Another hour, another sign ICS and the Nexus Prime are coming.

Did I say Nexus Prime? I meant Galaxy Nexus. That's pretty much official now. Verizon's Device Management system is giving up the goods this time, listing the Galaxy Nexus (I have to get used to that) in its database.


Also official is the 4G LTE modem, as if Verizon would let anything go out the door without one. Unfortunately. like most company programs, this database looks old and redundant, so it doesn't look like there's much more information to glean from this screenshot. It's not a world phone, if you were somehow expecting that, but that's all there is to see.

On the plus side, we're one hour closer to October 18th.

Source: Droid-Life.com

Ron Amadeo
Ron loves everything related to technology, design, and Google. He always wants to talk about "the big picture" and what's next for Android, and he's not afraid to get knee-deep in an APK for some details. Expect a good eye for detail, lots of research, and some lamenting about how something isn't designed well enough.
  • Jim

    still don't like the flow of "Galaxy Nexus" but whatever..I'm getting the damn phone no matter what

    • Droiddizzy

      I'm right there with you buddy. Galaxy Nexus FTW!

    • Ron Amadeo

      They could call it the "Samsung Dog Poop" and I think I would still buy it.

      • JayMonster

        Based on your review, that is what they should have called the Tmo version of the GSII

  • Zac

    Nexus Prime does sound much better they should have sticked with that. Plus when I tell my iTard friends that I'm going to get the Nexus Prime they are amazed at how cool that sounds. But yes, it's just a name. If it doesn't have something more powerful than the OMAP 4460 I'm going to pass.

  • Seth

    No "Get It Now" would mean no verizon bloatware?

    • Ron Amadeo

      Yes, but all Nexus devices come without bloatware, that's part of what "Nexus" means.

      • Seth

        Yeah, I was just asking because the naming is certainly not that of traditional "pure google phone." (Galaxy Nexus sounds more like a Samsung phone than a Google phone)

        • Deltaechoe

          FYI, the Xoom is actually a pure google device, but it didn't sound like 'nexus' to me. It seems that google is just getting a bit lax in their naming conventions

  • Kevin

    I'd imagine there has to be a ATT/T-Mobile device in here as well, and that the video/screen shot release last week shows the GSM variant. The FCC Nexus Prime release stats and the baseband version from the screen shots are the same (I9250).

  • Mike

    Oh thx god. I was pretty sure it would have 4G, but it's still good to see as it was a deal-breaker if it didn't. This is a done deal now.

  • carl

    How do they want it to compete with iPhone 4s if it is not a world phone

    I am not switching from At&t to Verizon ever even with 7G

    Google better release this phone with multiple carriers or they are gonna kill it themselves

    • Brianb13

      There are two versions. One for Verizon and the other for AT&T and T-Mobile. The latter has GSM so it is a world phone.

    • Tech Support

      LOL... You would never switch from AT&T to Verizon? Why? Your balls haven't dropped yet? Verizon's service smashes on AT&T and now they lost exclusiveness of the iBLOW, they will soon be filing for Bankruptcy

    • Tech Support

      LOL... You would never switch from AT&T to Verizon? Why? Your ballz haven't dropped yet? Verizon's service smashes on AT&T and now they lost exclusiveness of the iBLOW, they will soon be filing for Bankruptcy

  • Erik I Graul

    Man why can't you go to all carriers... I don'ts fu*k with big red...lol

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      We don't know it isn't. We only know that it ^is^ coming to Verizon.

  • Steve

    I think it's gonna be a long while before at&t gets their variant.. Or else their will be a lot of pissed off Galaxy S2 owners out there.. Just sayin

  • Steve

    Moving to Verizon might be worth it for this phone if it wasn't for my grandfathered in unlimited plan..

  • jbizz

    I'm fine with the AT&T GSII, it has great specs, and I'm pretty sure once source code gets out, it will have an ICS rom, sooner than the AT&T variant comes out.

  • TareX

    Why did they remove the Prime moniker???

    The Nexus S was a Galaxy Nexus. This is the PRIME. THE PRIME. Bring back the PRIME.

  • shame1137

    I really hope this phone gets the powervr 543 graphics chip along with a strong cpu (hopefully exynos)

  • Jim

    Anyone think they might price it over $230 (for discounted pricing, obviously)

  • swyrick

    Sucks it won't be a world phone. I will have to wait for GSM version.

  • Dewid

    I don't think Prime was anything more than an internal codename.. isn't it copyrighted or something from the Transformers series? Doubt they could freely use it for a cellphone. On another note, there IS going to be a world/GSM version. It would make no sense whatsoever to announce it in HK otherwise. Plus, it has been stated several times (also recently, can't remeber the exact ovvasion though) that the Nexus series will have 1 phone coming out every year around the holidays and will be totally crap-free and unlocked. Sure a Verizon version might come out sooner (and with different HW maybe), but eventually there's gonna be a GSM unlocked version.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      They just have to ask the movie studio. Droid is a trademark of LucasFilm, Ltd.

  • robert

    Better not be 5mp/1.3mp cameras or it's a no-go. The Vigor is just around the corner. Hopefully they don't mess this up.

    • aard vark

      Id take a good 5mp sensor/lens over a shitty 8mp one any day.

  • russell

    I hope they get the 4g battery problems solved and smash apples "new " product. Specially with all the fuss they are putting up about the patent infringements. Screw Apple, I hope this blows it away.

  • Android 1800

    I don't give a f*** what they're calling it, it'll forever be known in my neck of the woods as the Nexus Prime. Hell, calling it the Samsung Galaxy Prime would have been more powerful of a title. But I see what's happening here: Samsung wants consumers to know that it's a "Galaxy" line phone, and of course Google (pretty much) demands it be called a "Nexus" phone. So from a business stand point, it's a no-brainer. But therein lies the problem... Why the f*** are they calling it the "Samsung" Nexus all of a sudden? The first Nexus was simply called the Nexus One (not the HTC Nexus One). The Nexus S was just that: the Nexus S (not the Samsung Nexus S). Why all of a sudden bring another brand name into the mix? By logic, the only name this new Google phone 'should' be called is the Nexus Prime.

  • Deltaechoe

    Doesn't matter what it is under the hood to me because I only have a thunderbolt right now anyway. The big draw for me is the fact that it is a pure google device. I can hardly stand OEM crapware over android, bogs the whole phone down. Problem with my thunderbolt, though, is the lack of a fully working RIL for use in AOSP roms which has resulted in less than stellar data stability. With this new Nexus phone, that is a non issue.

    • ogswag

      I have at&t. The only reason: I was an iPhone devotee prior to seeing the light. I WANT Verizon. But more importantly, the Updates. My Infuse is a great phone, but Im on Froyo for gods sake. No more playing catch up for me. Nexus + Big Red here I come. And NO. Prime isnt copywrited by Transformers. Maybe "Optimus Prime". But not the word Prime. Lol. And why wouldnt Google/Samsung want to take advantage of brand recognition ?

  • Jim McP

    So are we thinking the phone will be officially announced that day or will it be Available that day??? I don't want to wait another month after the 18th to be able to pick it up.

  • MarcosV

    If this phone is equal to or better than the Samsung Galaxy S II, I'm buy it.

  • Big Bird

    Should I wait for the Nexus or go and get the Samsung S2??

  • http://droid.lifeforum.com michael

    if the phone got fcc approval for gsm, why isn't it a world.

  • Jeremy

    There would be no copyright infringement to name it the Prime. For it to be infringement, the phone would have to closely resemble a transformer.

    Since the items are two completely different things, there would be no association between the two. (unless the commercial had transformers in it)

  • http://social-catalog.com/samsung-galaxy-note-price-cut-hits-uk-november-1st aatif

    I think it is better than S2 but galaxy note will be better than this .!! What you think ?