What? Google Voice is getting a feature update? People still work on Google Voice?

Update: Well, it's official. Just like suspected, it's currently only working for Sprint customers, and text to email forwarding must be enabled. Not to worry, though, El Goog is working on incorporating this feature into the Voice inbox.

They're also working with other wireless carriers to enable the feature for all Voice users as soon as they can, so just sit tight if you're not on the Now Network -- shouldn't be too long. [via Google Voice Blog]

Apparently, Google is taking a baby step towards one of Voice's longest running feature requests: MMS. Some Sprint users are seeing MMS pictures and videos in their email accounts. Nothing works on the app yet, but if you have SMS-to-email forwarding turned on, pictures and videos will end up in your email as attachments. That's better than nothing.

This is Google's usual staggered feature rollout - right now some Sprint users have it and some don't. Hopefully this means full, in-app MMS support is on the way. Pretty please, Google?

Source: plan8ts.com via Lifehacker

Ron Amadeo
Ron loves everything related to technology, design, and Google. He always wants to talk about "the big picture" and what's next for Android, and he's not afraid to get knee-deep in an APK for some details. Expect a good eye for detail, lots of research, and some lamenting about how something isn't designed well enough.
  • Jim

    hells yeah. this would cause me to fully drop my txting plan

  • http://twitter.com/willsours will s

    Wow it only took YEARS of asking for it (for what seems relatively simple)... I wonder how many naked pics I've missed out on because of it. Oh well...

  • Karate Kid

    Why people still need a text plan to receive MMS is beyond me. Ask your friends to upload to Facebook and email it to you. That's why you have a smartphone, right?

    • DonatoM3

      I hate receiving mms. Pictures get downsized so much, if you got a smartphone you better be emailing me or like you said using a photo sharing service.

  • Dan

    What i wonder is...what happened to the google voice update that @googlevoice announced was being pushed....

  • Xcom923

    OMG FINALLY I've been waiting litterally YEARS for this feature. I've gotten by without it but every so often someone will send me an MMS (I only use my GV #) and when I say "I didn't get that" they are like "with a phone like that?! (Evo/Evo 3d) you can't get MMS? and they laugh and run away with their iPhones T_t

  • fluffman86

    I'd MUCH rather have the ability to send texts to multiple recipients. :(

    • BK

      +1 - And group texts by contact

  • dyinman

    Actually, you'll get attachments in anything it's supported on. Including your normal MMS on your phone if you have it set to forward to that as well.

  • http://profiles.google.com/isantop Ian

    Here's the strange thing. I use google voice on my NS4G, but I have SMS set to come through the messaging app (I have the app set to not notify me in the app, and text message notifications turned on). For some reason, I can already send and receive MMS through my google voice number.

    Can anybody else conform this?

    • CrozB

      Yes.... I use GV on Sprint and have been sending and receiving pictures just fine. However I am using Handcent as my client.

  • Jaz

    I was using googlevoice all the time and for a while I was using the google voicemail as my main voicemail since it has all those features. Except for the past couple of weeks my google voicemail was taking around 10minutes before letting me know I had voicemail. So as of now i am no longer using gvoice. I hope they update it soon and change that ugly ui too.

  • Duffin

    Oh, wonderful. I'm so glad Sprint is now getting all these exclusive features...Stop doing that! Just give everyone the damn features. I can understand not everyone getting Google Wallet, but this is...just give it to all of us...

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      It's because Sprint and Google have an Agreement that integrates a lot of Google Voice into Sprint's services. The carrier would have to allow this; it isn't under Google's control.

      • Duffin

        No, they wouldn't. They didn't need any special requirements for regular SMS sent through GV. MMS, while a little different, isn't any different than any other app that transmits a picture to you.

  • Ray

    Still not working on my evo. Started forwarding sms last night, and mms is still not coming to my Gmail...

  • Hubbard

    Not sure what all this has to do with email accounts. As of today I use sprint integration with SG2 and my pictures go straight to my messaging app. Yes i can send in receive MMS from my google voice number. My real phone number doesn't show up anymore. So again all this email talk....They come to my messaging app inbox.

    • Marc

      But NOT through the Voice app. They go through the Andorid messaging app.

      MMS through the Voice app is not supported.

      MMS through the Voice number is.

  • Dreamcasting

    Yes, people still work on Google Voice. Last told, a LOT of people still use it.

  • Matt

    So this is working without forwarding it to email. Just tested it.

  • Vince

    You people are stating that MMS works now and they go to your regular message app....this is the normal feature on your Sprint # with Google Voice enabled. What this change is designed for is your forwarding phone numbers that are NOT your main Sprint number with GV enabled.

    Example... my main Sprint # is 999-999-9999 with GV enabled - I have always received the MMS messages in my normal messaging app. My 2nd phone 888-888-8888, which is my work phone, is setup on my GV account as a forwarding phone, I have never received MMS on this phone even in my normal messaging app.

    NOW..with this new feature my 888-888-8888 work phone will receive the MMS in email.


  • http://pandoragaming.net iamkip

    If there was a way to turn off sms and mms from showing up in Google voice at all, just in the stock app, that would be great.... If you ask me they should be able to add a way to do this pretty easily, this should be a feature anyways... Not to mention the great temporary fix this would make, to me anyways.

  • Dick

    I'm guessing the deal with Sprint was to give them access to a real world beta test group. Once fully developed they'll release it to all carriers. Sounds like Google knows what they are doing. Kids these days, the "give me" a half second ago now generation.