Update: Looks like WiFiKill was in violation of Google's terms and conditions, as it "could be used in a way that is harmful to devices, networks, or users," per Google itself. No worries, though -- the dev has the free version available on his forum, and if you want to show some donation love, you can grab the ad-free version from SlideMe.

Have you ever wanted to evict someone from your Wi-Fi network for whatever reason? Maybe your roommate is hogging all the bandwidth? Wife spending too much time on Facebook? Kids playing too much WoW? Now you can easily knock them off of the network thanks to an app called WiFiKill.

This app is for rooted users only.

WiFiKill is pretty simple: it scans your network for connected devices and gives the option to individually kill their network connectivity. Want to take out the entire network in one go? Not a problem -- tick the "all" box and the network will be completely empty in a matter of seconds. To re-enable connectivity for any device, simply uncheck the box next to its name.

ss-480-0-0 ss-480-1-1 ss-480-2-0

After spending a couple of minutes with the app, I can confirm that it works as advertised. My laptop and tablet were both connected to the network, but neither had access to the internet.

While this app could be useful in some situations, I'm not going to ignore the fact that it could also be used with malicious intent. I think one of the Market comments said it best: "With great power, comes great responsibility." So, if you choose to install this, do us all a favor and don't be a jackass.

[via Addictive Tips]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Justin

    Been using it for a while, if anyone's interested it uses an Arp Spoofing attack.

    • PacoBell

      You mean ARP cache poisoning?

      • John

        its the same thing

  • J Rush

    This is why I love Android. Nice article, I now have this app. Thanks Cameron/AP!

  • Sxeptomaniac

    I must only use this power for good.

    • Jamie

      thats what we'll all say :P

    • Tee

      Does this work on the LAN side too? I mean, who wants to play WOW via wlan?

  • Bazar6

    lmao, agreed "So, if you choose to install this, do us all a favor and don't be a jackass."

  • Martin

    WOW amazing app - I'm going to have so much fun with this app....

  • Joe

    Don't be total "jerks" with this app guys...a prank or two is fun, definitely. But don't go taking out whole networks where people are actually trying to be productive in their life.

    • Martin

      I meant I was going to have fun in a good way with friends...def not into ruining everyones fun.

  • dward

    Downloaded this morning (UK) and had an extremely funny day at work :-)

  • Claudio

    ahahah stopping my brothers xbox when hes sucking all the bandwidth never gets old :)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That is quite lulzworthy.

  • Sxeptomaniac

    Wow, testing this at work, and it found everything on our local intranet (~130 addresses), and could lock out almost anything (obviously, I didn't, as I do prefer to remain employed).

  • http://www.srbodroid.com Coby

    Does not work on https.

  • cosmic

    I promise to only use this for pranks and the occasional visit to star bucks...

    • Flippy125

      Only hit the Apple users!

      • J Rush

        NICE ONE! +1 INFINITY!

  • Mirceas

    doesn't seem to work on my d-link dir 600. my laptop is connected to it, but i can browse just fine :(

  • Mostafa

    Going to love this app at school!

  • Jeff

    Cool app. I use it to kick the wife off the Internet so she can come to "bed"

  • Nikhil

    If I were you, I wouldn't use this tool due to security concerns. ARP cache poisoning (if it's working on that), is a type of Man-in-the-Middle attack which collects ALL the packets sent by the device (being killed) and makes the device think that it's a legitimate destination (e.g. Gmail) it is talking to.

    All the passwords and sensitive data will be captured, and you never know, where it is logged!

    If you want to kill wi-fi devices, rather try tools like Ettercap from your laptop, which are used by security professionals to securely replicate such attacks.

  • S

    Google -> Static ARP tables, and you are ready to go my friends ;)

  • Aaron

    I promise not to use against androids...... >:D BWAHAHAHAHAHHA.... the complaints apple will get....

  • Tyler

    I will be a total douche at McDonalds and Starbucks, i'm so glad I follow the site on twitter.

  • Joshua

    I've failed to scan for any IP address. Anyone encountered this?

  • andddlay

    at school i just scanned for devices and it found 1024. wow...phones shouldn't really be able to do this lol (don't worry, i'm not going to kill any of their connections...)

  • Craig

    Appears to have been pulled from the market? I can't find it. Looked manually, and got nothing. Checked AppBrain, which found it, but it failed to find it when I clicked install. Bummer...

  • joe

    I need the installer for this!

  • http://plus.ly/epinez Martin Underwood

    Glad I grabbed it when I first saw it. Figured it'd get pulled

  • miann

    ya glad I got it as well.. was assuming it would be pulled. Tried it at home and easily blocked my GF GS2 from using wifi.

    fun note.. even though phones have 3g they are set to use wifi only when connected to the network. So she couldnt get internet at all while blocked because her phone was connected but didnt load anything. it didnt try and switch back to 3g

    • Matt

      You can turn Wi-FI off on all Android phones, in fact, on all phones with Wi-Fi...

  • http://www.website.com instarapid

    kills everything but not the IMs like skype or gtalk

  • ad
  • gume

    Was there really anything stopping people from being a jackass?? Nah!

    Other wise the word "Jackass" won't exist.