I'm not sure I would personally ever do that (wait, I'm sure - I'm shrugging just thinking about it), but let's say that you really love the look and feel of the the iOS desktop UI found on Apple's iPhone, with the launchpad, rounded corners, folders, trembling icons with little X's, etc. However, you also love the flexibility that Android offers. Can both be combined? The answer, as it turns out, is yes - Espier Launcher, which just landed in the Android Market (probably immediately infringing on a few dozen Apple patents).

The app is openly advertising its similarity to the iPhone desktop layout, icons, and functionality - if it ever picks up, I give it a few days on the Market before Apple wheels in the big guns lawyers. Have a look:

image image image image image

Surprisingly, Espier Launcher already has 96 ratings and maintains a 4.6-star average (at least until the Android fanboys get to it), which points to both a certain amount of demand and overall polish. However, to be fair to the developer, legal questions aside, please don't rate it 1 star just because you don't like Apple or iOS.

And hey, maybe you could install it on your Galaxy S II and pass it off to your iFriends as an iPhone 5? Just a thought...

Update: Here's what some of you had to say so far:

The funny thing is, the developer has also done a damned good job of emulating the lack of functionality.

iCan see a lawsuit coming

My mom will love this actually (she isn't on the tech savvy side of things...)

Although this is a shameless iPhone clone, it's actually a really well made launcher. I was surprised to see even the search feature that occurs when you scroll to the leftmost homescreen replicated.

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  • Aaron

    Funny, aside from the folders, that looks a lot like Samsung's TouchWiz launcher.

  • Claudio

    damn i just tried it and....i felt like i was cheating lol

    as much as i hate iOS and wouldnt be using this launcher i gotta say this dev made a very nice work

    too bad no ones gonna be visiting him in jail i guess

  • imhavingsexwithmyiphone

    why the f would you want that boring ass look. get the icrap then

  • http://denh.am DrMacinyasha

    Fucking iRainbows, how do they work?

  • Zomby2D

    How much do you want to bet that next time Apple brings Samsung to court they'll install this launcher beforehand and submit it as evidence of infrigement.

  • IAmTheK

    I use miui rom and i loved it from the very start(yesterday). As much as I hate its reminders about the iPhone, it looks good. A combination of androids awesomeness with a bit of iPhone eye candy. Not such a bad thing is it? So this launcher wont be a bad idea for some people, like that dude's mum.

    • Eric

      I loved MIUI from the start as well, except the launcher. MIUI +ADWEX, amazing. I even had MIUI and Launcher 7 for a while. Talk about emulation :p

  • Nick

    You guys used my Quote! woot

  • fonzie

    Iphone...why!!!!! Android is the TreNd seTteR

  • Anjie Cai

    He's from china, no one can do shit to him :DDD

  • Jaymoon

    Straight out of China... the black hole of copyright infringement.

  • http://www.411droid.com Tyler

    I can make my Android look like the iPhone.... But can I make my iPhone look like Android? Not happening :)

  • Denver

    This launcher destroyed my phone. I installed it, played around, then got bored so set my stock launcher to default. Then, when I went to uninstall it. It rebooted my phone and now it won't get past the lockscreen. The screen goes off and won't wake. Not a big deal, since I flash ROMs all the time, but very annoying! Now I have to reflash. It might just be my phone but, be careful installing/uninstaling this app.

    • scott


      havent noticed any issues here, no offense but these kinds of comments are why it's hard to trust reviews these days. 1 star it sucks i cant figure it out it broke my stuff

  • bobomb

    "[New App] Want Your Android Launcher To Look Like iOS?"


    • blunden

      Exactly what I said to myself when reading it too. :)

  • Mickey

    Wow... Now that I look at this it just gives you the feel of not much customization when using an iOS. I mean even if you jailbreak the widgets or theme you ge from winterboard and such just doesnt match to android. That's one thing I love about android is that you can get multiple and customize your homescreen with widgets that iOS can't do. Especially if your a facebooker or twitter tee or even a guy who wants to read the headlines of news right away instead of opening an app. Now I own both the iPhone 3s and HTC so I'm just stating my opinion of what more features you actually get if you were a non tech guy. I mean I thought apple wanted UI friendly to even older people but that is not gonna happen if their iOS is going to be like this. On the other hand android comes packed with widgets right off the bat.

  • androidmonk30

    Switched back to my default launcher, no reason to make my o\phone look like iPhone, nice try though.

  • androidmonk30

    Switched back to my default launcher, no reason to make my droid phone look like iPhone, nice try though. Missed the widgets a LOT.

  • Woot?!

    I don't like how some of the icons get converted into those Iphone style icons. If enough apps have native styled icons I may give it a shot but if they're just going to get framed with a colored background it'll look crappy as hell.

  • Brian Roberts

    I downloaded and was pleasantly surprised to see how well it replicates the feel of an iPhone. The only thing I would say they should add is a notification system with pop ups that resemble that of the iPhone, it'd be a nice touch :)

    • ViggsPR

      The goal, I assume, was to replicate iOS 5 (as opposed to iOS 4 or erlier), which copied Android's notification bar.

      • ViggsPR

        (Sorry for self-replying, but I can't edit for some reason).

        I imagine iOS 5 removed the pop-ups (don't know), as they would be redundant and annoying.

    • trenton james

      Download magic locker

  • Brandon

    Been using it all day on my gs2. It's kinda cool. I think I'll keep it for awhile.

  • Mahmood Faysal

    thanks for the tru but i hate iOS
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