Last Updated: January 30th, 2013

So, do you want to see how the Galaxy S II compares to the iPhone 4S when dropped directly onto concrete? Yeah, we thought you might -- and you you may actually be surprised at the results. Before you watch the video, though, I must warn you: watching these electronics plummet to their (presumed) demise can be a bit cringe inducing, even to not-so-squeamish among us. With that caveat out of the way, have a look at the video:

Pretty impressive, no? While the iPhone 4S was rendered basically unusable after a couple of drops, the Galaxy S II's Gorilla Glass kept it safe, secure, and intact. The majority of the damages were purely cosmetic, which is quite comforting considering the drop it faced.

So, S II owners, how do you feel after watching that video?

[YouTube via Reddit]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://no justin

    these 'tests' have always been so fucking pointless to me. the point is, they aren't meant to be dropped. so don't drop it. and i certainly wouldn't buy a phone based on how fucked up it gets if i were to throw it down a flight of stairs. i would expect there to be damage.

    • Erik. G

      Agreed!!! But some times u cant help droping your phone... But from 3 feet the iPhone taking that much damage is horrible!!! If I get a new phone warranty or not... It would upset me!!!

    • Jeff

      Cars aren't mean to be crashed together but we do crash tests? What is your point?

      • shaun

        They do crash test cars that's way u get the n cap ratings

        • smrtpnts

          Based on your spelling (and reading) abilities I think you were in a few of those

        • lanciadeltarat1

          Look guys,I own a SGS11 and i'm not taking anything away from this test because test results of this kind should be marked on the average results ie out of 20.So the real result me that test was that two phones were fucked up for a stupid reason.PEACE LOL

    • Alucard9114

      The point being build quality.90% of my screen repair business has always been a iphone.

      • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian


        After all, it's not like 90% of smartphones are iPhones!

        • s44

          Only about a quarter, actually. Android is about a half.

        • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian


          Yeah, that wasn't supposed to come across as sarcastic. I actually meant it. And, I can't say I'm sad about the current market share estimates.

        • Hal Motley


          I blame the fact that Apple thought it was a good idea to put glass on the back of the iPhone 4 and 4S. Who's idea was that? Not clever.

          Gives me a peace of mind when I get a Galaxy S II!

    • Paul

      I wouldn't want a phone that can't take SOME beating. Accidents do happen, and I'd want to know that when they eventually do happen, the phone can take a decent beating. I myself was surprised Apple's phone didn't hold up better, I thought the glass they chose was supposed to be tough. I know the Galaxy S II uses Gorilla glass and it rocks. I have a Galaxy S II and feel a bit better knowing that when, not if, it drops, it should hold up fairly well.

      • Hal Motley

        I swear Paul that iPhones are getting more and more fragile. My iPhone 3GS has had quite a few waistline drops and all that's happened is the odd scratch and crack.

        Drop the iPhone 4 and 4S (which don't have reinforced 'Gorilla' glass) and they just shatter.

        I have to agree that phones are meant to take some hits at least and now I worry that if I got a new iPhone it could shatter pretty easily.

    • Kiss

      Yeah true but if you spend money for something I want to know how its going to hold up. I dropped my htc slide abt 4months after getting it. I paid full price so believe meI was pissed off. If companies did test on products they would know how well they hold up. Im like how can you tell me my phone is made of this kinda glass then it breaks a short distants. We the people deserve better...lol.

    • rol

      So does cars, they're not meant to be wrecked. But accident happens.

      No one drops their phone intentionally (except for those guys doing the test), but phones, believe it or not, do drop.

    • scoopa

      Applying that logic to other decisions people make, you shouldn't buy insurance on your car or house because you don't buy those with the intention of destroying them either. Personally, I can't keep sunglasses for more than 6 months without destroying them accidentally, so this drop test is highly valuable. iphone looks like it was engineered to break and force me to buy another one.

  • ErsMerz

    That was clear, wasnt it? Plus youre making advertisement for some warranty company.

    Actually its childish posting such videos..

    • Jeff

      I thought it was fun to watch.
      Sometimes it fun to act like a child. Stop taking life so seriously, chill out.

      • http://ttp scottx

        Makes me feel really good about my new Samsung infuse. F all the haters!

  • zzzda

    "and you you may actually be surprised at the results" What the fuck shoud this mean?? Iphone lover got dissapointed, thats what !

  • http://GrantGarrison.com OMGrant

    "Wondering how a glass cup and a plastic cup do when dropped?"

    Completely fucking stupid...

    • Jeff

      They dropped cell phones not cups? Did you watch the video??

      • cosmic

        The iphone is encased in thin glass, the gsII is encased in plastic. That was his point. Glass is obviously going to shatter while plastic is more likely to scratch.

        Still think it is moronic of Apple to do the glass encasing. Then again it is probably cheap for them to repair so why not.

        • John Price

          Glass is shiny. That is one of the major features of iPhones

    • droid




    • Randy

      Erm.. hello? Both the phones had glass on them? You don't even make sense!

      • John Price

        The back of the iPhone is glass too.

      • rol

        SGS2 has gorilla glass.

        iPhone has self-proclaimed 'chemically enhanced glass' which shatters like any other glass.

  • gary

    It is possible to leave a response that isn't so harsh and full of f-bombs.

    I don't ever plan on dropping my phone, or making a purchase decision based on a drop test. But it is nice to know that one is more durable than another.

    • BB

      100% agree with your first sentence.

    • level380

      I don't think anyone ever PLANS to drop their phone..... sometimes these things happen though.

      If your tossing up between the iphone and SGII then this might be the bit that pushes you one way or the other.

      accidents happen dude.... and they are called accidents for a reason!

  • Drewskeetz

    I didint know gorilla "glass" was plastic ..smh.

    • level380

      Its not... Check the website of the maker, its glass

      • PacoBell

        You don't know what "smh" is, do you o_O?

    • roller

      SGS2 has plastic body

      iPhone has glass as its body.

      The keyword here is 'body'.

  • Hary Ayala

    THe galaxy line can take a serious beating, i acidentally launched mine because i didn't secure it, slamed against a metal door, bounced right off into the a wet inclined concrete surface screen first, bounced twice of the ground and the slid the rest of the way down coming to rest into a small puddle...

    Phone was made a horrible noise but it barelly had any damage to the outer body and no damage at all on the screen.

  • Daniel

    How retarded are you guys?
    1. It's not supposed to be dropped.

    2. Galaxy S II is made of a plastic, which wont easily be broken(if you dont throw it with all your strength to the ground).

    3. Plastic is cheap, and it's weight are really low. I think the "weight is only...." stuff on phones is BULLSHIT. Galaxy S II is too light and its a hell when you hold it.
    iPhone 4S is made of glass, the weight isnt damn little. Also the weight makes it break easier, so FUCK THIS VIDEO.

    Note: Everyone is complaining about iPhone 4S being an upgraded version of iPhone 4.
    Galaxy S - Galaxy S II.
    Think about what the fuck you are saying before you say something.

    • Myria

      Since when is Gorilla Glass "plastic"?
      (Hint: The answer is in the name)

      BTW, things not meant to be dropped often are. Especially things you generally have with you all the time.

      As the saying goes "Defecation occurs".

      Personally I'd rather have something capable of surviving said defecation than something that falls apart at the first little accident, but that's just me.

      • The engineer

        There is plastic frame around the front display on the sgs 2 that is higher than the display itself, and the rest of the phone is just all plastic. While the iPhone is full gorilla class front and back and the sides is all alumiuium.

        • Craig McLeod

          Actually the sgs2 is gorrila glass. #just saying.

        • The engineer

          SGS2 got a gorilla glass screen, not body.

        • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

          No one has been able to tell us whether the iPhone uses a Gorilla Glass screen or not. The iPhone 4 didn't and since no one at Apple seems to be raving about the Glass durability, I'm doubtful they go that far on this go around.

          Not to mention the sides of both iPhones are stainless steel, not aluminum.

        • level380

          back of the iphone isn't gorilla glass.....

        • Papapau

          even front of the iphone is not gorrilla glass.. just chemically enchanced bs.

      • roller

        The body is plastic.

        The display is glass.

        Seriously, if you're going to argue, research first, or at least read the comment properly.

        No one ever said Gorilla Glass is plastic.

    • Biggy

      +1 @Daniel !

    • bountypuncher

      lol u mad?

      take a chill pill, bro.

    • Cameron Summerson

      There's no need for the offensive language.

    • New_Guy

      Check...The company that makes the Gorilla Glass that everyone is talking about goes by the name Corning. If you're not familiar with the company, they also make the glass that is installed in the US Space Shuttles. It is designed to be shatter proof and that's why it didn't break. It has nothing to do with the plastic case.

      I believe it's safe to assume that the iPhone does not have Gorilla Glass or else it would have fared a lot better than one drop.

      If you've never used a phone with Gorilla glass; it's surprising how strong it is. And whether or not is supposed to be dropped is irrelevant because they do get dropped all the time. If you have not dropped yours yet then plan on it. I sure hope it lasts longer than once.

    • fabrizio

      Daniel, I really think you should change your medication.
      This one obviously doesn't work.

      • Daniel

        I'll change it right away. Got any suggestions?

        • Papapau

          Go straight to the asylum..

    • Topgun

      Whoa slow down there fan boy. The Galaxy S2 for one looks NOTHING like the S1 nor does it share any traits. The 4s is a small incremental upgrade to the 4g and is already out of date. I think you should back to your fanboi forums.

      • Daniel

        Hahaha, "fanboy" so damn funny. You should go back to comedy school.

        It is the continous phone. But the design is different, but it got the same name. Also the specs are different. iPhone 4S doesnt got a new design but everything inside is new.

    • Daniel

      Sorry for my bad language I was mad before I saw this video cus of something else I'm not going to mention, so my offensive language really should be removed. But what I've said is my meaning, but I could have written with a more careful language than this.

  • The engineer

    So ligher phone with a plastic body survives a droptest better than an heavier phone with full gorialla glass front and back?! Who would have guessed.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      Actually, no one has confirmed that the iPhone 4S uses Gorilla Glass. The iPhone 4 didn't.

      • New_Guy

        ...and Gorilla Glass does not break that easily. It would have taken a lot more effort than a waist high drop. You would practically have to throw it at the ground.

    • level380

      Yes the iphone weighs 10x that of the SGSII..... oh not wait iphone 4s is 140grams and the SGSII is 116 grams, gee those 24 grams extra must be earth shattering!

  • bikerbillsbolt

    I love how upset everyone gets about a phone. And about this video. Really it is pointless but it just to show what can happen. Relax its a phone damn

  • Biggy

    hmmm Android Police, this is not the best blog post ever... !! :(

    @Daniel +1

    • Papapau

      Any fruitful comments along with that bitter statement?

  • Will

    LoL look at all the ifanboys cry and defend the newest icrap

    • New_Guy

      Always do don't they :)

    • http://imfanboy.crapple.com Mike

      Difference of Fanboys vs Android People:
      Fanboys defends anything apple. from major faults and minor annoyances. Android people simply admits android faults but have the weakness of dissing poor Fanboys. The way i see i, iphone is a good product in general. fanboys' zealous-religious-fanatcal enthusiasm in defending apple products need to be respected like we respect other religions and culture. while its tempting, enjoyable, joyous and hilarious to laugh at fanboys, we should not do so out of their religious respect.

  • Kingronnie

    I don't crash cars, so why do people do crash testing?

    Chill out guys, it's just a video, and the use of such offensive language is totally unjustified.

    • Cameron Summerson


  • Certified

    If you think the video is pointless don't watch it its simple really and yes gorilla glass is also in fact plastic.. It's anywho phones art ment to be dropped but they will be dropped can't avoid that and seeing how it cost some people to get them replaced its nice to know if a phone will be that destroyed after one drop

  • Jeff

    Who doesn't like to see stuff break, or blend for that matter.
    As someone already said, it is nice to know that if dropped one is more durable than another.
    I had a 3Gs that was dropped a few times and was lucky with no damage. I have many friends who have cracked their iPhone 4 screen... not suprising with the placement of the glass (nice looking and not durable).
    In response to above comments about how the tests are idiotic, cars aren't supposed to crash either but we do crash tests. Albiet they are for safetly, they are done none the less even though they are 'not supposed' be smashed together at high speeds.

  • Faise

    You're paying a lot of money to own a phone for 2 years, so chances are that you'll drop it at some point, it's just helpful to know that for phones like the iPhone, purchasing a case would be advisable. Some people are just raging at this video for no reason

  • NsaTGT

    Just watch Apple explaining the video: "You're not holding it right before you drop it."

  • dumas

    Gorilla Glass is not plastic. It's glass specially treated to increase its damage resistance. http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/faqs

    • Certified

      I was being sarcastic

  • Jeremy

    I knew it, iPhone sucks.

  • mailman73

    Makes no sense that some people use the reason for iPhone 4S lack of durability (no plastic or anything shielding direct impact with screen) to JUSTIFY the iPhone 4S lack of durability.
    Yes, it's heavy and both main faces are covered in glass. So then.. it's allowed to break when dropped 3 ft? Nah.

    To the post:
    obvious? check.
    warranty company plug? check.
    entertaining? a bit.
    magnet for sad little iPhone defenders? f'sho :)

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    I love how it's "IPhone is steel and glass and weight more than GS2 thats all plastic and no weight".


    When I buy I phone I know that I'm probably gonna drop it (I'm clumsy) and I sure go for plastic before glass and steel as long as the screen isn't bad and it means it will withstand more damage.

    Oh, the screen on the SG2, it's not bad, not at all ^^

  • wicked six

    One of the things I always look for in android phones is a metal body and gorilla glass. I do alot of work on cars, sometimes I lean on them, or wind up in a position that it falls out of my pocket. Other times I may be using the LED as a light and may drop a tool on it. Always nice to see gorilla glass in action. After all, accidents happen.

    • John Price

      "... and may drop a tool on it." One might be excused for using the F-bomb then.

  • Sxeptomaniac

    While not exactly a scientific test, it is interesting to see the difference. I have noticed that iPhones do not seem to handle falls well when compared to other devices.

    I'm a little confused as to why anyone would take the video or responses to it too seriously, though.

  • Deltaechoe

    This test shows that the iphone 4s is a relatively fragile device. Yes, I know its not meant to be dropped, but it happens. Can you guys all honestly say you haven't accidentally dropped a phone or some other device that "wasn't meant to be dropped"?

  • http://brgulker.tumblr.com brgulker

    It's beyond me why anyone would get offended and/or upset about this video for any reasons.

    To those saying it's a plug for a warranty company, clearly, the original YouTube video is. But can anyone explain how that benefits AP? I can't see how it does.

    Anyone who's owned a smartphone or anyone who knows someone who's owned a smartphone knows that accidents happen.

    Yet, most people don't think about accidents when they're shopping for phones. Videos and tests like this do have value.

    If for no other reason, at least a handful of people now know what Gorilla Glass is as a result of this post and that Apple hasn't deployed it yet.

  • Payne Lee

    Well if this video doesnt piss off the Ifans the PCworld camera test results sure will.

  • mbrooks418

    Its amazing how people talking about Iphones vs Android today is worse than talking about Democates and republicans....... LMAO

    • Darius_bd

      Wow, +1 on that sir!

    • John Price

      Not so amazing, it's been the same deal throughout history, Sunni vs Shiites, "Friends don't let friends drive Chevy", Catholic vs protestant, etc.

      If you are different in any way, some people will hate you.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      You obviously have never been over at my house at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  • Kingronnie

    If this annoyed you, then I hope you didn't watch The Gadget Show tonight (Channel 5, UK) - they blew up phones with plastic explosives to test phone cases!

  • khsharpe

    i've had a Galaxy S for a year now, and dropped it several times, mainly onto carpet. But twice last year i missed my shirt pocket and dropped it onto tarmac. A distance of 135cm or 53 inches. One of those times i watched in horror as it landed screen down and bounce. The phone is fine, a couple of light scratches not noticeable under a screen protector, and works well.
    Of course videos such as this are worthwhile, who wouldn't consider durability when considering the purchase of any appliance. Well, i do, i have to when i'm prone to occasional stupidities like totally missing shirt pockets
    : -/

  • techgeek82

    Is good to see that people have this kind of money in a supposedly bad economy to break expensive devices like these.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      WTF does the economy have to do with it? These guys are a warranty company. They have an advertising budget for this. You watched a commercial that hopes to hook clumsy iPhone owners into purchasing a third-party warranty.

  • Tashlan

    From the comments I'd say this video offends some of the iPhone's adherents. If it makes you guys feel any better, I think the iPhone did make a much nicer plunk on impact than that cheap plasticy sounding SGS II.

  • Andrew – Des Moines

    I dropped my captivate from the top of a ladder onto a hard floor once with no damage; asphalt many times getting out of a car. My GSII has already survived a couple of drops. Interesting that a consistent knock on the GSII is the 'cheap' build quality. Maybe not so cheap after all.

  • Rocky

    I just left iphone 4 for Galaxy s2. I like the video, makes me feel better about my new and very slick Galaxy s2. Got a case on it now, lots easier to hold.
    The Iphone is way simpler to use, text, calls, voice mail.
    The Galaxy ( android) is a heck of a phone, does stuff the Iphone will never be able to do, and the screen rocks, best of all, no Itunes! Galaxy GPS is terrible, or the Iphone GPS is really good, either way, GPS on my Galaxy really sucks.

  • Eggcake

    I dropped my Desire from waist height face down on a concrete floor. Glass was shattered (still usable though, that was impressive). So yes - I would like a phone which survives such a drop. Because such accidents get very costly...

  • anamika

    What do they do after finishing the test. Do they sell them off?

  • Andrei

    Is this an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4? It doesn't look as 4S to me.

  • Honu

    iPhone are too heavy, the weight make it feel more sturdy for some people... but weight is a bad friend for this kind of devices... puting glass on the back of the phone is totally stupid.

  • Daniel

    Fighting about which phone is the best is damn childish and stupid. I am aware of my comment above, but I didn't wrote that cus I am an "Samsung sucks, Apple owns trololololo" guy, but because you guys are making fun of the iPhone without having a reason. People are born different, and some people like Android, some people like iOS.

    Also I must mention, a part of Samsung's success is from copying Apple products. I don't want to hear anyone say the opposite to me here, just look at this picture, and you know what I mean. http://www.media.allerinternett.no/php/obj.phpi?o=4095143&w=550&frame=0&ee=
    Now please discuss this like real people.

    • John Price

      "part of Samsung's success is from copying Apple products". Likewise, part of Apple's success is from copying other peoples products. Smartphones were around way before iPhone, mp3 players were around long before iPods, tablets were around long before iPad. Steve Job's genius was packaging other people's technology for ordinary people.

      • Daniel

        Every company is copying, but none looks 100% the same. But samsung isn't far from it.

        There were smart phones, but the iPhone made a huge change in the mobile phone history.

        I never mentioned Mp3 players. Also MANY companys are making those, Apple is not the only one. You should think before you say something -.-

        And yes, tablets were around. But Apple didn't say they were the first to release one, they just made a tablet and released it.

        They didn't copy another tablet, just used the idea. Thats exactly what happened at the Mp3 players too.

  • Damian K.

    Wow. I'm surprised about how many people on THIS website are so uptight about the iPhone.

    Yes, we KNOW that they're made out of different materials, but both phones are in the same market. This test shows which materials just hold up better during a drop.

    Also, those saying that "This isn't fair because the iPhone has a glass back too!" Realize that the back didn't really crack... the front did. The Galaxy also has a glass screen and didn't crack.

    Now, if we were dropping a phone and a tablet... THAT wouldn't be fair. But we're not.

  • argyle

    Here's the thing...Apple decided to market to people who like shiny. So, they encased their phone in glass. Their design doesn't even have a raised edge made out of some durable material to protect the cell phone face. Surprise - glass breaks - and frankly, gorilla glass will break if it lands on a nice sharp rock.

    Samsung, for whatever reason, decided to make phones that usually wouldn't shatter when dropped. So, they use plastic for their backing and have a raised edge all the way around the screen surface. That way, as long as they land on a reasonably flat surface, they don't shatter. This isn't rocket science, and not really even a bad design decision for either company, just marketing to different consumer segments.

    Personally, I prefer functional to shiny, but my wife has the opposite perspective.

    Of course, this means that iPhone users are silly magpies while Android users are serious and competent. :) (Troll)

  • brad

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha your all so sad. Its just a phone calm down.

  • kennyboye

    Dropped my sammy on concrete; cosmetically unscathed but insides scrambled for good.

    All power to the screen but these things do not bounce. Still went out and bought another one instead of a 4S. This phone rocks!

  • Eric H

    I don't really care either way, the iphone is better in every way than the Galaxy s 2 except this stupid glass test. More applications are offered by a longshot, iphone 4s's have better hardware, software, and battery life BLOWS any android device out of the water. When it comes to excellent usability, entertainment, business use, any type of file sharing, etc I will always take an iphone over anything. FYI I have had an EVO 4g, a samsung epic 4g, and htc arrive. I tried all of those after I had gotten the first iphone 4. It was horrible. Android and droid OSs are so sluggish and never work correctly. I would have to charge my battery at least twice a day with the stupid phones. They always froze and i went through 2 of each in a span of one year. The arrive is a decent phone because it runs in windows phone 7 software with mango. That worked fairly well although it was slow coming out of apps. Then I finally got the iphone 4s. Yeah, nothing compares to it even in the slightest. The only reason people come on here and argue these crappy droid phones is because either 1. they can't afford an iphone or 2. they are with a carrier that does not support iphones, tmobile being the last one left basically. I know your types, I have a friend like this. He was on verizon before the iphone went to it, he was unable to switch carriers so he got a droid 2. He then proceeded to boast about how amazing it was and would come up with so many excuses to why the droid phones were not able to do the things that the iphone could. Now guess what, he has an iphone and does the same thing! You guys are just defending this stupid phones because it's all you can actually get. In the end I would rather take a better phone over a crappy phone that has indestructible glass. Plus I don't remember the last time I dropped my iphone off the top of my head. Not to mention the fact that I have dropped my iphone 4, not 4s, my 4 a year ago from higher than waist high and it survived without a single scratch, happened in the wal mart parking lot.

  • Whatever

    These tests are stupid!! In order to compare results it would have to be a standard test, not results based on how the phone actually lands since a simple little twist can relocate the point of impact and the dispersion of that kinetic energy!! I could drop 2 people from waist height and the first land on his head and the second on his elbows. I would imagine some would say the damage would be greater to the guy who lands on his head!!

    • Papapau

      Injecting too much Science aint ya?

      You don't plan how your phone (eventually) accidentally falls..

      The point of that video is, If SII falls (3 types), it faired well.. The iphone on the otherhand, 3 different damages on 3 different fall types..

  • Whatever

    Everything is a matter of opinion. I'm sure all of these companies make good products. If they didn't they would disappear. I have always used iPhone since 3GS and keep screen protectors on them with rubber/silicone protective cases. I have dropped them all several times and while protected have never damaged any of the at all. Again while I'm sure gorilla glass is ever so amazing and makes droids phones worth the cost of a new corvette, every single person that has owned any android phone has had internal corruptions and have needed to have their phones replaced under warranty for refurbished replacements!! For me, I have never had a problem with iPhone and of all the iPhone users I have ever met, I know 1 person who bought a bad iPhone. So, I guess I'd rather have the fiberglass version with a high performance engine, than a tank that's powered by hamsters. But to each his own.

    • Adam

      What internal corruptions do you speak of? The only problem with corruption the s2 had was an emmc bug when you tried to flash a rom after you rooted it. Android is way better than ios

  • Justin

    I had a samsung galaxy S2 - the back was plastic and looked cheap and flimsy, ok the phone felt light but only just squeezed into my pocket. Dropped a few times and survived fine.

    I went back to a 4S as it will soon be jailbroken and you can do anything on it that you would be able to do on an Android. The glass is all part of the aesthetics of the design.

    I dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet (when drunk) and it still lived to tell the tale.

    If we are talking comparison i would rather have an aethetically pleasing phone than a phone that took all its ideas (with a buggy Android OS) from Apple in the first place.

    • David

      You only think you can do anything on your Jail broken iPhone because you don't know what's possible with Android.

  • Kush

    I have the luxury of switching back and forth between the SG2 and the 4S. While I think the Galaxy is a slightly better phone I keep going back to the 4S. I think this is because I love the look, the quality, the OS, and how it makes you feel better.

    The best way to explain this would be like comparing a Hyundai Genesis (SG) to a BMW 3 series (iPhone). Sure the Hyundai is cheaper, has more horse power,and better build quality than the 3 series. So the obvious choice is the Hyundai right? How many of you would go out and buy a Hyundai Genesis over a BMW 3 series? I personally would get a BMW because at the end of the day it will put a huge smile on my face.

    No, i'm not an iphone fanboy. I just like the product. All you people calling iPhone users fanboys are Android fanboys - they're just as stupid.

  • Samsung is better

    hahahah just admit u iphone fanboys that when u accidentally drop it ur done muhahahaha. Samsung Ftw. Of course ur not gonna drop ur phone on purpose idiot but what if u did? good bye iphone. shows you how much apple dont care about their products that much as long as they get billions. that is why i avoided all iPhones. Nice to know Samsung did not cheap out on their phones. But keep justifying ur overpriced purchased by saying "I aint gonna smash it on purpose or drop" muhahahaha. I feel sorry for millions of people that has refused to realize that iphones are all weak. Overpriced and weak and that makes sense to people? lolol Get urself a super strong phone and pick up a Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes out. they will let you know via witter. Apple shud have know better not use crap glass!

  • Samsung is better


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1395440781 Scott Ingram

     Well, considering I have an S2 and I dropped it from about 3 feet and the screen shattered I don't feel too good about it.

  • Raging3ull

    Just buy a case, 99% of users will put there iPhone or Galaxy in one. Waist of time.

  • Jim Mc

    Here's my take - The devices' material is irrelevant. Anything electronic breaks if you swim with it, and just be careful with that $700 as you'd be careful with any expensive thing. The popularity of the iPhone is in the user experience. The majority wants usability, continuity and function. They're not concerned with how many mips and blits, animated backgrounds and whether or not you can root your device blah blah blah. I had an Android and it was infuriating. I'm sure it's gotten better but I had no idea where to source OS upgrades, apps, etc. It was slow and had terrible battery life. If Google wants to take on the iPhone, assess it's functionality and not just its aesthetic - there's the reason it's so popular.

  • Jacey

    I have a s2 and I dropped not even from waist height and it landed face down and cracked