Last Updated: August 20th, 2012

The folks over at the always impartial, numerically obsessed hardware review and benchmarking site Anandtech have gotten their hands on some results comparing the iPhone 4S to a slew of Android devices in browser and GPU performance. The results are, well, interesting. Take a look at these graphics comparing browser JavaScript performance:



The closest competitor to Apple's iPhone 4S? The testers decided to make the Galaxy Tab 8.9 the Android Honeycomb representative, and even with its aging Tegra 2 chipset the Tab pretty much matched Apple's iPhone 4S inch for inch. But we think we have an explanation for the Tab 8.9's extreme browser performance figures: Honeycomb. Honeycomb's hardware-accelerated browser, which will be making it into Ice Cream Sandwich more likely than not, turbocharges browsing in Android. There's a reason so many people use 3rd party browsers on Android phones and some manufacturers (eg, HTC) even include their own hardware-accelerated browsing software: Android's stock browser (pre-Honeycomb) kind of sucks.

The next closest competitors are all a far cry from the "Top 2" on the list. My suspicion is that the next Nexus phone will probably decimate these figures, as will the Galaxy S II when it receives an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, when the browser will truly be able to utilize all the computing power the phone possesses. If there's one thing Google does well, it's JavaScript performance.

Apple's browser in iOS 5 would also appear to be heavily optimized for the 4S's dual-core processor, practically doubling the browsing performance compared to an original iPhone 4 running the same version of iOS.

Next, we have some GPU performance tests. These, in contrast to browser benchmarks, are less attributable to software optimization.


While Apple has had a love affair with the OpenGL platform for years, it also has remained the favored son of the open source movement for hardware accelerated 3D for an equal period, if not longer. This kind of test is a lot more "software-agnostic" than the browser tests above. But the difference in performance here is simply staggering. The iPhone 4S rendered the test at an astonishing 73.1FPS - nearly double (~175%) the figure put up by its closest competitor, the Galaxy S II, at 42.5FPS. As a control, a Honeycomb tablet (the Galaxy Tab 10.1) was thrown into the mix, and neither Honeycomb nor Tegra 2 (a fairly old chipset, admittedly) could provide much of a challenge to Apple's A5 processor equipped with the SGX 543MP2 GPU.

Is this another case of Apple's ability to optimize performance with its closed hardware ecosystem? To some extent, yes, of course. But look at the original iPhone 4 running iOS 5 - it's clear that the 4S's beefed-up internals are truly making the difference. While we have yet to see how the upcoming Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus / whatever you want to call it benchmarks on a similar test, it seems likely that the phone will share an Exynos processor and Mali 400 GPU with its close cousin, the Galaxy S II. Ice Cream Sandwich may improve performance in an OpenGL benchmark like this to some limited extent, but even we have our doubts about the next Nexus being able to top the 4S's impressive figures in this arena.

It's also rather sad to see devices like the DROID BIONIC, released only a month ago, having their scores nearly quadrupled by Apple's latest phone. While we can assuredly expect even more powerful Android devices (possibly with quad-core processors) by next Spring, even I'm surprised at just how huge a difference Apple's "incremental" hardware upgrade has made in terms of 3D performance.

And, in the end, while benchmarks are just that, let's face it: everyone likes to win.

Pictures via Anandtech

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

    We still have Flash though.

    • chris ponciano

      AHAHAHAHA! burn! it burns so good.

    • http://www.ironsheek.wordpress.com @Ironsheek

      "We still have Flash though" LMAOOOOO! Excellent

    • Jon Garrett

      so now we're comparing a 6 month old phone to one that hasn't even been released yet?

  • Billy

    How will the Vigor stack up the dual 1.5 ghz processors? Any speculation??

    • Double

      The browser test about the same as the GSII

      The video? A tad faster than sensation/ evo 3d. Probably just beneath the gsII

      • TLKoontz

        Makes me glad I ordered an iPad2 today, rather than a Galaxy -or another Android tab! (can't wait until Saturday!)

        I do still have my HTC Thunderbolt, though, so im not a complete turncoat...

    • Jay

      Probably the same as the t-mobile GSII

  • noes

    for now? nah. for awhile. the A6 will be out by the time android catches up. why nobody else is using the 543 is beyond me. but tegra3 isn't going to beat it either.

  • http://villainrom.co.uk Fysi

    How Opera Mobile 11 performs on sunspider on my SGS2:

    • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu


      Anandtech may be impartial, but you're the ones who are reading the results all wrong. It's the software that affects things here, not the hardware. The "stock" Android browser is very old, pretty much the same one from Android 2.2

      This is why Honeycomb devices score the same, because they have newer browser - duh!

      You're an Android site, you should debunk Android misinformation stuff like this, not promote it.

      • crappler

        That's a good point for the browser/java test and someone mentioned on another site that the sgsII is not optimized for 'offscreen' gl performance because it is not used in practice.. or something along those lines.
        I would love to see some propper tests that are not just apple propaganda.

      • AppTrix

        software only affects the browsing... they werent imaprtial they included honeycomb tablets... they performed similarly in javascript browser test but you cant deny androids GPU was owned by apple and i thought Nvidia was a big deal... i guess we'll see when Nvidia's Kal-El, 5 core processor with 12 core GPU comes out vs apples upcoming 4 Core with unknown GPU

  • Jim

    iphone has good hardware but why does the OS have to suck so much :(

    i want iphone's hardware with android's os!

    • AppTrix

      I bought a motorola xoom based on everyone saying apple's software sucks after a couple weeks of using the supposed great android software i missed my iphone 4 (which had been stolen) mind you it was jailbroken I agree apple's OS sucks out of the box but once jailbroken it blows androids honeycomb away luckily i got an iphone 4s can't wait for jailbreak X__X

  • mahmood

    iPhone 4s have 800MHz dual core cpu but it's more powerful than 1.2GHz Exynos dual core and 1.5GHz snapdagon dual core !!

    • chris ponciano

      there's a difference between power and optimization.

    • AppTrix

      I disagree... when it comes to processing and calculations im sure the 1.2 and 1.5Ghz will win an 800Mhz these test basically pitted the OS's coding in javascript and the GPU's against each other but there really are no CPU only tests here...

  • maedox

    Excuse my French, but a fast piece of sh*t is still a piece of sh*t. :O

  • maedox

    Excuse my French, but a fast piece of **** is still a piece of ****. :O

  • http://brgulker.tumblr.com brgulker

    I always find benchmarks nebulous... at best. I understand that to the enthusiasts, benchmarks are meaningful.

    But to the general public? Or heck, even those enthusiasts like us who just enjoy using our phones, do they matter at all?

    I mean, the practical, tangible difference for the end user is, what, a couple seconds here or there of render time while browsing (on sites that aren't optimized for mobile)?

    This just doesn't seem like a huge deal to me, all things considered.

    • AppTrix

      when you're in a hurry and need to submit something last minute every second counts, and benchmarks are great they let you know which phone will also be able to run better graphical apps unless you just have the phone because it's "cool" to have a smart phone. If you're not going to use your phone's potential then thats a waste of money go buy a nokia they can browse the web too.

  • Chris

    I have trouble believing the validity of any test which places a Nexus One with a Snapdragon above a Nexus S with a Hummingbird. That alone should cast serious doubts on this "benchmark"

    • AppTrix

      It's not wrong, the Nexus one has a better CPU than the Nexus S but the Nexus S has a better GPU so browser loading would be faster on the 1 but the S will play graphically intensive apps better than the 1

  • Félix

    i can´t be happier...my "old" Nexus One is getting better results than the HTC Sensation, the HTC Thunderbolt, the Nexus S...long life to the Nexus One! ;)

  • Bryan Dery

    3.5" screen...char char

    • http://villainrom.co.uk Fysi

      But the graphics test is off screen at 720p for all devices.

  • http://androidpolice.com jselt

    now let's see how fast that iphone is on a 4g lte network. oops, sorry, that iphone doesn't work with 4g lte. so where does real speed in using your phone come from? is it the hardware of the phone or the speed of the system it is operating on?

    • BOOM!!@&

      lte is just for downloading things and streaming media. But it also kills the battery. Just look at the current lte phones. Ill come back once they get half decent battery life. The extra 2 seconds to download isnt a big deal to me.

      • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

        I concur it kills battery, but extra 2 seconds? Not sure what network you're on, but my Verizon iPhone is signifcantly slower on 3G vs my old Droid X. I average around 1Mb on Verizon 3G, where my co-workers t-bolt is getting consistently over 10Mb. The VEVO app is all but usable over 3G. Don't downplay something just because you don't care for it.

        • BOOM!!@&

          I have a thunderbolt so yes it is nice to have but to me I would rather the battery last over a few seconds download of an app or web page. I don't download huge files so lte to me anyway isn't worth the poor battery life.

    • AppTrix

      iphones carriers don't even use LTE ... lol why would they want it? HSPA+ is just as fast .....

      • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

        ummm....what is a iPhone carrier? Last I checked if I want 10Mb + on Verizon (you know one of the US largest and most reliable carrier's), I need LTE, regardless of what phone I'm using.

  • Eric

    so comparing <3.0 versions of Android will be slow is what that chart is saying.
    since the Tab 8.9 has 3.1's browser we can all assume that when the Androids get Ice Cream Sandwich that the performance will be on par or faster.

    Except for the GPU of course... Samsung should go back to using PowerVR SGX (maybe quad core 545)

  • BOOM!!@&

    Damn and the iphone 4s is said to be clocked at 800mhz and still blowing away the competition.

  • MedioGringo

    To be fair, those are probably 1ghz SGS2 numbers. I know the Epic Touch gets about 3300 in Sunspider. Also, notice how well the Tab 10.1 performs in the browser tests with a lowly Tegra2. That Honeycomb browser must be really fast. Lets see these numbers again when ICS is launched.

    The graphics benchmarks are really impressive, tho.

  • Scott

    So brand new hardware with a brand new OS is number one. Is that surprising?

    Put ICS on some of those others and see how they compare. Or wait for another brand new device with a brand new OS (Nexus with ICS), and then run this again, if you want a fair comparison :)

    • stompsfrogs

      but I'm so TIRED of waiting for the Galaxy Nexus... I was so sad to see it wasn't announced today *pouts*

  • Rtimi

    A lot of things had to play into this. No flash plus iphone doesn't use true multi tasking. Rendering on a smaller screen should be faste. Theoretical isn't practical.

    • BOOM!!@&

      but more pixels on the iphone screen affect it also. You can't just blame it on being on a smaller screen since it has more pixels than the sgs2.

  • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

    Great, balanced write up.

    I think that fan sites on both sides of the isle need to look at the competition every now and again to make sure that their device or OS of choice is the best performing device/OS out there. You've done a fantastic job of presenting the numbers and saying, "hey, we have some work to do."

    Competition works every single time it's tried. That's why you were able to write this post: you were the strongest, fastest sperm to meet the egg.

    I'll concede the point that benchmarks aren't real world usage. I will, however, state for the record that we'll know in a a few week's time when the new iPhone simply scores well on benchmarks or holds it own in the real world.

    I only hope that instead of devolving into fanboy arguments, this spurs the industry to keep making faster, smaller, cooler (temperature) hardware and more optimized software instead of avoiding these hard problems.

  • chris ponciano

    just ran my stuff to add to the numbers

    Sunspider results:
    iPad 2 with ios4.33: 2146.4ms
    iPod4G with ios5GM: 3609.3ms
    EVO4G with 2.3.7: 3363.1ms

    ACID3 results:
    iPad 2 with ios4.33: 98/100
    iPod4G with ios5GM: 100/100
    EVO4G with 2.3.7: 95/100

    browsermark is giving errors on all three.

  • CruzIzcaredoNotn

    Didn't see the Xoom listed, but galaxy tab is. My Xoom just did a 1922 on sunspider.

  • CruzIzcaredoNotn

    My error: 1982 instead

    Acid3 100/100

  • Bo

    Makes sense. When a product is released 6 months later than what it's compared too, you'd expect it to have better performance....

  • Phil

    One of the most interesting things here to me is how the iPhone 4 on iOS 4 was getting kicked to sleep by many an Android phone but all you heard was that its sooo much better of a processor and GPU than anything Android is on. Now during that period none of these tests seem to surface. Now what Apple comes out on top we get metrics.

    • Jack

      Dunno about that. I think Apple did a good job with the 4S regardless.

  • Mysef

    Dammm... Should have gotten an iPhone 4S.. Now I'm stuck with this junk SGSII which will never be faster...

    • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

      The iPhone 4s is a good product, but really calling the GS2 a junk? I have used the GS2. and I would put it par to par with my iPhone 4, plus it does twice as many things. Do you play a lot of games? That is where the iPhone 4s will really shine. If not you won't notice a significant performance increase.

    • Jack

      I'd personally keep the S2. You won't need much more processing power for at least 2 more years. Renew at 1.5 years and get a better phone. Trust me--Samsung won't be left behind for long. They've always been known for upping the performance and lowering power consumption. They just reached the 28nm nodes for processor development. Expect good things!

  • Brian

    Yep. Where is the IPhone4 on iOS4? You know, the one that all those Android phones were actually competing with?

    I got a ~3800 on my TB on 2.3.7 (Liquid 3.0, Imoseyen 3.9.2) OC to 1.4 GHz using Dolphin.

  • p51d007

    Big whoop. One benchmark will show brand X faster than brand Y. Another shows brand Y faster than brand X.
    It's the public that will eventually figure this all out. I think Apple has a great device, but it isn't for me, plus, every iPhone, pretty much looks like every iPhone. Would people put up with that if they were cars?

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      They did with the Model-T.

      • chris

        Only because of the price. And has it happened since? Nope. I had an iPhone once. Then Android came along.

        Still, if they'd put a 4" screen on the 4S (you know, to make use of all those extra pixels) I'd have jumped the Android ship-with-guns-and-cannons-that-shoot-jelly and boarded the iOS train.

  • _ThaNerd_

    These numbers don't add up...I'll wait when real benchmarks are done versus devices such as Nexus Prime...

    With these ficticious benchmarks they just made a Lada seem faster then a Lamborghini...

    This has to be the joke of the year LMAO!

  • Zach G

    Doesn't GB only use one core?

  • http://androidpolice.com alpha55

    Just wait till the prime comes out it will blow that crap apple phone away

  • Jon

    I get ~2000 on sunspider and ~131000 on BrowserMarks with my thunderbolt (OCed) Apple doesn't impress me at all in fact I despise them and their arrogance. I wish them all as much luck as their lord Steve Jobs... to soon?

  • Terry

    I just ran Sunspider on my "lowly" Fascinate running MIUI ROM w/ Glitch kernel OC to 1.4Ghz and scored 2690. If someone cares enough to benchmark their phone then they're probably going to be running custom ROMs anyway. So I tend to take benchmark numbers with a grain of salt.

  • Joey Klatzko

    Sense 3.0 is the worst. How does the MyTouch 4G on froyo beat the Sensation on Gingerbread in JavaScript performance?

  • Zaeem

    Damn, I hate Apple and I hate the fact that the Iphone 4S beat Android hands down. Let's get one thing straight, guys- if we had won the benchmark tests, we'd be shoving it to every Apple fanboy out there.

    It's sad to see that we lost. I don't think ICS or the Nexus Prime can match up, though. Ugh. It'll be humiliating to lose again.

    Yes, granted that benchmark tests don't really mean anything in the real world scenario but a win is a win, right?

  • drol


    Sensation gets 97435

    i guess these pictures come from macsite

  • drol

    oh, wrong screenshot. :p



    • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

      I don't think CM7 is a fair comparison. Put it back to stock and run again. Although, I do partially agree with you, since CM7 is as close to vanilla android as you can get, but I don't know if you're OC'd or not. Another good comparison would be to de-clock down to 800mhz and re-run the test.

  • rambo

    I ran sunspider on my nexus s and got same score, i installed firefox and ran sunspider again and got 2974...

  • BlackOmega99

    Meh, the Iphone must have some really fast memory, probably DUAL CHANNEL, which most androids don't have.

    That's probably why their GPU performance is so obscenlly faster than any android device tested.

    There is also the matter of optimization, and I don't know for sure, but I would guess that the iphone CPU is based on the new cortex A15, while all androids are still running on the A9.

    The closed enviroment of apple hardware really gives them more flexiblility for the kind of change on the platform.

  • rambo

    Stock browser always did run like dog shit on nexus s.. no hardware accel.. firefox performs much better... roll on google chrome for android.

  • RajivK

    My sgs2 gets around 3300 in sunspider running the stock browser but when running firefox it gets as low as 1434 giving the 4S a run for it's money

  • Ravrahn

    Here is a simple explanation: Honeycomb is the only version of Android (for the next two weeks, at least) that is optimised for dual-core in any way.

    • Nich

      i think that just answered a question i had after taking a close look at the difference of the following lines .

      SunSpider (lower is better)
      apple iphone 4 (iOS 5) 3921
      apple iphone 4 (iOS 4.3) 4608

      browser Mark (larger is better)
      apple iphone 4 (iOS 5) 51701
      apple iphone 4 (iOS 4.3) 36665

      this shows that the operating system was tuned and tuned well .

      the last thing i noticed was that all the android phones are running gingerbread 2.3.x and not ice cream sandwich 3.1 . except for the galaxy tab running ICS 3.1 and can keep up with the iphone 4s .

      so does this mean that android phones upgraded to ICS would better perform in these tests ?


      • vaseey

        ics is 4, Jelly bean s 4.1, so thats not even close to an honest mistake, how cn u not fall down more..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8YprCzWm0g JS

    Out of curiosity, which variant of the Sammy GS2 was this? Is this a bloat-ware version, such as T-Mob's?

  • GraveUypo

    huh. i got 2800 on sunspider with my crappy motorola defy (overclocked to 1.2ghz) using opera mobile. that makes those numbers over there so much less impressive... the default browser sucks beyond repair.

    i also ran it on my desktop pc with chrome for fun and i got 240ms, and my cpu is 4yo, almost 5 now (q6600)

    all and all i was still positively surprised about the 4s' performance. pretty neat piece of hardware, probably well worth the upgrade from the old iphone4.

  • Capita

    I find it ironic how poster above me has to ask if it's the Android with bloatware or the Android without. iOS doesn't have that problem.

    Also, Android users always try to talk up bigger screen and open source, when those laughably huge screens have crap resolutions and the extent of customization 95% of the Android population does is wallpapers and ringtones.

    But that somehow makes Androids way better than iPhones. LOL.

    • http://worldofashishb.com [email protected]

      yes, cause you have personally interviewed 95% of the population. Instead of comparing Apples to Oranges, Why don't you compare iPhone 4 to Nexus S? But someone as blind as you, would have to bend the cards on your side. The iPhone is a great piece of hardware, but for me I like the flexibility of android. I like the open file system. I like the fact I can start up an FTP Server on my phone and share ANY file on my SD card to whoever. I like the OPTION to have background services if need be. I like having the OPTION to use flash. In the end its a little computer in my pocket with barely any limitations, sure it has half the polish as IOS, the apps look half as good, the battery life on most phone's isn't as good as iPhone, but in the end I give up those qualities to gain a lot of others which I prefer. So for me, hell yea Android is a lot better then iOS. At the same time I'm not OS biased. I can't wait to try WP7 on Verizon, once nokia rolls some phones out. You sound like you're so far up Apples ass, they could rebrand a BIC pen and you would still buy it for $20

    • someone

      Um perhaps you haven't looked at your phone recently. "stocks by Yahoo" seem like bloat to me.

    • Bill Davis

      Siri sounds like major bloatware to me....

  • http://korea korea

    Sprint SGS2 - scored 1214.0 (http://i.imgur.com/CX56P.jpg)
    VZW Thunderbolt - 2360.8 (http://i.imgur.com/aweLI.jpg)

  • niggadaaamn

    it kinda does... hence the same way when you are renovating your home, or office, why you want change... now those renovations are less frequest due to huge costs involved.. on a phone thats not the case, one shud have the luxury to change a background, have custom ringtones, have animations.. now if you don't want them.... you can opt to not have them.... KEY WORD IS "OPT".... so yes APPLE OS IS BORING.... can be faster as hell.... it is still BORING

  • ronaele
  • Artur

    For browser test, it's ridiculous to use Android stock browser for testing while no one use it for browsing.
    And when I check GLBenchmark 2.1's website I can see totally different results.
    How can I believe those tests aren't biased?

  • David

    Poor droid suckers... I'm surprised you guys had enough battery life to rant so long. Just keep speculating until your silly droid devices upgrade to Hater 5.6. Excuses, excuses.

  • David


    "We still have flash." Really!? Keep holding on to that little glimmer of hope. I haven't run into a single instance where not having flash affected my browsing experience. Try again haters.

    • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

      So you are gonna come to a android forum to talk shit? Seems like someone is suffering from little peen syndrome. Don't worry the 6 year old girl using the iPhone across the street can give you a shoulder to lean on. Go away iTard, MacRumors will more then welcome shallow minded individuals as yourself.

    • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

      So you are gonna come to a android website to talk crap? Seems like someone is suffering from little wee wee syndrome. MacRumors will more then welcome shallow minded individuals as yourself.

  • http://worldofashishb.com Ashish

    AP, your mobile site says post rejected, but now I see it still posted, what's up with that?

  • Keith

    Damn Ashish, even android forums run like shit

  • Zach G

    I got 1953 on Sunspider on the Galaxy SII AT&T, CM7 and not OCed.

  • David

    Oh I'm sorry gansta, I was unaware I was on your "turf". As for my "shallow mind", I had an HTC inspire, it was the worst 29 days of my life. I've been on both sides of the fence chief, now take my iSkeet!! FA-FA-FA-FA-FACE!!!!!!

    • http://worldofashishb.com [email protected]

      Wow really? Done with your immature attitude? No one here cares about your how bad your life was with your phone. Read the subject of the article. Got anything to contribute? No? Didn't thing so. Wear a steve jobs costume for Halloween. I'm sure many iTools as yourself will have their mouth wide open for you.

  • David

    So much anger ashish! I did read the subject, it clearly states apple > everything else. And my contribution is making a fanboy like you get all pissy, it's comical really. I would have been done with the first two posts, but you are quite entertaining.

    • Ashish

      Back to reading 101. The subject does not state "apple > everything else" The subject merely states that the post is about iPhone bench mark numbers and how they are better then most other devices. Now there are some people that are saying those numbers are fudged. Instead of giving some kind of intelligent comment, you decide to come here like a troll and spit absolute absurdity. And to top it off, you're gonna call everyone here a "droid sucker". What the hell does that make you? I don't need an answer to that, I got it when you made your most valuble comment for the day "now take my iSkeet!! FA-FA-FA-FA-FACE!!!!!!"

  • David

    I thought you were done sunshine? This is fun haha!! But sadly I can't continue these childish games with you. Too bad android doesn't have a grammar correction.... That is all. Good day sir.

  • Andy

    SGSII overclocked 1.6Ghz running Opera Mobile, Total 1284.1ms.....yes that is nearly twice the speed of 4S. Everyone know the Gingerbread stock browser is poor, totally biased test. Use a decent browser and watch the 4S get obliterated!

    • http://www.facebook.com/max.close.3 Max Close

      iPhone 4S has a 800Mhz CPU...

  • Muhammad

    You Have To Admit That Apple Is One Hell Of A Company For Producing This Nice Peace of Hardware (And A Matching Software!)
    But Still I'd Choose A "Crappy" Android Phone Over The 4S Simply Because I Can Flash A custom ROM & Change All These Numbers (Drastically) :)

  • atul

    I love android. I'd never take an ipad if you'd paid me money. what is web browsing on a tablet without flash?
    but how come their devices are so damn fast. could somebody with profound insight into processors and circuits please tell me. my heart is just so sad seeing these results:-(

  • atul

    somebody working in the semiconductor or processor industry please tell me how apple is so god damn fast:-(

    • Martin Jensen

      Apple products aren't fast. Any average Android with ICS can dance around iPhones and iPads in speed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/max.close.3 Max Close

        Apple products AREN'T FAST indeed, this has nothing to do with any semi-conductor story or whatever hardware. The REAL problem is those 'tards at Android development software who choose Java language over native C++ programming language. Andoid 'emulates' all its applications witch results in :

        -More battery consumption
        -More CPU power/GPU Power to give worste performance.

        I was a Symbian user (C++ like programming) and I went to Galaxy S2, since then I don't buy Android and will never buy Android devices anymore so much this phone was buggy, slow and battery eating compared to a Symbian or iPhone cellphone.


  • Zaeem

    lol. Wait until people start using Siri in public places. The app won't recognize a word that they say.

    FACT! :D

  • Achmed – the Dead Terrorist

    My Galaxy S1 (older than iphone4) with DarkysRom and firefox scores 2817.
    2222 is not impressive at all.

  • Thunder

    My results for sunspider on LG o2x(2.3.4)

    test version | Default Browser | Opera mobile
    0.9 | 2648 | 2103
    0.9.1 | 2421 | 2081

  • http://about.flowingcolor.com/iphone-4gs-slower-than-my-7month-lg-g2x/ flowing
  • Alex

    Switched from Android to 4s, and it's the best thing I've ever done. Now that theniphone is on 3 biggest carriers I don't see why anyone would choose an Android phone at the same price point.

  • http://worldofashishb.com ashish879

    Man this article really brought the trolls out of hiding.

  • Yarm

    I develop for both platforms.
    c++ way more efficient than java. And apples objective-c is a c++ equivalent.
    Performance wise an objective-c based app will blow away an equivalent java-based app.
    Note that Microsoft is following apple here, moving back to C++, and away from C#.
    I'm not so concerned re browser performance. But with apple a native application is clearly quicker.

  • IanB

    Rerun all the android phones using firefox as the browser, and you will get much better scores.

    Samsung GS2 gives 1467
    HTC Desire gives 3139

  • yossi cohen

    yeah right...
    try and compare a phone that actually runs an os(android) to a phone that runs an app drawer with ultra super glove like optimisation (cos if not apple won't let it into the appstore)
    please gimme a break... browsing sucks on iphone9ipod 4g owner and defy owner)
    who the fuck compares between raw software?(android browser sucks try boat browser)

    iphone DOES NOT MULTITASK!!!!!!
    try and run 15 pages of internet while playing angry birds (iphone will pause all pages loading while android will do all o them easily)
    sorry but while i wait for these stupid counters for downloading files i dont wanna stare at the screen like an idiot...(cos if u touch the screen the f*** iphone will stop the counter...) i wanna have pc like browsing!!!!
    oh and android=higher graphics... just like pc vs consoles...

  • http://www.statsprofessor.org/ StatsProfessor

    Get ~1900ms on the Atrix using Opera.  Stock.

    So nothing impressive by Iphone.  Browser makes a huge difference obviously.

  • Gohan

    Now with ics S2 is way faster than 4s(110k+ on rightware) and if you use chrome on the s2...even with ios6 4s wont stand a chance :D