It looks like Samsung, on its webpage for the Galaxy Player 50, has ripped off the iPhone's Maps app, altering a screenshot ever so slightly for use in a web graphic of the 50. For reference, here's the original screenshot vs. Samsung's image:

3108550313_36cb58f609 img_gms

The intentions here are unclear, but one can assume that this was no mistake - the red pushpins are a dead giveaway for the iPhone screenshot, and it's unlikely that this screenshot would be haphazardly tossed into a web graphic due to laziness, when it's so obviously ripped from an app featured on a device made by Apple, the consumer tech giant with whom Samsung has been so famously battling in the recent past.

Regardless of how this slipped through, it seems somewhat childish (despite being a little humorous), and doesn't do much for Samsung's image in the ongoing drama, even if the ripped screen may simply be the result of a designer having a quick laugh.

via Daring Fireball

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Cordane

    They sure like to poke the hornet's nest...

    • alucard9114

      i think this is like the disney movie scandal samsung has employees that are not satisfied so they are purposely putting apple parts in there products.

  • Ken

    That isn't the iPhone's Maps app, it is the Google Maps app that Apple uses much like the Google Search bar in Safari.

    • Joe

      it definitely is, the android version doesn't use the pins to show points.

    • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

      Editing for clarity - I used "Maps" as a shorthand. At any rate, the screenshot is from the iPhone.

    • Counterproductive

      This IS Apple's Maps App, and Apple's Maps App IS *The "Google Maps app"* on the iPhone. Google doesn't make one for iOS. You can get Google Earth, and you can use Google Maps in the browser, but Apple wanted to provide the Maps App using the Google API because it didn't trust Google's quality of execution and finish.

  • Paul


    Check out the graphic. I love my Samsung Galaxy S II but I'm not crazy about their marketing and design department(s), they make a great product and they shouldn't need to have to copy Apple.

  • Letroy

    Ok, this is definitely on purpose. Not sure why tho, but this just can't be an accident. Are they trolling? Are they provoking Apple, because all this media fuss about their legal war actually helps their sales in the long run?

  • Father Phoenix

    I have to say Samsung screwed the pooch on this one. I'm looking very forward to the new Galaxy Nexus announcement as I'm considering it for my next phone but this may make me rethink that. I'm wondering how soon Samsung gets slapped down to where they can no longer support their devices.

  • Vision77

    Hah... RIM made the same mistake about a month or so ago using HTC's android keyboard on one of their adverts....

  • Owen Finn

    Funny how this is a dust up between Apple and Samsung... both using a Google product!

  • Alex

    Samsung is pathetic, TW is a second grade iOS KIRF, Gtab 10.1 is uh..."inspired" by the iPad 2 and now here comes an iPod touch clone. Now that's innovation overload!

    • Zomby

      Well, it's about time someone made a decent small-form tablet. I got my 8-yo daughter an Archos 43 because I coudn't find a decent 4-5" tablet for her. I would have loved to be able to get her the Galaxy Player had it been available at the time.

  • Mgamerz

    Samsung, this is pathetic!
    And you wonder why your products are being blocked from selling!
    Get you s*** together.

  • Daa

    Well, this could not get anymore embarassing...

  • KRSwon

    I bet the graphic designer was just iGnorant. They probably own an *phone and think that all Google apps look the same. However, Samsung should have very much quality checked this more than once.
    Of course, there is any publicity is good publicity. And one more headline saying Google and Samsung in the paper this week wouldn't hurt.
    Btw, when the Droid X ( I think..) came out in the the Verizon ads, it also had a picture of an *phone Google map photoshop'd on its screen.

  • SITheSecond

    I might not know anything about the war going on
    between Apple and Samsung
    but one thing I know for sure the war on this particular app it's dumb!! They're all dumb!!
    ain't this the Google maps app they're both making a fuss about??

    • Steven

      Two different apps.

      1) The Apple developed iOS Maps application that uses the Google API as a data-source for the maps.

      2) The Google developed Maps app developed for use on Android.

      The page used the screen capture of the iOS iPhone on a Samsung Android device.

  • Andrew

    Samsung shame on you! I was thinking of buying their phone but not anymore. Why can't they create something orriginal and not copy all Apple products.

    • Paul

      Just because their marketing department is stupid doesn't mean you should count their phones out. The Galaxy S II, regardless of how they package it or rip Apple off in package design or whatever, is a remarkable phone. You still can't beat it spec for spec, feature for feature. I love their hardware department, not too happy about their marketing and design department. But in the end, marketing isn't what you'll be holding 6 months from now in your hand making a phone call, it'll be the hardware.

  • Richa

    I am having second thoughts of buying Samsung now!!

    • Eric

      Because of a screen shot error? Don't you think out of all the reasons to buy something or not to buy something, an error in marketing that in no way offends or affects you is perhaps a pointless reason?

  • http://@kirchhosaurius kirchhosaurius

    The Galaxy Players can take Screenshots, please upload a screenshot not a picture modified =( #Fail #Fake

  • DED

    Interesting to spin this as a purposeful attempt to upset Apple, when it's been up for a year, long before the "slavish copying" cases became public.

    Samsung has always been a rip-off company. And while it might be obvious to a tech audience that the screen shot is iOS and not Android, marketing people are not so clever. They have long put up Mac graphics as if they were Windows, completely clueless about the difference.