Engadget managed to get some face time with Google's Gabe Cohen and he has confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich will definitely be coming to the Nexus S. According to Engadget, both he and Matias Duarte are of the opinion that most Gingerbread devices (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy SII) will receive the upgrade.


They said that Google is "currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S" and that in theory it "should work for any 2.3 device."

Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when ICS would be coming to the Android 2.3 devices and there is also no clear plan on whether ICS will ever come to older devices such as the Nexus One.

[Source: Engadget]

Abhiroop Basu
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  • http://www.owentech.co.uk Tony

    I'll be happy once they release it to AOSP. As a HTC customer, I don't rely on them for any updates :-(

  • L boogie

    Wasn't sure if ICS would make it to my og Incredible though it's currently on 2.3.7 but we'll see.... then again, I'm about to update my phone so I'm debating between the new nexus, (maybe) the Razr, or the vigor ( don't like Rezound)..... finally, some sweet phones despite the price structure on Verizon.

    • George C

      Razr is gonna be locked, and motorola's camera functions don't really have a good track record. Personally I'm going for the Galaxy, it's a samsung so the build quality will be there, and it'll most likely be the first/one of the first phone(s) to get the next several android updates.

  • venky

    I Want it on my S2.. cant wait!

  • Andrea

    Any word about the Galaxy S1? I'm not keen on installing a custom rom on mine yet, since I don't want to lose my warranty.

    • Tee

      The chances are thin, I think. Unless you go to customized ROMs, that is...

      • Andrea

        I've always thought so, but hope dies last as we say in Italy :p What makes me sad a bit is that the Nexus S and the sgs1 are basically the same phone,only with tiny hardware differences..

        • TeeGee

          Yeah...sgs has slightly better specs . It all depends on Samsung if they'll screw this up for Galaxy S...it's possible they won't release it before the sgs3 comes out,so to force people to buy sgs3 if they want ICS on a Galaxy S phone...remember the Gingerbread thing? They postponed it for the same reasons...I'm probably wrong but I'll tell you one thing: I love my SGS1,runs perfect...but I'll definitely buy Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus because of the guarantee of frequent updates in a timely fashion and it will definitely run ICS as it should...none of the other crap. Okay my TW3 launcher interface runs well,but damn it has many bugs. And Samsung Galaxy S software is not as good as the hardware so... Samsung blew it. I mean SGS2 is a big disappointment - thank God I didn't buy it.

      • TeeGee

        You haven't elaborated your opinion as to why you think so... sgs1 has same or slightly slightly faster hardware than Nexus S.
        It all depends on Samsung marketing schemes...which in that regard,doesn't bode well for us sgs1 users. Maybe next year they will release it,if not this year...I don't know ...I just don't know

  • noob

    The only thing I care about is if cyanogen will bring this to the desire.

  • noob

    The only thing I care about is if cyanogenmod will bring this to the desire

  • cosmic

    Going to echo what a few others and say and just hope it finds its way to AOSP. Touchpad needs some ICS loving. =p

  • Elias

    If it will come to all devices currently running gingerbread, it probably means the OS is not too heavy, which is great news. If nexus s will run it ok, then my Captivate will also be able to run it smoothly once cyanogenmod switches to ics (if I were ever left to wait for at&t's good will to let me use ICS... Seriously, ics has already been introduced and these guys are still stuck on froyo, ffs. It's been almost a year since gingerbread was released and they still haven't been able to bring it to customers).

  • http://kmfdman.com kmfdman

    Sooner rather than later would be nice.. though, I've only installed Cyanogen on my Nexus S 2 weeks ago, after having it for around 6 months.

    I am really loving the Cyanogen features, ESPECIALLY how it lights up the home keys for notifications because there is no LED. But have been having a few too many bugs (force closes, market issues) for my liking. But.. I will deal with it =p

    • TeeGee

      I find it that most people stick to CM because of eyecandy... I hate CM. It's buggy,kills battery insanely fast and many things don't work well (camera app is crap,as an example...). Did they fix the GPS/compass issues?
      It just doesn't seem worth the effort to have it on my phone...but that's just me,u know...

  • JH

    Can't wait for ICS to hit my Nexus S!! :)

  • Denis

    i really like the Razr and motorola said that i'll feature unlockable bootloader. but i'm not sure if i'd take the risk of waiting for motorola to kindly update this to ICS ASAP.

  • Higgs

    By "Gingerbread devices", do they mean devices that are capable of running Gingerbread or devices that were designed and launched with Gingerbread?

    I hope for the former as I have a N1 but fear it could be the latter.

  • Joshua

    If they release ICS for my nexus one. I'll hail Google by walking on the street NAKED.

    • Juan

      I'm pretty sure the N1 will get it because the specs are still in the Nexus One's ballpark and you can imagine the hairpulling from others still waiting on Gingerbread (I.e. Samsung Epic 4g) or those who find out their phone either doesn't support it or take up to almost a year to release it.

      • TeeGee

        I disagree... I do hope I'm wrong. N1 is quite old hardware wise,no? Maybe it'll get a "lite" version of ICS or something...

      • Jim

        As I understand it, the N1 doesn't have as much room as other phones, and Gingerbread was a relatively tight fit. I'd love to see ICS on my N1, but I'm inclined not to expect it.

        • TeeGee

          Hmm... I agree. But maybe ICS is more efficient. It does use hardware to its fullest potential. I hope N1 users will get ICS,but as you said...

  • Juan

    I took a calculated risk on going for the Nexus S 4g when it was free and it paid off big time. The new Galaxy Nexus specs are not much different, Nexus S users WILL get the update second and to top it off ICS is hardware-accelerated. Win-win for Nexus S users.

  • http://smonkey.site.co.il Guy

    I can't wait!
    I bought the SGSII about 3 months ago, and I've been waiting for this announcement ever since!

    Only question remains is: when? when will this happen?


    LG users can already forget about this coming to their gingerbread devices.

    • Wednesday

      why is that? i would love my gingerbread optimus one to get ICS..

      • LG_LOSER L

        Mine optimus black can't get 2.3update for a half year. At this speed LG 2.3 capable devices will get the 4.0 update after 5 years. By that time there probably will be Android 10.1.

        • TeeGee

          Umm...more like Android 9.1 a.k.a. Frozen Monkey or Delicious Candy Desert Thingie

  • Matteo

    So a Galaxy S (not S2) could receive ICS as well as the Nexus S (they almost the same hardware).

    • TeeGee

      SGS has slightly better specs ...so yeah. Depends on Samsung I think...it would suck so much if they don't release it because they want people to buy SGS3. I'm definitely buying the Nexus Prime (will run better than sgs3 and frequent updates...I wont buy any new Galaxy S series phones no more because of that ...also I want that native camera app) we will see...

  • TeeGee

    I pray it comes to SGS1 ! I would like them to include the Camera app of ICS and not the TW version of it... please please make it so. SGS1 is still a powerful machine ...let's hope Samsung won't play some kind of a dirty game as they did with Gingerbread (postponing the release because they wanted people to buy their new phones). Gotta hate Samsung for their shortsightedness in that particular case...

  • Matt

    I'm expecting most Motorola and Samsung Gingerbread devices to get ICS by next summer. HTC? Not so much. Their love for Sense is going to be their undoing this time around.

    • TeeGee

      This is so true...

      • LG_LOSER L

        HTC already have announced that they will update as many devices as they can with ICS.

        • GalNex

          Director of Android operating system User Experience Matias Duarte told Engadget that Google is. "Currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S. Theoretically it should work for any 2.3 device."

  • Nelson

    Don't forget that carriers aren't going to provide you with ammunition to make your slightly older phone better/faster and risk you not purchasing the latest and greatest.

  • Tim

    How about sony ericsson xperia play? Rumors have it that sony made all 2011 ericsson phones including my xperia play compatible for the ics update, heard they're gonna release ics for sony ericsson 2 weeks after ics is out...true?

  • Echo

    TeeGee, SGS have faster hardware than Nexus S?! r u sick? lets run benchmark on both an see... numb!!!

    • TeeGee

      ...how software runs is another matter (TW being a memory hog).
      Why are you insulting me? Did I insult your mother? What the fuck,I just stated what I think is correct...if u have something that contradicts what I said I will be happy to listen.

      Anyway... have a nice fucking day

    • TeeGee

      Indeed SGS and NEXUS S have same CPU and stuff like that...
      Though SGS does have HD video recording,Bluetooth 3.0 and internal/external sdcard thingie ...
      Nexus S on the other hand has flash with the camera and runs pure Android...so yeah,SGS has better hardware in a few things but Nexus S runs better on Android compared to SGS

      I think I mixedup the CPU specs of N1 and Nexus S ,my bad :/ hence why I said I think sgs has faster specs (they both have the same damn CPU ...)

  • Marc

    Just updated to ics. Nexus s