This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Are You Waiting For The Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime To Upgrade Your Phone?

A fairly simple question this week: what is your primary portable music player? Do you still have a personal media player (PMP), or do you rely on your phone? Or perhaps another device - or none at all? Sound off in the poll below, then head down to the comments to discuss.

What Is Your Primary Portable Music Player?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Phil Oakley

    How could you NOT listen to music on-the-go?

    • TomRowly

      Maybe you work from home, do all your shopping online, and don't have any friends, so you're never on the go?

      It's the only reasonable excuse!

    • http://lankycyril.com/ Cyril

      Easily. I voted for phone, even though I very, very rarely listen to music on the go. I like being aware of the situation around me at all times, may it be dangerous traffic or beautiful scenery. When I'm with friends, why would I need earplugs when I want to listen to the friends and talk to them.
      The only time I deeply enjoy listening to the music is late in the evening when I'm back home and tired. Usually in bed. Then, I use my phone for that.

    • Jon Garrett

      I like music on the go but it would be a much better experience if I could have lyrics on my Android devices the same way I have on my iPhone 4.

      • Fandroid

        MIUI's music player has the option to display lyrics. Though I'm fairly certain that there are some other media players that support embedded lyrics on the market.

      • dmonzel

        There are SEVERAL applications that can do that for you.

    • Tee

      Or maybe you just listen to music all day in the office, or you work is too much related to music. Who knows, there are ways...

      I recommend everyone to go out to the woods and listen what's going on there. No earplugs no nothing, just you and the creatures of the wild.

  • DMD9

    GTi9000 with Voodoo Control Plus.

  • maxkobi

    ill put personal media player because at the gym at least an hour or two a day and need something with a dedicated battery but if im not there then its my droid Inc ;)

  • Jake

    Used to be nano. Now android phone.

  • Jesse

    It depends. In the car its the iPod. Anywhere else its the phone until att said that using my Bluetooth headphones with online steaming is tethering.

    • Anthony

      That doesn't make any sense. It's not tethering dumbass.

      • Jesse

        That's what I said.

    • Jim

      You're an idiot if you let them get away with that.

      • Jesse

        You think i'm going to fight a greedy company? would take a big Mac away from Andre the giant? You fight for it. I'm going with Walmart/Tmobile. Besides i'm in a family plan and no one cares but me and i'm not putting everyones line in problems.

  • Letroy

    Tablet? Why not list laptop too :D

  • Nick

    I got a iPod touch when my sister got a iMac, So that shit sits in my car 24/7... If i'm at school, my phone :D

  • Balthazar B

    Thunderbolt with PowerAmp Pro 2.0b.

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    I'm using my phone, but that's mostly cause I never felt I could afford to buy a good mp3-player.
    The phones a great musicplayer but until they manage to make the batteries last longer I would prefer to save as much batterypower on the phone as possible,

    • John Price

      Good MP3 players can be dirt cheap if you get a refurb online with a micro SD slot. Get one that runs rockbox and you don't have to deal with the manufacturers crazy firmware.

  • Nicky

    on my ereader while reading on the train

  • arthur

    Unfortunately my phones battery is pathetic enough as it is without me listening to music in the background and they're are not many reasonably priced dedicated PMP's on the market excluding Apple products.

  • Matt

    What is other? A Sony Discman?

  • Steven

    I use my tablet because my phone is a Droid X2, which can't play music.

    • NiNO_£VO_3D

      O.o what? it can't play music , why ?

  • Funkmon

    160gb iPod classic! Battery life, fools!

  • Matt

    I use my Thunderbolt to stream from Pandora, Slacker, Amazon, etc. I use my OG Droid as an mp3 player for preloaded music and podcasts.

  • Kev

    I use my HTC Desire HD every day on the train commute to and from work, unless the batt's near dead in which case I go back to my trusty iPod Classic. The DHD sounds great with my Beyerdynamic DTX101 ie's and DoubleTwist.

  • hugobosslives

    As alot of people, used to be pmp now android

  • teovald

    i mainly use my pmp : a cowon j3. around 40-50 hours of battery life and a top quality audio output. I would like to have a better solution to sync my audio library, something like google music, but i can live without it.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116930094233210246792/posts Chris Bailey

    well...this poll will be a no brainer

  • duplissi

    photon 4g with poweramp 2.0 beta, used to be epic 4g with poweramp 1.4 and voodoo control... damn i miss voodoo

  • x13thangelx

    Ipod Nano 2nd gen....... Only so my phone lasts through the day though.

  • http://www.teslamotors.com Down8

    XM is my main provider of music. So, in my truck, I don't need anything but the stereo. When I'm in my car, I use my HD2 (Android, natch) with a BT FM transmitter to listen. So I marked my phone.

    I do use a ZuneHD when I'm flying, but that is only a few time a year.


  • Chris

    My 120GB iPod Classic is Cupertino's sole outpost in my tech collection. It predates my jump to the smartphone era, and on the long-haul flights I regularly take between home and school, the battery life is useful.

    Plus, my iPod holds the accumulated play counts and playlists of seven years of listening, since my first iPod, the 4th generation original iPod with 20GB of space.

  • Snail

    Spotify + N1 changed my life for good.

  • NiNO_£VO_3D

    I use my phone , but would you guys believe me that my friend at work uses his Walkman almost 8 hours 5 days a week and he got one of those kangaroo bags with lots of tapes ! Wow !!!

  • L boogie

    Did the iPod thing, now my og Incredible is my Pmp with Pandora, slacker, poweramp, tunewiki & soundhound.... ah, hell it's my all in one device

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    Tablet (GT7): I want to spread out my use on devices so I can get a good day of use (or two) on them.

    If I were to use my phone for the music, it will be dead before the day ends (which means not tethering to the tab)

  • dmonzel

    Mostly my phone with Spotify or GMusic, tablet at night with GMusic or Amazon, and when I have no signal, 3rd Gen 120gb Zune.

  • Rob

    Used to use my phone when I had dumbphones. Now that I have Android phones, I use an iPod Touch

  • deathbringerdante

    My phone is primary, though i do use my iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, and PlayStation Portable as the need arises... they are my backups for my when my phone doesn't have enough battery life.

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    I used to listen to all my music in the car with a 160GB Archos player, but now it's pretty much all streaming radio or Google Music on my Android phone.

  • Brandon

    Ipod basically Because of the great battery life, I listen all day at work, since I work in a warehouse, there is no plugging in my phone all day. I also use it in the car, I can get all day w/o having to charge it.

  • Matthew

    Galaxy S with Voodoo Sound :)
    I wont switch to another phone unless I know it has great sound quality.

    • http://www.facebook.com/glacon175 Jason Steckman

      I had a Galaxy S with Voodoo too, amazing stuff.

      Now I'm with a Galaxy S III and am loving the ACID Audio Engine, probably even better than Voodoo. If you want to upgrade, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • CruzIzcaredoNotn

    iPod touch until Samsung launches the android media player (unless I was dreaming when I saw this thing)

  • ersbart

    Ipod Touch! Battery life superior, music software way better and more fun than others I know..

  • Attreau

    I use my Droid X2 with MOG and it is the bomb. Create playlists and listen to playlists by others to include artist playlists. Also use Sonos at home with MOG.....killer speaker system! Cannot wait to get the new Galaxy Nexus soon.....with ICS! All of these devices play FLAC files which is what my home library consists of!

  • JayMonster

    When I need more battery life for longer trips, I tend to rely on my Xoom, otherwise the Bionic is more than up to the task.

  • John Price

    My Sana Fuze battery lasts for days and days of playing (books mostly), it is nearly instantly on/off (with Rockbox), don't have to find the app, easy play/pause/rewind with dedicated buttons means I don't have to look while driving, remembers last position, easy bookmarks. Very small and light for use while doing other stuff. Cheap to replace if I break it or lose it. Micro-SD for dirt cheap memory. No iPod, don't want to be required to use iTunes. I only use my phone (Dinc) for cases of audio-entertainment emergencies.

  • ABT Benjamins

    Pandora is really my musical life line.

  • Hal Motley

    Samsung Galaxy S II with iSyncr and an iPod Touch! Cyanogenmod's music player could be better though!

  • Auntie M

    I have a Palm PDA which is still my primary media player. Though the phone is slowly taking over.