The Sony Reader PRS-T1, a 6" e-ink reader that debuted earlier this year, has been hacked to run Android. It's a known fact that the Reader has been running Android from the get-go, but it runs a heavily modified build, and many thought that it would never see true Android goodness. Any doubt users had, however, can now be laid to rest - an unnamed hacker has got the T1 running Android with AWLauncher, and a bevvy of reading apps in tow.

While this is certainly interesting news, don't get too excited just yet - the build is still very much a work in progress. Many (read almost all) apps malfunction on the Reader, but it sounds like there is hope for a more functional build in the future.

rooted-sony-reader1 sony-reader-prs-t1-hacked-1

It may be a while before the T1 can run a stable version of Android, but it will definitely be nice to one day have two e-readers turned 6" e-ink Android tablets around.

via The Digital Reader

Liam Spradlin
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  • jbonics

    Looks like you would be better off using your phone and give that back to your mom, I'm sure she's going to be happy. The video sent me into convulsions. Hehe

  • Fady Mahfouz

    What gives, this is pointless, the screen would be a huge turn off.

    • Zomby

      Maybe as an Android tablet it's not that tempting, but as an e-reader with multiple format originaly not supported by the unit via multiple e-reader apps, it can be somewhat more interesting.

  • jonnyboym

    Sony readers are compatible most formats except amazon, but hacked android means kindle support too! Whoop!