Gameloft just pushed the third iteration of its Let's Golf HD series to the Android Market for the low price of free. For those uninitiated with Let's Golf, here's the nuts-and-bolts: you get to play golf in some outrageous places, like outer space or the Great Wall of China. Despite its cartoonish nature, it's quite graphically detailed -- everything from the green to the surrounding details is bright, vivid, and detailed.

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Aside from the typical golf gameplay, Let's Golf has some nice features, like multiplayer support so you can you play against your friends, either locally over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or even all on the same device. It also offers social integration for those times when you just have to share your achievements on Facebook.

You can also customize your golfer with tons of different choices, including clothes, hair, and accessories. Scoring rad power-ups is included as well, via an in-game currency system.

The game itself is free, but be ready to download some massive add-on packs to make it work. I installed it on my Tab 10.1, after which it immediately informed me that I needed to download an additional 814MB pack. Once that was finished, another 604MB pack was required, putting the total required data up to 1.4GB. That's a bit extreme, if you ask me.

With all things considered, if you still want to give it a shot, hit the widget below.

[via Droid Gamers]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Joe D

    WOW...SD card, here I come

  • http://www.paitoanderson.com Paito Anderson

    That is insane, I thought man this 833.04MB is done here I come golf!! BUT NO..another 604MBs???

    This might only be worth it for tablet owners lol

  • lazyboy0172

    got a link to the market page or apk? I tried to find it myself but hope I found the wrong thing. The only one I found was incompatible with my Asus Transformer but would let me install on my Evo 3D, like I've got that space to spare.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Sorry, the widget wasn't displaying correctly. Fixed.

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    Hmmm... After all that I only have... 26gigi left on my phone. :P

  • Marc afshar

    crashes my tab10.1

    • Jon Garrett

      works fine on my 10.1 you should try it again.

  • D3

    can't download on my phone!! T.T

  • GraveUypo

    kind of game not worth having on a cellphone. its not really that fun, gameplay doesnt work well with phones and takes loads of space.

  • blackroseMD1

    Say's it's not compatible with my Evo 3D.

  • hsuede

    The game is actually pretty good. Too bad it costs "energy" to play each hole after after you run out they want you to pay money for more. That's really annoying about these kind of games, I would rather pay for the game then feel hustled into buying in game currency.

  • Finaldeath

    Yay another gameloft game i can't play on my sony tablet s.

    If sony doesn't release that stupid playstation suite soon this dumb tablet will have been a complete waste of money.

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    my samsung epic touch 4g isn't compatible? wtf?

  • Mike

    I liked 2, and the screenshots look cool. I've subconsciously become disappointed when I see a game is from a big studio. I imagine free or near free game without much story and kind of soul-less repetition in it, and the gameplay becomes even more pointless if they allow you to buy points or experience or whatever in the game via credit card.

  • Jim Beaubien

    You say you installed on your GT 10.1 but when I try to install, the market says its not compatible with my 10.1. What gives?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Interesting. Is yours the Wi-Fi version?

      • Jim Beaubien

        GT-P7510MA, 16GB Wi-Fi only version..

  • Young Kang

    Can't download in Android Market with AT&T Galaxy S2. my friend who has Verizon was able to download it. What is the problem? Is there anyway to download from website or something? please let me know.. Thank you..

  • Allan

    the gameplay is a dark screen but all the menus are in full color. Is there a problem with the game or something else?

  • Jdog

    Runs great on iPhone 4s, great game

  • jollynitz

    Can't run on my HTC HD2 Android CM7 2.3, it says this game is not compatible and I can ask for refund. ANyways to get it working and Asphault 6 as well, it just crashed after the demo video.

  • sabiq

    Its not work on my galaxy tab plus GT-P6200

  • sabiq

    Its not work on my galaxy tab plus GT-P6200 in saudi arabia

  • Nezar

    Gameloft website says my Nexus 4 phone isn't compatible with the game. The phone has been out for 5 months now. How long does it take them to get the game compatible?

  • Scott

    I've got a Sony XPERIA z and its loads but it's in. 20 different lil boxes.. Wtf!!