Anticipating the fact that some folks prefer information presented to them visually, Google just dropped the first official promo video for the new Galaxy Nexus, powered by Ice Cream Sandwich. Tron-style racing and a rundown of new ICS features are practically begging you to click that Play button below:

In the words of the top YouTube comment: "Shut up and take my money, Google!"

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  • Mei

    Awesome clip. Pretty much sums up most of the new stuff in store for Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • akoli

    Looking good as much as I love my galaxy 2 .. found the OS a bit lacking without tweaking with third party apps , but this looks like a definite step in the right direction.. hopefully ICS will be pushed out to vendors for updates soon...

  • http://thehairylobster.blogspot.com/2011/07/t-mobile-uk-offering-unlimited-internet.html Anthony PEttit

    right so nothing of note really happened with this? 4.0 bounce in numbers, face unlock great my drunken dyspraxic face will never manage that (8 fig alpha numeric screen lock is fine) android beam (great to that one other geek who has an nfc enabled handset otherwise "what's you number?") voice typing (vilingo had it for ages!! never mind siri it's old news) G+ hangouts (great Natalie Villalobos will love it but otherwise??) wheres the wow???
    im disappointed
    (and drunk!)

  • dragon

    radical. ICS is major. just wish this had a higher megapixel camera, but i understand the lens/sensor is solid. torn between this and the Razr.

    • Mei

      Yeah, 8-megapixel would be nice (Samsung/Google got stingy on this), like the one Samsung used on their new phones. Good thing though, megapixel only matters when printing high quality photos. Even though, Galaxy Nexus' camera is only 5-megapixel, the camera does have 0 shutter lag and do 1080p full HD video recording.

      I just wish it came with 1.5Ghz dual core CPU instead of 1.2Ghz. Also, Bluetooth 4.0 (like Motorola Droid Razr) would be nice. Hopefully, HTC comes up with something good for competition on their next-gen ICS phones.

  • Joe

    data caps?? that might end up being a good selling point for new customers who cant get an unlimited plan.