Since Google and Samsung called off their event (which was set to announce Ice Cream Sandwich and the next Nexus device), the rumor mill has been going at full tilt. Today, however, a more positive rumor has spun out: Engadget reports that "an inside source" has indicated October 19th as the new date for the Unpacked event.

wm_Nexus Prime

The source also tells Engadget that the event will be held in Hong Kong, and is timed to line up with AsiaD: All Things Digital, taking place next week. This tip, of course, has not been confirmed, but with time ticking away until the alleged date, we're sure to hear something soon either way.

Source: Engadget

Liam Spradlin
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  • Jorge

    I really hope this is indeed the case. I've been trying to hold off on buying the Epic Touch in hopes that Sprint will get its own Galaxy Nexus (or whatever it's ultimately called) variant.

  • Jim

    Enters date to watch steam(assuming there is one) in phone....... again

  • JimJam

    There is NO WAY they will do it on 19th, hasn't Apple already announced that they will be doing a special tribute to Steve Jobs on that date?

  • azumihk

    who cares about tribute to steve man, this is android not apple, they already showed respect , apple boys will keep a tribute untill 2050

  • Adam

    The phone in that teaser looks awfully... curvy. Wonder what that's all about?

  • taylord

    In theory, curved screens reduce glare. The blue line in the picture looks more curved than the phone actually is, though.