Motorola's press conference is under way, but it turns out the Droid RAZR isn't the only thing that Motorola had up their sleeve - they also announced the MOTOACTV, what is essentially an iPod Nano on serious steroids.

motoactv2 motoactv5

The ACTV packs a 600MHz CPU, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio, and an "Audio Coach" - all there to help you step up your fitness game. The features all work together to keep track of your heart rate, calories burned, and route taken (among others). They take things even further by having all this data automatically synced to your PC and MOTOACTV.com to keep track of progress and compare it to plans/goals, analyze workouts, and challenge friends.

motoactv3 motoactv4

Naturally, the ACTV is "outdoor readable, sweat-proof, rain resistant, [and] scratch-proof." It will be hitting retailers on November 6, with the 8GB going for (a pricey) $250 and the 16GB for $300.

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Aaron Gingrich
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  • Artur Tenorio

    Great idea but it is very expensive and probably will be a huge fail.

  • Rob

    I agree, 2x the price of it's closest competitor? Does that include the headset and wristband?

    • Mike

      Really? The Garmin with the closest feature set (GPS and Calorie counting) is $279 and it doesn't even store music. MotoActv is not meant to compete with the iPod Nano, the only thing they have in common is that they play music.

      • Xcom923

        Gotta agree, I thought this was on the cheaper size considering a color capacitive screen running android.

        • Jeffrey Gilbert

          that's the same features of the ipod nano at twice the price. who would buy one?

  • Mike

    Don't care about putting my own music on it. Dump (most) of the on-board memory, keep the FM radio and drop the price to $100. I'd like all the exercise tracking stuff without the storage and price.

    • TomRowly

      The actual product, especially the storage (only $50 difference between the 8GB and 16GB models), costs very little. It's the research and development of products that brings the high price tags. I reckon this would costs around $10 to make (if that) but they have to recover the costs that went into developing such a product. That's why it costs so much.

  • Cody Callaway

    Good god Motorola someone needs to tell Sanjay that his devices are not premium market and people won't pay premium prices. Did they learn nothing with the Xoom? The pride of that company is the reason they are where they are today. $250 for an 8GB glorified watch that counts calories? Every time Moto launches a product I am reminded why I have never (except Droid OG and Xoom) and will never buy another Motorola device for as long as I live. I have been burned too many times by buggy, overpriced, overhyped, late promised, and buggy products like the Droid X and Droid2. Google really needs to clean house with this company. They had a great thing going with the OG Droid and then somehow, some way they got too much pride and started locking their devices down and forcing people to use their buggy Blur products and think that they can charge Apple+ prices for their products.

  • max

    being a tech nerd that also has a passion for working out here is my 2 cents. this thing is priced justright for what it is. its not an mp3 player alone it will monitor heart rate and calories along with gps! that is a sweat deal. about 6 months ago i bought my new workout watch from polar and it was 220 bucks... no gps, no mp3.. i do trust its data more then i would this though! and he gps add on is like 100 bucks! then add on your ipod or whatever for another 100-150$$ so for workout people that this is marketed to its awesome!!

    • Alphonse

      I agree with max . A gps device with heart rate and calories are priced far more expensive like garmin or polar devices and with out a Mp3 player and Bluetooth.
      People immediately compared with ipod nano but its totally different concept its not a mp3 with gps its a gps with mp3 .

  • http://kennydude.me Joe Simpson

    I want market on this thing! :D

    Or even CM ;)

  • Michael

    This is a reasonable price relative to competitors for the included functionality. I'm curious about whether they can improve on Garmin's sweat/heat tolerance and general hardware reliability.

  • Patrick

    I need this now!!!!

  • Jeffrey Gilbert

    Hey, you can get one of those right now for half price right here: