Hot on the trails of this morning's Galaxy Nexus confirmation comes yet another leak of the device, but this time it includes some eye candy. It looks like it's a Japanese magazine ad of some kind, but all the important parts are in English, including hardware specs and Android version number. Have a look:


Here's a rundown of what this ad does tell us:

  • 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED display (possibly rounded up from the rumored 4.65)
  • 1.2GHz OMAP4460 Processor (likely underclocked from 1.5GHz)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich will indeed be Android 4.0
  • Galaxy Nexus is the official name

All this information lines up with what we've been hearing for the past couple of weeks, so it's more of a confirmation than anything else. Still, the Galaxy Nexus news should be pretty thick all day long leading up to tonight's event. Let's get this party started!

[Thanks, Alex!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Amberite

    I was REALLY looking forward to this, but I gotta say, I am massively disappointed. Looks like I may wait a little longer for a new phone.

    • brendon

      lol what were you expecting?
      specs have leaked out months before

      • Amberite

        As leaks usually are, I was hoping they would be wrong. This phone was very hyped, and aside from its screen and ICS, it's a huge letdown and is a clear step down from some phones that have been out a while (ie, SGSII).

        • brendon

          Specs don't mean much, with vanilla android this phone will out run any of its competition in real world cases

        • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

          What Brendon said is correct. My Nexus S 4G runs circles around my bro's Evo 3D. Even with its 1ghz single core.

        • Chris

          So you mean other than the best display on the market, LTE, NFC, dual core, 1gig of RAM, hardware acceleration, dual core optimization (garbage collection happens seamlessly in second core), you're disappointed? The S2 doesn't even come close, its complete garbage by comparison.

          They haven't even had a chance to pitch the software side and you've written them off.

          I'm guessing the phone that satisfies you would probably be smart enough to kill you and take your place.

        • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

          Frankly, I think some of us would have a hard time understand what made you so disappointed. Yes, this phone was very hyped, but almost every legitimate leak pointed to spec similar to what's found out today. So, all the hypes around this phone were right on spot -- if you set your expectation otherwise, then it's not the fault of the hypes. It's just that you have different expectation from the "hypes".

        • http://androidpolice.com Jaroslav Stekl

          In what way is this a step down from the S II?

        • Deltaechoe

          You guys have to remember the earlier videos too, how buttery smooth was the nexus in the leaked video? Just like dairy queen soft serve (if you like that of course). I can't wait to get my fingers sticky with ice cream

        • andddlay

          @Chris lol how is the gs2 garbage in comparison? get real

        • sluflyer06

          I agree that its a huge step down..for those asking in what way: The GPU in in this SoC has about 1/2 the performance of the Mali-400 in the GS2 yet it is being asked to drive a screen with much higher resolution.....

        • TJ

          What you must realize is that this phone isn't all about specs, design, or form factor of the phone. The highlight of this phone is how well Google and Samsung implemented hardware and software(4.0) optimization. This thing is going to run buttery smooth, labeled as the best Android device to date with software optimization. That's going to be the star of the show.

    • Jason

      What were you hoping for?

    • jjrudey

      I'm pretty disappointed as well. I can only hope these leaks aren't real.

    • alucard9114

      You wrote this to start a fire you will be the first one in line at Verizon!

    • Jim

      Yeah.. So stop it with saying iphone 4s failed.. It still kicks ass. Spec and soft.webpage loadin from iphone4s is quicker than gs2.. Tho it has a 1.2ghz n iphone has 800mhz..

    • Jim

      Yeah.. So u fandroids should stop it with saying iphone 4s failed.. It still kicks azz. Spec and soft.webpage loadin from iphone4s is quicker than gs2.. Tho it has a 1.2ghz n iphone has 800mhz..

  • Brian

    Does it have hdmi out?

    • Esa

      It's a Samsung, it has microUSB = it has HDMI

      • Andy in Indy

        Hmm. How does that work if you want to add a wired keyboard while using an HMDI monitor?

        • Nocturnhabeo

          ad a wireless one?

  • http://none.com Kai

    I hate feeling like a Buzz-Kill but, unless you loved the look of the previous Nexus devices, this phone is ugly :(
    ...Still an Android fan though.

    • alucard9114

      Love it all just to much bezel

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    Looks sexy. I think the real treat is gonna be ICS though.

  • Chris

    Yeah this kinda falls short of what I was hoping for so I'll just wait for some ICS Roms and stick to my Evo 3D for now..

  • http://Android-belgium.com dimitri

    Does it fits in a pocket?

    • brendon

      well it is 8.8mm at the thinest point,
      so yes.

  • wirbly

    Aw man, the teaser images had me thinking the entire unit was curved, screen and all. Oh well.

    • sugar0

      Well, this is awkward .. i tought that too. In this image it seems waaaay more straight

  • Deltaechoe

    It's ics, vanilla, and a huge step up from my Thunderbolt. Definitely still getting it

  • http://androidpolice.com jselt

    if amazon is quickly trying to sell the bionic for a penny, you know they think that the nexus is going to kill the sale of other phones. amazon thinks it will be big.

    • UntitleD

      I believe they are just preparing for Motorola RAZR instead of this

  • treehumper

    Can it run Crysis?

  • UntitleD

    I'm disappointed of the gpu, sgx540?! Why google choose ti omap instead of exynos? Mali multicore does better than my Galaxy Tab sgx540.. They forgotten how A5 chip slaughters basically all Android phones in graphic (Game) department?

    • Telanis

      Dude, the A5 was tablet-only until recently. The fact that it's in a iPhone is technologically amazing, give Samsung a minute to catch up.

      • UntitleD

        Samsung had Exynos, but i believe it's Google's decision to choose their next OS official hardware. Samsung's was chosen for gingerbread, guess that's why Google switch to TI.

        Sigh, guess they just wanna satisfy all their partners.

        • KevinC

          Does it really make that much of a difference to you? What the hell are you trying to do with your phone that the GPU makes that big of a difference? It's a phone. I'm not trying to play Call of Duty, GT5, or whatever game of your choosing.

        • UntitleD

          What is so hard to understand what a gpu for? 540 isn't a strong performer in current hardware performance for 3D, it can't even catch up to mali multiprocessor configuration.

          Driving 1280 x 720 on 4.7inch screen for gaming needs that power unless Google really wanna give up on that front and just hand the position without a fight to iOS by sending signal to dev that gaming isn't part of the plan.

          Make sense to you now? It's a developer phone, it should be at the edge of the sword kind of tech to actually push Android forward. Running 540 which is over a year old chip which they could have gone with 544mp!

  • Dward

    What's wrong with you people?! If you've bought a phone in the last 6 months, why complain at the spec?! You're not supposed to buy phones that often! I'll be replacing my OG Desire (!) with this baby and I can't wait :-)

    • Hooman

      yeah I'm upgrading from Nexus One as well, and I'll be happy :D

  • PYU

    looks like a blackberry

  • jenue

    I am also be disappointed if there's no noise cancellation and if it's plastic case.

    • UntitleD

      Agrees, noise cancellation is a main hardware feature that all high end phone should have now.

      I do hope omap processor, even in dual core form, can repeat their single core power efficiency with this phone

  • hibasaki

    I also wonder why they wouldn't go with the Exynos.

    If this phone was the Galaxy S II, buy with ICS and a huge screen, it would have already been unbelievable.

    But I can't say anything for now, I am really psyched to get this phone, but we gotta wait for the reviews to come out with performance and stuff like that...

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      Power Efficiency (hopefully)

  • joey

    rumor....US model will have better specs.

  • Eric

    For those complaining about the specs... Nexus phone are never the best in specs.

    They have been traditionally 'reference' phones for manufacturers for the latest version of Android. You can say it's the baseline specs needed for it.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      The Nexus One was the most powerful phone in existence when it originally came out. It also had the largest, brightest screen and the most RAM. It set the benchmark for a high end phone. It was a Tick. The Nexus S felt like more of a Tock. Now we're back on the Tick.

  • Mike

    if this is true, than Google somehow does not understand what the game is all about.. by now almost everyone has a dualcore phone with an 8MP camera.. yes, ICS is probably nice, but that will not make me dowgrade from 8MP to 5MP.. my HTC Sensation 4G is a good phone, and it also serves as my only camera.. 5MP is a dealbreaker for me..

    another point: Why even release anything Nexus with weak specs and call it your Flagship ? particularly right after iPhone caught up with the rest of the competition precessor-wise and camera-wise ? Who will be buying Galaxy Nexus with weak hardware ? Raw Android OS is important only for few, for the rest a smartphone is a combination of software and hardware, and hardware is extremely important. I know the difference in picture quality between my Nexus One and Sensation - it is staggering. I will neverr buy my next device with anything less than 8MP.

    • BeatBlaster

      You do know "megapixels" doesn't necessarily mean "better," right? What other compelleing reason besides megapixels do you have to base your claim off of? I'm curious, not trollin'.

      • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

        You have a great point. An 8MP sensor behind crappy optics only accentuate the bad optics. You don't even need 5MP to get a clear, crisp image from behind good optics.

    • Ribbys

      Where is 5 vs 8 MP even confirmed?

    • behelit

      I think it's always like this, they gimp the nexus device so that manufacturers have a chance to sell something.

  • http://www.gradweil.de alvinx

    Hey, the deal is HD-Display and vanilla ICS !
    But I fear that it won't have an SDcard-slot like the Nexus S ;/

  • Vinny

    4.7 is too damn big. Why are the Manufacturers making such over sized phones? 4.3 is the largest screen I would want. Anything larger then that just looks ridiculous IMO. What is big enough, 4.3 is my #. I will keep my Thunderbolt rooted with a custom rom and be very happy thank you.

    • http://vrdwellersblog.com Miles

      I agree, hopefully this isn't the actual phone. What I'd absolutely love to see is a 4.3 inch body with a 4.7 inch screen (edge to edge you can fit 5 inches on there). And then of course carriers other than Verizon. Why get rid of the physical buttons if you're not going to use the space? I guess we'll find out more tonight.

      • http://vrdwellersblog.com Miles

        Just did some comparisons in Photoshop. The Galaxy Nexus pictures that we have show it as being too thin to be the same size as the US Galaxy S II and too tall to be the same size as an Evo 4G sized screen. Thoughts?

  • L boogie

    A buttonless 4.7 phone? Interesting but with the current software arsenal at Samsung's as well as Google's disposal, the specs leave much to be desired but it's not over until everything is officially announced so I'm just gonna wait & see though i want to know more about the u.s version

  • Devin

    Looking forward to having to carry a man-purse around to hold this thing.

  • UntitleD

    Moto RAZR has the same processor, announced to have ~12hrs of talk time =.= let's hope this nexus does too

    • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu

      Moto RAZR has OMAP 4430 like Bionic. Galaxy Nexus has 4460. The difference is mostly in the GPU. The OMAP 4460 GPU is 25% faster than the OMAP 4430 GPU.

  • Pb

    5mpx only what the f...
    Htc sony offers 7 or 8mpx since few months ago??? Oh no google how can you allow that?? Please i hope its wrong

  • [.RG]

    Common guys, 5/8mpx doesn't matter, it's not that you take pictures for printing posters. It's the lens/sensor that matters

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      Actually, the MP value refers to the sensor (Though not exclusively)

      • http://vrdwellersblog.com Miles

        True but it's the sensor quality that really makes a difference. For instance the iPhone 4 camera could outperform most other phone cameras on the market at 5 MP up until pretty recently.

        • J Rush

          Agreed. iPhone 4G can top most if not all phone cameras on the market today. I did a comparison between my friends iPhone and my Infuse; his 5MP camera showed a sharper clearer image, with mine close behind. So really, it doesn't matter how many megapixels it has. All that matters is the optics that are behind it.

  • StephenParker

    The app drawer icon reminds of the RIM logo for blackberry. XD

  • http://aaqilx.blogspot.com Aaqil Mahmood

    What is that drop like icon in ad? is it water resistant?

  • dward

    MP count means basically nothing. It's just a cheap way of beefing-up stats. Decent camera + lower MP = better pics in low light conditions. The camera will be fine, as will the cpu. It's not all about the figures. This is a phone for people who know their sh*t, not for people who w*nk over stats. Get a grip! Look what the manufacturers have done to your brains! :-P

  • Deltaechoe

    Really i'm just looking for a decent phone that doesn't discharge while it's attached to the charger (IE the Thunderbolt, yeah, it's that bad, i have it plugged into my pc and its still losing 8 mAh per hour)

  • http://androidpolice.com Alpha55

    If the moto razr has4.0 thats what im looking forward to 4.7 is just plain out to big :(

  • Deltaechoe

    Meh, I actually like the big screen, it will be easier for my poor eyesight

  • redd

    it doesn't look like 4.7

  • http://allonewordt.com Felix Maynard

    Oh thank the lord! Is the release tonight? like in 11 hours? or tommrow?

    • Deltaechoe

      Not the release, just the official announcement. This dog isn't being let off it's leash until November if the rumors are to be believed

  • KuroNex

    Everyone disappointed with the bezel - you can't really go with a thinner bezel without getting accidental touches at the edge of the device. It just can't be done.

  • boe

    I'm sure it is a nice phone but not really a big jump up from the Epic Touch 4G. I do like Android and Samsung though and look forward to the Galaxy SIII. Hopefully Sprint will get one hot off the presses next year instead of 6 months after the Europeans get to enjoy theirs.

  • achilles_steel

    The specs are fine to me except for the GPU.
    I was really hoping to see something more powerful in the GPU department. I was more interested in the power of the GPU than anything. Any dual core CPU with ICS will be fine for the CPU tasks, but the GPU is key for future games. The Ipad2 & 4S really set the bar high and devs are going to use those two devices as their main platform for the future.

  • Dan

    Yep my main issue is the gpu also, I was expecting the same gpu as in the A5 but sadly we're stuck with this old hat 540 which is very poor in comparison :(

  • Lou

    Those of you complaining about specs, relax. Those specs are more than enough to power the android os. Games aren't the focus here its the evolution of the software and features. Most of us will root the phone anyway so there's always room for more performance through the community. As for the camera, my nexus s 5mp takes better pics than an evo 8mp camera so we all know there's more to a camera than just MP's. I for one am more excited for ICS the specs are secondary cause they will be good enough to run 4.0 anyway.

    • Deltaechoe

      To those complaining about the specs, get a kal el tablet.

  • Taylor Ford

    Something tells me that the final release will feature a different GPU. It doesn't make sense to release an "iPhone killer" with poorer specs than an iPhone, especially considering the fact that iPhones traditionally have lower specs than Android phones in the first place.

    • Adam

      ...and yet still manage to dust Android phones in the process. Not trollin', not an iPhone fan, just sayin'.

  • Gnex

    My phone ;)