly revamped keyboard dock. It would also seem that either the tablet, or the dock, or both have been redesigned with a tapered form factor, to emphasize its thinness.

image image image

Unfortunately the video only gives us a few glances of the device, and nothing more. A reassuring "it's coming" at the end of the teaser makes me think, however, that we don't have long to wait before we get more details on this beauty.

Liam Spradlin
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  • dward

    Uh-oh! I think Apple own the patent for thin, shiny rectangular things. I heard you can't even buy a mirror in Australia these days... :-P

  • JimJam

    I almost thought it was one of their new Zenbooks till the screen popped off. I will give them props, they have massively stepped up their game.

    • Phil Oakley

      That they've done. A year ago I wouldn't have given ASUS a second glance. Now I have a Transformer (original ;P), looking at getting the Transformer 2, and looking at getting a new Zenbook to replace my ageing PC.

      Best PC manufacturer right now imo.

  • John, Alabama

    This should be one of the biggest Tablet releases so far, and if it brings along ICS it will be on my immediate buy list.

    • http://allonewordt.com Felix Maynard

      I am hoping that this will be the ICS flagship tablet

  • spenc0007

    yes looks cool but there is competition to come with others to follow on acer motorola and amazon and chinese tabs and zilabs

  • spenc0007

    very short intro so i guess they run out of dollars on film i want more lol

  • Tyler C

    I will definitely be considering this if it comes with ICS and the price is right. I wasn't too impressed with the screen or the microphone quality when playing around with the original Transformer in the stores, hopefully those things will be improved in this one.

  • L boogie

    This beast with ICS goodies, NVidia kal-el processor and hopefully address issues from the first transformer, we have a possible winner unless the Toshiba excite comes up short.

  • the boy who lived

    First of all there are some disadvantages of using this prime, the most annoying thing is the thick frame screen or some would say the border around it, second is when you touch the aluminium metal spun, your fingerprints might leave a smudge, it wastes a lot of precious time to wipe it. Third, I don't know what to say, I guess that's it.