Earlier today, the Droid RAZR teaser site went live, revealing bits and pieces of the upcoming device as specific bloggers input the codes sent to them directly from Motorola. There's only one problem with that: we're still waiting for most of the bloggers to enter said codes. Luckily, one of our readers starting digging through the teaser page's source code and uncovered the full image. Have a look:


So, there it is -- the Droid RAZR. The image doesn't reveal much that we didn't know (or at least guess) -- like the ultra-thin profile of the device, which was to be expected from a device carrying the RAZR name.

The official announcement should be happening tomorrow, but I have to ask: with the coming of the Galaxy Nexus, is anyone really interested in this phone?

[Motorola; Thanks, zachbatrrett!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Hary Ayala

    doubt anyone is interested, but it sure is a beautiful device... at least visually.

  • Nelson

    lets see the specs! and if its GSM too!

  • skinien

    Looks like an LTE Droid X.

  • tdavis42

    Talk to me when Android developers are working hand in hand with Motorola and then I might buy a phone from Blurbloatorola.

  • todd

    I personally feel that the outwards aesthetics of a device are just as important as functionality in today's world. Hell, I can't remember the last time I put on my (hopefully stylish) wristwatch because I now have my phone.

    One reason that so many people buy iDevices is the appearance that it offers. So, by looks alone, I would be interested in this device, were I not on Sprint.

  • Jay W.

    That is a very sharp looking phone.

    • Steve

      Definitely a cutting-edge joke there :p

      • Aaron

        This might cut itself a place in the market for android phones

        • Tim

          Yeah, it's a beautiful phone any way you slice it.

    • Cyklone

      Certainly "won't" be a dull moment on it's release.

  • Jay W.

    P.S. it needs a kickstand ;-)

  • blackroseMD1

    I like it, except for the huge bump on the back where the camera is. Seems to be pretty common in recent Moto phones...

  • KRSwon

    Is it just me, or does that appear to be on screen buttons? Moto's first ICS?

    • MacPhyle

      Looks like hardware buttons at the bottom to me, but we'll see.

    • Cameron Summerson

      No, those are definitely capacitive buttons.

      • KRSwon

        NM, I can tell now, was viewing on my phone. I can see Verizon logo between the button now.

  • MacPhyle

    I might be interested - have to see the full announcement tomorrow. Looks pretty good.

  • ex-iPhone user

    I guess a lot of the interest banks on how well the Nexus Prime carries itself. If the Nexus Prime fails on any level, Moto will jump in and take its place!

  • Miann

    if nexus is CDMA and this is GSM then goodbye nexus...

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

      This is a Verizon phone, it will have CDMA + LTE. Whether it has GSM or not remains to be seen.

      • Miann

        I know, its just the nexus is said to be verizon exclusive for awhile.. but didnt hear anything about this being exclusive (hence possible GSM version).

        • http://www.twitter.com/wrg25 W!LL

          it's a DROID device...it is exclusive to Verizon....

        • Me

          Verizon is getting the Galaxy Nexus with ICS and Touchwiz, everyone else(GSM) is getting a true Nexus phone(I hope, it does seem this way from what I have heard) Could be possible to see a GSM Milestone RAZR, just like the other Droids made by Motor.

  • Jim

    *prays it's not going to be 300$ too* (even though we all know it will)

  • Scott

    Is that a carbon fiber battery door?

    • FX111

      I hope so, if it is and the spec's line up that door is a major selling point for me.

  • Brandon

    lol it's just you...they aren't physical buttons but they aren't on-screen buttons either. See how the verizon logo is above the buttons...

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/114928577188276049271/posts?hl=en zachbarrett

    forgot to mention that the css file i found the image in was named spyder.css


  • Victor Stuber

    Its just going to be another slightly tweaked Droid X. sigh

  • wicked six

    I'm waiting for the new nexus to be released first, after samsung's past with hardware defects and no customer support I'm gonna need proof this one is reliable before I leave Moto.

    • Miann

      your comment makes no sense... this is motot nexus is samsung so "this one" would be moto so you wouldnt be leaving moto...

  • Michael

    Ai can has Amoled display? Or is it the lame Bionic display?

  • Namuna

    Here's a kick in the pants... If the Nexus Prime turns out to NOT have the 1.5GHz Exynos and the onboard camera has the same "okay" 5MP camera as my Nexus One? I could very seriously be looking at the iPhone 4S.

    Just recently the video recording capability of the 4S was comparied with the monster Canon 5D MkII... Of course the 5D is the clear winner, but just the fact that the iPhone was able to shoot such high quality video as to even be considered for comparing with the 5D says A LOT!

    Yes, ICS is supposed to be much more shutterbug friendly...But if the hardware ain't got the goods, there's only so much post-processing you can do.

    Don't get me wrong here, I've got a WHOLE LOT of time, attention, love, and money invested in Android and I WANT the Nexus Prime to kick some serious ass...Please Nexus Prime, DO kick some serious ass!

  • http://twitter.com/ryocoon KS Whitti

    I could see interest given three things:
    1) amazing hardware (Exynos 1.5GHz, Tegra Kal-El, etc) with good to great battery life...
    2) Unlocked bootloaders (or unlockable without great hassle)
    3) Comes with ICS, or a corporate promise to deliver within one to two months.

    Maybe the release is tomorrow, to coincide with the ICS launch, and it will be a brother ICS device. We can all hope, can't we?

  • Paul

    It looks like my Galaxy S 2 but with the hump at the top instead of the bottom. I wonder which will be thinner? I'd consider it if it had great specs and I hadn't just got the Galaxy S II. I imagine Motorola may be doing some interesting things now that Google owns them.

  • Thetwostep

    The display screen looks like a sticker on top of the glass to me.

  • iRAZR

    The phone looks amazing in the pictures, but without specs can't say anything more.

    I think I smell ICS here, since its debut will be close to ICS's release.

    It would be nice to have MotoBlur in the Market instead of built-in. That way people who want it could just download. Since Motorola Mobile now belongs to Google it should be easy to do.

    • Miann

      Well the deal isnt finished yet... google doesnt own moto till the deal is final.

      • iRAZR

        You're right.

        I don't think MotoBlur will last long after the deal is done.

  • Paul

    I think I have finally found my Droid X upgrade.

  • taylord

    Pretty nasty looking. Looks like it would be easily breakable, especially considering Motorola's build quality track record.

    • JayMonster

      I'm sorry, build track record? Motorola my do some questionable things (Blur, qHD), but their build quality is second to none. You must be thinking of Samsung and their cheap plastic.

      • PJR

        I agree, Motorola have been great phones.. but the Bionic... talk about cheap plastic. I suppose it isto a market Moto just had to cover.

  • Dipdcrown

    This phone has no removable battery. Why all the device and serial info small print on the back?

  • http://androidpolice.com Alpha55

    Now thats what the droid x2 should have been

  • Denis

    oh i'm definitely interested. i'm just hoping for one thing.. NO PENTILE THIS TIME!? and unlockable bootloader for sure. also 1,5Ghz processor would be nice