Don't you just love databases? It looks like our friends to the north will be getting in on some delicious Ice Cream Sandwich action with their very own Galaxy Nexus model, the GT-I9250M. This time it's the Wi-Fi Alliance database giving us poor addicts just one more drop of Nexus news.


The "M" at the end of "GT-I9250M" means that this version is destined for Canada, just like the Canadian versions of the Galaxy S (GT-I9000M) and the Galaxy S II (I9100M).

Sadly there isn't anything else to glean from this filing other than "it has Wi-Fi." These guys sure are wordy.

October 18th is coming! Tick, tick.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance (PDF) via XDA Forums (thanks, Jonathan!)

Ron Amadeo
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  • Tab

    Awesome! I'm waiting with the cash in my pocket!

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116930094233210246792/posts Chris Bailey

    I guess I'm the only one who cared that it can do 5Ghz wifi N. That's freakin awesome! Most phones run on the 2.4 Ghz spectrum

    • blunden

      My thoughts exactly when I saw it in the FCC documentation for it. Gives me a reason to actually turn on the 5 GHz radio in my router.

  • quick

    Could this be the same device that was seen in the FCC filing recently? Same model number except for the "M".

    Wish this certification showed the 3G/4G bands :(

    I'm still hoping that the one seen in the recent FCC filing is for US carriers, but if its actually just this one and only bound for Canada (for a while) I will definitely have to export one of these so I can use it on T-Mobile!

  • Sam

    fantastic news for us up north!!

  • ICSplz

    omg omg omg... crossing fingers that this comes with Mobilicity bands

    • Macman

      God is want this with my wind mobile holiday miracle plan!!