Last Updated: January 3rd, 2012

Creating an aesthetically pleasing home screen for your phone or tablet has become an art in itself, and an entire ecosystem packed with widgets, themes, wallpapers, launchers, and custom ROMs has built up to support it. Sometimes, it can be tough to find a winning combination of elements to create a beautiful and enduring home screen that provides both form and function.

For this reason, we have decided to open up a call for gorgeous, well-decorated home screens of all shapes and sizes. Each month we will select the very best home screen configuration(s) and completely break it down into its component parts, providing you with all the necessary information to create your own awesome home screen.

Of course, the creator(s) behind the winning home screen(s) will also be rewarded -- with an Android Police t-shirt of their choosing.

How to Win

This contest is now closed. Please keep an eye out for this month's Home Screen Challenge for your next chance to win!

The rules for this contest are very simple.

Step 1: Upload a screenshot of your home screen to imgur. If you have more than one screen upload a max of 3 pages.

Step 2: Post a link in the comments, and add the name of the ROM you are using (if any), the name of the custom launcher (if any), a list of all your widgets, a list of all the apps in your notification bar, and the name of your wallpaper. You can add whatever other information you feel like, but be sure to provide links to everything.

Update: If you get the "spammy error" upon submission, post your deets on either G+ or Facebook and link to that in the comments. Our Spam filter is pretty aggressive, so this is the best solution for the time being. We will try to find a better submission system before next month.

The winner(s) will be selected by the AP team and notified prior to the publication of the monthly feature.


The monthly home screen challenge is open to all users, but in order to receive a free t-shirt, you must live in one of the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea (Republic)
  • Luxemburg
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Example A - Tablet

To start things off, we've decided to provide a couple of examples of what the monthly home screen break down will look like, using a fairly basic configuration.



The first widget we see here is one of my personal favorites, Beautiful Widgets, available from the Android Market for $2.89. The clock skin is called Naked Honey, and the weather skin is called Vos Neon, both of which are available for download from Beautiful Widgets' interface.

Next up is Honeycomb's standard Bookmarks widget, which displays a scrollable list of thumbnails for webpages you've bookmarked.

Finally, we have a basic calendar widget, appropriately named Simple Calendar Widget. It's a super clean, non-invasive widget that tells you the date, as well as the week's scheduled events. Best of all, it's available absolutely free from the Market.


The wallpaper pictured is called Wave Live Wallpaper. It's a simple LWP, featuring soft, undulating waves, and customizable colors. The speed of movement is completely under the user's control, and ranges from imperceptibly slow to extremely quick, making it a versatile wallpaper that can be as busy (or as unobtrusive) as you choose. It, too, is available for free from the Android Market. There is also a "full version" available, which gives the user the option of vertical waves, periodic color shifts, or shake-based color shifts, adding an extra touch of versatility for a modest $1.00 fee.

Example B - Smartphone

SC20111004-110716 SC20111004-110733


The widget on top of Home Screen 1 is called Fancy Widgets and it basically combines a clock, calendar, and weather information into a 4x1 bar. The free version limits you to one widget style and for $2.99 you get more customization options.

The second widget on Home Screen 1 is simply the widget that comes with Google Reader. I like to stay on top of all the breaking tech news, so I have created a widget out of this specific folder.

Home Screen 2 is occupied by a large 4x2 widget which features my currently playing track. This widget comes with PlayerPro Music Player, which I find to be a fantastic alternative to the stock music player. The trial version of PlayerPro lasts for 7 days, after which you must pay $4.50 for the full version.

Finally, on Home Screen 2 I have a widget of my currently playing podcast. This widget comes with the DoggCatcher Podcast Player, which costs $6.99 and is a great way to listen to all your daily podcasts.

Notification Bar

There are two items in my notification bar. Firstly, I use the Battery Indicator notifier to have an exact gauge of my phone's remaining battery life.

Secondly, the cross-platform IM app Trillian, places an icon in the notification bar.


I like to keep things simple and dark, so I am using a black painted fence as my wallpaper.



I am using the default Samsung TouchWiz launcher.

Your Turn

Now that you've seen a quick, basic example of how each month's feature will look, start designing your perfect home screens and show us what you've got!

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Aaron

    How did you get the 10.1 menu bar back to stock honeycomb-style colors and icons?

    • Victor Stuber

      Ya I'd like to know too

    • Aaron

      Really? No reply?

    • Cameron Summerson

      It's a custom ROM called Overcome.

    • kighdyw

      I see the second paragraph is better! Recommended see here! http://uuz.cc/rHM

  • Matt Peterson


    Stock Moto
    Minimalist Text
    Simple Calendar
    GoLauncher EX

    I can get to everything I need to from 1 screen, be it swiping, long pressing, or otherwise.

  • Lynxy


    ROM: CM 7.0
    Launcher: GoLauncher EX
    T-Mobile Theme: NTSense
    Wallpaper: HTC Life (http://www.zedge.net/wallpaper/4869569/)

    Widgets: Beautiful Widgets, Power Control (part of the ROM)

    In statusbar (left to right): Tasker, LBE Privacy Guard, SwipePad

    In the dock (left to right): Handcent SMS, Miren Browser, Fodler Organizer, Camera360, Torch (part of the ROM)

    Swipe up loads Volume Control, swipe down loads aTAKEphONE

  • http://www.androidactivist.org Ryan Mills


    Skank CM7 Kang - Matrix Kernel

    Go Launcher EX

    Beautiful Widgets
    Google Search
    ESPN ScoreCenter

    Beautiful Widget Temp

    • random_reader

      Hi Ryan,

      Can you tell me where did you get this wallpaper? Looks really nice :-) Can you share a link? TIA

  • Ravi Shah

    NSCollab 1.0.46
    Stock Launcher
    Beautiful Widgets
    Stock Music Widget
    Flashlight Widget
    Light Grid Live Wallpaper

  • Firelight


    - DX with ...
    - ICX Rom (from Mobile_Sensei)
    - Go Launcher EX
    - Honeycomb Theme & some LP Custom Icons
    - Transparent Circle Launche in lower center with frequent apps
    - SwipePad for more-frequent/fav apps

    • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

      Can i have your wallpaper, please?

  • http://leftfieldcreationz.blogspot.com/ Lost_man10002
  • _arona



    Oxygen 2.3.1 - Desire

    LauncherPro Plus
    Minimalist Text
    Desktop VisualizeR
    G Data MobileSecurity


    WidgetLocker Sperrbildschirm
    Missed It!

    • Kmander

      Love this, it's absolutely amazing!

    • Edgar

      Nice! How did you get the custom 'sms', 'mails', etc using Minimalist Text?

    • seven

      Which font are you using?

    • http://www.gmachine.net GMachine

      I agree you did a great job here!!

    • JD

      Please come back and answer our questions! I want to know how you did the homescreen widget!

  • Jaymoon

    These are my current home screens:


    SenselessROM for Evo3D is my ROM of choice at the moment. Using the speedy GoLauncher as my launcher, providing me smooth transitions, and my pretty little dock. Phone, SMS, App Drawer, Twicca, and Ninesky Browser, are my dock shortcuts...

    My left screen is my "Shortcut Screen". My most used apps are on this screen, and organized in a way that I can quickly get to them. It also has my quick toggle buttons courtesy of the Go Switch widget.

    The center screen I like to keep nice and organized. My calendar of upcoming events using Smooth Calendar is to remind me of what I'm supposed to be doing. The time and quick weather is at the bottom thanks to Minimalistic Text.

    The right screen is mainly used for media. Shortcuts to my music, audio streams, and other ways to consume music. Weather is on display too, using the Fancy Weather widget. Also my task-killer, just in case I need to close down an un-cooperative app.

    Usually when I need them, I'll sometimes add a music widget, or Pocket Casts widget, but thanks to the notification bar, I don't need those all the time.

    • bringtherain

      I love the black and orange skin on the Go Switch widget. What is it called?

      Awesome homescreen

    • Cameron Summerson

      Very nice. Informative and functional, yet still manages to keep a clean look. I dig it.

    • http://www.outerspanish.com corolla90

      The battery icon in the top screen bar, where's the from? Is that part of the ROM, or is it a widget?

  • Mario

    Minimalistic Text
    Custom version of LunarUI theme

    • Brandon

      Cool ass star wars icons! WIN

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/abhiroop-basu/ Abhiroop Basu

    Cheers guys, this is perfect!

  • https://plus.google.com/110259111565202164711/ stephen

    liquid [cm7-based]
    minimalist text
    minimal bread theme [for theme-chooser]

  • Jesse


    Nexus S 4G
    CyanogenMod Nightly build #131
    Orange Octaine Theme for CM7
    ADW Launcher
    Anolog Clock
    Minimalistic Text
    Beautiful Widgets Battery

    • Dan

      now on to making that app drawer launcher orange also. ;P Looks nice.

  • http://www.djleekee.co.uk DJ Leekee


    Honeycomb 3.1 on a Galaxy Tablet 10.1

    Live Wallpaper - Sunrise (free) market.android.com/details?id=com.teragon.skyatdawnlw.lite&feature=search_result

    Plume Widget for Twitter (free)

    Foursquare Widget (free)

    Accuweather Widget (free)

    I then have a block of 12 icons for my most used apps. Social media, email and multimedia.


  • http://twitter.com/tylerrobb Tyler Robb

    Homescreen 1

    I just installed CyanogenMod 7.1 Final today

    Manup's Simple Word Icons: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7361807&postcount=1

    Homescreen 2

    This one is CyanogenMod 7.0 Final

    Digital Clock Widget
    Circle Battery Widget
    Manup's Simple Word Icons

    I hide my status bar and icon labels on both wallpapers and use the 'swipe down' gesture to bring down my notifications.

    • ste_b

      What clock is that?

  • Jesus Otero

    I am using CM7.1 Stable running adw EX. My design is very simple, just shortcuts to my necessary apps with a transparent background behind them made using a blank Minimalistic Widget widget lol. The clock, day, and battery percentage are also made using Minimalsitic Widget along with the 'Swipe up to access apps.' sign since I hid my launcher. I found my wallpaper when I tried out a nnew launcher that changed my wallpaper and decided to stick with it. I do not remember what launcher it was, but will post back if I find anything. In my status bar I have the USB notification and EasyTether as I tether my Linux laptop. Thank you for reading, I hope I'm lucky enough to win! :D

    • Brandon

      Very nice Jesus. What device is this.

      • Jesus Otero

        Thank you very much! I have my old DROID Incredible. Really need to upgrade my device soon tho :/

    • Cameron Summerson

      Hell. Yes.

      This is hot.

      • Jesus Otero

        Lol. Thank you very much! :D

  • ste_b

    HTC Desire, CM7.1 SKANK Kang + notification bar tweaks
    CM7 theme Crystal
    ADW Theme cyan.....
    Battery info Widget
    Carbon wallpaper

    • Chris

      I'm looking in the Market and there's a lot of battery info widgets. Which one specifically did you use, and how did you get that sick looking setup?

  • ste_b

    HTC Desire, CM7 RC1
    CM7 Theme Orange Octane + basic morphs
    ADW Theme basic Orange
    WPL clock (less is more) lol
    Orange Android wallpaper from Zedge

    • Dan

      Not bad, looks themed. :)

    • Brandon

      Wallpaper is hot! I'm getting this one..thx

  • http://mortemtuam.weebly.com/ Alex Hernandez


    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
    ROM Mosaic VII

    -Fancy Widget Pro (clock and weather)
    -Gears Icon Set by Mortem Tuam
    -Custom Dock and AppDrawer Icon by Mortem Tuam

    Right Screen
    -Google Search Widget
    -Gears Icon Set by Mortem Tuam
    -Custom Dock and AppDrawer Icon by Mortem Tuam

    Left Screen
    -Pandora Widget
    -Anton's Calendar Widget
    -Slacker Radio Widget

    Lock Screen
    -Fancy Widget Pro
    -Widget Locker

    Wallpaper JackSkellington by Mortem Tuam

    I tried to include all the links to everything I am using but I was flagged as SPAM. So if anyone wants to know where I got stuff you an find me on Google Plus

  • Philosophics


    T-Mobile G2
    Rom: CyanogenMod 7.1.0 running on Tiamat Kernel

    Theme: Black Granite, one I've been in the process of making for quite some time now. I'm just so busy with work and life in general that I can't find time to finish it. It will be available to the public at some point in time though...

    ADW EX is my launcher of choice. Why? Because It's awesome.
    Main Dock: y0rk's Black Theme
    Icons: Sense ADW Theme

    Main dock has Phone (obvious), App drawer (obvious) and Handcent

    Wallpaper: MultiPicture Live Wallpaper. It's cool because I can have all the wallpapers I've acquired throughout the time I've been with Android and use them at random. Once the settings are to my liking, it's maintenance free. If I don't like the wallpaper it's chosen, all I have to do is double-tap the screen and it changes. I have it set up so it doesn't constantly change the wallpaper but once every 24 hours.

    Widgets starting from left to right...

    Screen one,
    Texts from last night (top)
    Scrollable News (middle)
    F*ck my life (bottom)

    Screen two,
    Engadget (top)
    Plume (bottom)

    Screen four,
    Weather & Toggle Widgets (top and middle)
    Android Agenda Widget (bottom)

    Screen five,
    Advanced Task Killer (top left)
    VNC Viewer (top middle left)
    SwiFTP (top middle)
    Supercam Pro (top middle right)
    Torch (top right)
    Red Render Effect (under torch)
    Tikl (under Red Render Effect)
    Circle Launcher (dead center)
    SetCPU (bottom left)
    Transdroid (bottom middle right)
    App Lock (bottom right)

  • http://linuxtracker.org Mark

    First Images is my Lock Screen: http://i.imgur.com/39Hyf.jpg

    Using widget locker

    Second image is my home screen, http://i.imgur.com/ujods.jpg

    On the home screen its LauncherPro, with minimaltext widget

    This is on an HTC Inspire with Virtuous Unity as the ROM.

    • Dan

      looking good there, man. :)

  • Munszu

    I can't apply from Hungary? :(
    That sucks. :/

  • Ryan

    Motorola Xoom Tablet
    Tiamat Rom v2.1.0
    Tachi Kernel gpuOC @ 1.7ghz

    I like to keep every thing running and looking simple so i have top bar and bottom notification/navigation bars hidden

    For/On all screens:
    -Cross Silhouette Livewallpaper
    -ADW Launcher with hidden top bar enabled
    -Tablet Bar Hider app enabled (hides --notification bar and stock honeycomb button navigations)
    -Virtual Button Bar-its retractable/expandable and replaces stock Honeycomb navigation buttons
    Screen 1
    HD Widgets clock
    Screen 2
    Resized Youtube widget
    Resized Bookmark widget
    Screen 3
    Wizz Widget Twitter
    Wizzz Widget Facebook
    Google Plus widget

  • http://vargus21.tumblr.com vargus21


    Droid X
    MIUI 1.9.23
    NeonBT theme
    Top battery bar
    Notification bar clock removed
    illest MIUI icon pack
    Minimalistic Text widget (time and date)
    Go Launcher EX
    Circle Launcher

    (old date is because I uploaded an old screenshot, has since been changed to Flyers logo)

  • David

    --CM7 w/theme GingerbreadZX
    --The notification I have is for Screebl Pro.
    --The time/date widget is BobClockD3.
    --Google Maps shortcut, along with 3 custom folders (Media, Social, Games) from the 'Application Folder' app (these are technically widgets)
    --Go Launcher EX w/default theme, which is themed by the CM7 Theme
    --On the dock is YouMail, GO Contacts, Go SMS, and Browser.

  • Marlon


    ROM: MIUI 1.9.30

    Launcher: Defauly MIUI Launcher with custom dock background

    Widget: Fancy Widget with the Androdena Galassia Weather skin and Cubes Clock skin

    • Brandon

      Is that a gmail icon. Either way, that's badass!

    • Brandon

      Is that a gmail icon. Either way, that's bada$s!

      • Marlon

        Thanks due. That is indeed my GMail icon. The dolphin is Dolphin Browser.

  • Russell Neal

    Romified's CM7/shiftaosp conversion MIUI on the thunderbolt
    Typoclock widget
    modified qqlauncher by romified(stock on this rom)
    Setcpu widget
    I'm the simple type, no ugly app icons for me.

  • eioous

    -HTC G2
    -ROM: Senseless Desire HD Sense 3.0 by Siulmagic
    -Launcher Pro Plus (Darkside of the Moon Wallpaper)
    -Beautiful Widgets: Naked Garemlin clock skin
    -Custom (Family GuyStar Wars) Dock Icons: message-phone-app drawer-internet-market
    -Custom Peter Griffin Words With Friends Icon

    • Capt-Capsaicin

      Those icons are to sweet! Love 'em.

    • Craig

      The Family Guy Star Wars icons are awesome

  • Drew

    I'm trying to post my submission with links to everything but I'm getting the "your post seems spammy" thing. Any help? Should I only include the screenshot? Thanks

    • Dan

      same, i don't feel like posting again until it is fixed, it took too long to find all that and type it out to just have nothing show up.

      • http://mortemtuam.weebly.com/ Alex Hernandez

        I had the same problem. I just put a notice that I was being flagged as SPAM at the end of my post. I also posted my G+ URL where I have all the links to everything on my screens.

  • Paramet3r


    -Galaxy S I9000
    -Miui 1.10.7
    -Stock Launcher with Chinese Theme and Icons (unable to decipher, sorry), Hive wallpaper, custom clock, and ROU IU lockscreen

    But until Saturday I had CM7 on it with Minimal Magic theme, elegant white Icons in the dock and a custom wallpaper:


  • http://d aaron

    http://imgur.com/a/jfQGW#1 3 images

    T-mobile Vibrant
    Stock MIUI launcher
    Widgets from left to right on all home screens,
    G+ icon (the 2.0 doesnt seem to have a widget)
    APW calendar
    Beautiful Widgets using spirelli-innocent skin
    Power Control
    global search
    talk killer and flash light icons
    MIUI music.

    Stock Sense 3.0 Naked

    Infinite 8.12.5

    Status Bar:
    Cotheks Phazed Orange

    Stock MIUI

    Pirate, found on Zedge.

    Boot Animation:
    MIUI Vortices

    • Maxan

      Hi aaron, I really like the simplicity of your home screen, looks very clean. Nice job.

  • Dan

    I can't post links to the things i used, because it says i am spamming, so i will just tell what they are.

    (album containing both pics)

    First pic is main home screen.

    I use Cyanogenmod 7 with the Androdian theme set. I Have Go Launcher EX with C.Black theme on it.

    The widgets on the first page:(Calendar, Email, Gallery, Camera), (Wifi toggle, Wifi hotspot toggle, 4G toggle), and sound toggle. Plus on the second page: (browser, Gmail, Google+, Market) were made by widgetsoid2.x.

    The clock on the second page was made by Make Your Clock Widget Beta.
    The standard google seach widget is on the second screen also.

    The Screen Filter widget is on the first screen also.

    The dock icon's I made from coloring other theme's icons.

    The background is a pic of me doing a backflip outside, and i think it looks good with a green theme.

    The notification bar includes a notification from AlarmDroid on my next alarm, and the pics were taken by Screen Grabber. I like how Cyanogenmod allows me to see the full battery percent next to the battery indicator.

    • MAXAN

      Hi dan, the link comes up with a message of file not found. Could you please reupload it.

    • Maxan

      Hi dan, that link is dead for some reason. Could you please reupload it.

  • Brandon


    Beautiful widgets
    wallpaper: batman arkham city taken from flikie hd app.

    • Brandon

      Aside from beautiful widgets, everything else is stock.

      Galaxy S2 - Sprint variant

  • http://www.mrchnd.com chris


    Phone: Droid Charge
    ROM: Gummy Charged GBE 2.0
    Launcher: Go Launcher
    Clock Widget: Fancy Widgets (transparent background)
    Wallpaper: Not really sure but I uploaded it to imgur if anyone wants it

    I'm running a single homescreen and single dock so everything is accessible without too much swiping. The icons not in the dock are Go Launcher folders (built into the launcher) with custom icons from the "Suave Icons" icon pack. From left to right: music apps, social apps, location apps, fitness apps, & camera apps.

    • MAXAN

      Single homescreen? dare I say you are not making full use of android lol, but it does look very clean and simple.

  • http://new.acperience.net Lawliet Chua


    Stock Launcher with Stock Honeycomb 3.2.1 ROM.

    HD Widget
    Digital World Clock Widget
    Pure Calendar Widget
    Extended Controlss
    Dual Battery Widget

    Everything else is stock.

    • Brandon

      Nice work bro! Can tell you put some work into it.

    • Maxan

      Oh this is heavenly. My fav tablet screen so far.

    • Maxan

      Oh this is heavenly. My favourite tablet screen so far.

  • Drew

    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ID4Ry.jpg
    ROM: Falcon Galaxy Touchwiz
    Tablet: Acer Iconia Tab a500
    Launcher: Stock
    -Weather: HD Widgets
    -Battery: Dual Battery Widget
    -System info: Elixir 2 Widgets
    -Circles: CircleLauncher Light
    App in notification bar: ClipIt - Clipboard Manager
    Wallpaper: Magic Smoke Livewallpaper (stock)

    Links to the other stuff can be offered per request since the spam filter won't allow me to post all the links.

  • Krismith


    - HTC EVO 4g (Rooted)
    - Stock Rom/Kernal
    - Go Launcher Ex (Blue musique theme)

    - Widgetsoid2.x (Clock/Power Control Bar)
    - https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jim2

    - Dolphin Browser HD
    (Disguised w/ Google Chrome Icon, Cyanogen theme)
    - Handscent sms
    - App drawer icon (ios theme)
    - Phone (Honeycomb theme)
    - Gmail (Honeycomb theme)
    - All themes are Go Launcher Ex themes

    -Flikie Wallpaper HD (Grungy Dark)

  • Jays2Kings


    Droid X, stock ROM, but with Droid 3/Bionic theme

    Using ADW Launcher, with Honeycomb theme dock

    Widgets (from left to right): Minimalistic Text, with custom font showing battery life and temp.; ICS Analog Clock, I can thank AP for that; mClock for easier date access.

    Wallpaper: Digital Hive, a live wallpaper.

    Icons (from left to right, not in dock): Dolphin Browser HD; Games (launches motorola's app drawer with games); Files; Settings (adds one less click).

    Also have Wave Launcher running in the background but with a hidden icon.

  • Aaron


    Adw launcher
    Minimalist text

  • http://dubqnp.dk dubqnp



    CF-rooted stock

    Blue Skies Live Wallpaper


    Beautiful Widget
    AdvancedClock Pro 4x1

    MortPlayer Widgets

    LauncherPro Friends

    Pure Messenger

    Scrollable News

    Pure Calendar
    Traffic Counter

    LauncherPro Messaging

    • http://dubqnp.dk dubqnp

      I forgot notifications:

      Screencast to record.

      My battery apparently wants to be sure i know its charged, so is there 2 times. hacked it with a xda thingy to show percentage (search i9100, battery & ki8 on xda to find it)

      USB connected (to charge it)

      WIFI on

      OK reception for hiding behind metallic blinds

      Battery A-OK! (again)

      I need to get up tomorrow (stock alarm)

      Is it that late? (stock time)

  • GraveUypo

    some really nice ones out there.

    i personally go for function over form... so much people actually nicknamed my pc desktop "airplane dashboard" because it has so many shortcuts and folders on the taskbar. my homescreens are just portable versions of it, except for the main homescreen which i like to leave clean.

  • Jamie-RaverX3X-Rootzwiki Dev


    Samsung Galaxy S4g (Rom Beautiful Sgs4g) -Rooted

    Homescreen 1
    power menu stock 2.3.5
    Edt Tweaks
    File Expert
    Titanium backup
    Chainfire 3d- not edited :P
    all 3 reskined In the rom

    Homescreen 2
    Miui Clock
    Stock navigaton theme included in rom
    Dark Plume Icons included in rom
    Gmail-stock Themed included in rom
    camara-stock themed included in rom
    camcorder-stock Themed included in rom
    Videos-stock-Themed included in rom
    gallery-stock-themed included in rom

    Homescreen 3
    Stock weather app-themed included in rom

    -Miui Music-included in rom with miui widget for homescreen

    All homes screens are using Adw Launcher reskined By RaverX3X-Included with rom
    Background Proided By The Art of Gregmartin

  • Austin C


    Phone: Optimus V
    ROM: IHO-CM7.1
    Theme Chooser Theme: MIUI by ZduneX25

    -Go Launcher EX
    - Custom Icons
    -mClock widget with MIUI skin
    -BeWeather Pro

  • http://about.me/shawns52 ShawnS


    Droid Charge, Verizon, Stock
    Launcher: Zeam

    Simple Calendar for the date + events
    Folder Organizer or all the icons. The colored icons are folders

    Wallpaper from here: http://www.supercutekawaii.com/2011/09/haunted-housework-tee

  • Capt-Capsaicin


    HTC EVO 4g
    SOS v1.9.0.3

    Beautiful Widgets
    Custom Texas Tech University Simple Elegance skin
    Haen Blockhead Weather skin

    SwitchPro Widget

    Not too fancy but it works for me.

    • Chris

      Reppin' the Red Raiders. Respect.

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter


    Nexus One
    Stock rooted GRK39F
    Beautiful Widgets
    SwitchPro Widget
    Apps Organizer folders
    APOD wallpaper (updated daily)

  • Reuben


    Epic 4G Touch
    Stock rooted
    ADLauncher EX
    Moon 3D widget
    Android Overclock Widget
    Battery Solo Widget Pro
    3.0 Honeycomb Clock
    DarkEdge Red (ADW Theme)
    Droid Charge Wallpapers App
    Widgetsoid2.x donate
    Widgetsoid Alternative Icons

    Battery Icon changed witn ROM Toolbox

  • Jaime P

    CM 7 w/ synergy theme
    Go launcher w chariot transition
    Beautiful Widgets
    3d cube icons
    simi folder (swipe action on each dock icon reveals an icon app grid)
    simple calendar
    gentle alarm

  • Jaime P


    CM 7 w/ synergy theme
    Go launcher w\ chariot transition
    Beautiful Widgets
    3d cube icons
    simi folder (swipe action on each dock icon reveals an icon app grid)
    simple calendar
    gentle alarm

  • http://ohlulz.com mike

    Rom : CM 7
    Launcher : Launcher Pro +(com.fede.launcher)
    TaskBar Widget : My Data Manager (com.mobidia.android.mdm)
    Widgets : mClock(com.marooned.mclock), Beautiful Widgets(com.levelup.beautifulwidgets)

  • Mike Saunders


    Samsaung Galaxy Captivate
    Stock Gingerbread Rooted

    LauncherPro Plus

    It is bacically a collage of Desktop VisualizeR Widegts each a shortcut to a different applications. The use of widget links allows for the overlaping of the images.

    I have edited the pictures for the links using Pixlr-o-matic to apply different frames and effects.

    The clock is Beautiful Widgets. The clock skin is Honeycomb. The weather skin is Vos-Metallic.

    The dock is from left to right
    -Next screen to the left
    -App Drawer
    -Next screen to the right

    The apps that are launched are:
    (Under the Clock)
    -Music Beta

    (On the page with Facebook)
    -Google Reader
    -Google Maps
    -Root Explorer

    (On the page with YouTube)
    -Battery Status
    -XDA Taptalk App
    -Score Mobile

    There is one other page to the right but it just contains the LauncherPro Plus Calendar Widget with the contrast skin.

    • http://www.gplus.to/8055 hkb

      Well, the shortcut images looks good, but the overlapping spoils it

      • Mike Saunders

        I'm sorry that you don't like it. But I was going for somthing different than the traditional rows or columns of icons. To me this illustrates the possiblities of Android as opposed to say IOS. To each his/her own I guess.

        • dan

          I particularly like the overlapping, and i am looking into the app just for that. :)

    • Dan

      Can you specifically tell me how you got your icons to overlap for each widget? I can't figure it out.

      • Mike Saunders

        Dan, it is by resizing the Desktop VizualizeR widgets using LauncherPro Plus. Also make sure that auto-fit icons option in LauncherPro is off. Then it is just a matter of resizing the widgets and getting a little creative. You will see as you start to change the widget sizes that they will overlap.

    • Carlos Paixao

      Loved it! Can you provide a .zip?

      • Mike Saunders

        A zip of what? The images that I used I could but the rest are parts of LauncherPro and Beautiful Widgets. In addition the organization of the Desktop VizualizeR widgets and their sizes are up to you.

        • Carlos Paixao

          Yes, these images... and if you'll got more cool images like these ones too! Thank you!

      • Mike Saunders

        A zip of the images, both clean and with the effects that I used can be found here.


    • Mike Saunders

      I forgot to mention I set the Homescreen Grid in LauncherPro to 10X10 that will help get the overlap effect.

  • http://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?7438-ROM-Cwm-BSGS4g-GB-2.3.5-KI3 Jamie-RaverX3X-Rootzwiki Dev

    forgot to add link .... sence post cant be edited ... there submited link


  • Bryan

    LET IT SNOW!!!!!!
    Running Samsung Galaxy S with Sensation rom By Crysis
    Things used as follow:
    Home Launcher : Go Launcher EX with K-PENGUIN Theme
    M-clock with cloudy skin
    Smooth Calender
    Screen Lock And Off Shortcut
    Colorize widget for twitter feeds
    PowerAmp Widget with black neon theme.
    SnowFlake Live Wallpaper
    Status bar = Default status bar that comes with the ROM + AudioManager Pro running in background

  • ati

    SGS with stock 2.2.1
    Launcher: ADW
    Dock: ADW Elegant with SimpText icons
    Icons: ADW Elegant
    Clock: ClocQ
    Calendar: Android Agenda Widget (with integrated Gtasks)
    an invisible shortcut to Screen Off and Lock, next to clock
    Wallpaper: Mosaic_160 from Zedge

  • Chris Banks


    ZTE Blade
    CM 7.1.0 nightly 220+
    ADW Launcher EX

    Theme: MIUI by Zdunex25

    Icons: Purity FS by lunardx

    Clock: mClock with theme http://chrisbanks2.deviantart.com/art/Rework-mClock-Theme-261528630

    Dock: http://chrisbanks2.deviantart.com/art/Striped-Docks-262296924

    Widgetlocker theme: http://chrisbanks2.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d466unp

    Was unable to supply all links due to comment being classed as too spammy.

  • ZRod


    Stock Motorola Photon on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
    Launcher: GoLauncher EX
    Wallpaper: Blink-182!!

    Widgets: Make Your Own Clock Widget Pro (Beta) and BeWeather
    When you click MYOCW it opens WeatherBug Elite (I like WeatherBug info better than BeWeather but BeWeather has a prettier widget)

    In statusbar (left to right): Last.fm, PowerAMP, WeatherBug Elite

    In the dock (left to right):
    Maps (swipe up for rich location - Motorola's version of Places);
    Market (swipe up for PowerAMP);
    Applications (Swipe up for GoDialer EX/GoContacts EX);
    Go SMS EX (Swipe up for GMail);
    Dolphin Browser HD (Swipe up for Foursquare)

  • Alex

    Desire GSM
    ROM: Oxygen 2.3.1
    Launcer: Zeam
    Widgets: Minimalistic Text
    Folder: SiMi - Folder
    Dock Icons: TallMin
    Other Icons: Codex
    Icons changed with Desktop Visualizer

  • Andreas Borgh


    ARHD Rom
    Ics clock and wallpaper.
    Battstat pro

  • Cheefoid


    Galaxy SII on Darkyrom2 Beta
    LauncherPro, with icons from "custom launcher icons" app
    Widgets: ubermusic, flashlight, screen saver, alarm droid, minimal text gaming buzz.

    Wallpaper; picture taken with the phone.

    Love this topic!! shows the many sides of customization that is possible.

  • http://wooptarik.free.fr Tarik


    Samsung Galaxy S I9000
    Rom: CM7 Latest Nightly
    Launcher Pro Plus
    Switch Pro Widgets
    Custom metro icons pack

  • kmiloco84

    Nexus One CM7
    ADW launcher (main dock style: None, hide status bar, swype up opens drawer, swype down shows notification)
    Simi clock widget
    Simi folder widget

  • Craig


    I have a thunderbolt running Bamf Forever

    Go Launcher

    I'm feeling Holloween-y hence the wallpaper, which I got from HD Best Wallpapers

  • broken

    http://imgur.com/a/oHOvy#3 (Just the main homescreen, rest are the other pictures in the album)

    Droid X Running CM4DX-GB
    JAMT-Black Flat theme
    ADW EX Launcher
    Colorize Widget
    Minimalistic Text Widget
    Phantom Music Control
    Desktop Visualizer
    Icons are Suave Icon Pack
    Wallpaper is from that ICS pack P3Droid released

  • Artur

    Galaxy Tab P1000, Stock Froyo ROM
    GO Launcher EX
    My Beach HD LWP
    FriendCaster and G+, Player Pro widgets

  • http://www.gplus.to/8055 hkb


    Samsung Galaxy S2

    wallpaper link - http://soundy.deviantart.com/art/End-Titles-Wallpaper-205885780

    Description in the pic

    PS- i am outside the eligibile country, but i wanted to participate anyway.
    Must say, very inspiring screens!!

  • Slighter

    Less is more kids
    Adw ex
    Circle battery widget
    Make your clock widget
    [IMG]http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/Slighter/1318462320567.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/Slighter/1318462367363.png[/IMG]

  • WormDoes

    Completely agree with less is more. This is mine.

    CM7.1.1 on Thunderbolt
    LP+ 9x10
    Desktop Visualizer


  • Jacob


    One of my screens of 7.

    Nexus One CM7.1
    LauncherPro Plus
    Faenza ADW/LP Theme Icons
    Linear Theme (for CM Theme Manager)

    Ice cream Sandwich Music app

    Wisconsin State Capital and Overture Center from State St.

  • Kree Terry


    rom: miui defx 1.10.7
    launcher: go launcher ex
    all text widgets are from minimalist text
    icons are from the vexillum icon theme
    wifi tether is running (sorry lol)
    if anyone wants the wallpaper lemme know

  • http://nightmareic.deviantart.com/ Nightmareic


    - Widgetlocker with XDEEP's slider (found on XDA forums)
    - Minimalistic Text

    - MIUI default launcher
    - Icons from the online MIUI theme gallery (Name is in Chinese)
    - Reddit, Facebook, and Google Talk icon made by me
    - Wallpaper: http://skm-industries.deviantart.com/art/BLR-26-Wallpaper-pack-180746124

    - Droid 2 Global
    - Gingerbread 607 leak
    - MIUI Rom (1.9.23)

  • http://ph0enyx.de Phoenyx

    Hi this is my Screen:

    CM7.1 on LGOB SelfKang7
    with Ubuntu Theme


    Theme Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ryanolson.adw.ubuntu

  • Dylan


    Phone: Atrix 4G
    ROM: CyanogenMod 7
    Launcher: Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher
    Widgets: Ice Cream Sandwich clock, Minimalistic Text, Battery Widget
    Wallpaper: Galaxy Nexus wallpaper
    Apps in Notification bar: Juice Defender Ultimate, Weatherbug Elite

  • Blake


    Phone: HTC Evo 4G (Supersonic)

    ROM: Supersonic3D RC1
    HTC Sense 3.5
    Honeycomb Theme flashed through recovery
    Kernel: 0.9 Aggressive Freedom

    Beautiful Widgets


    Notification Bar
    HTC Stock Music

  • Dust

    ROM: Cyanogenmod 7.0
    Launcher: LauncherPro Plus
    Wallpaper: Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper
    Widgets: Weather- Beautiful Widgets
    Clock- Digital Clock Widget
    In the dock (left to right): 1)Press: Dialer/Swipe up: Contacts 2)Press: Camera/Swipe up: Gallery 3)Press: App Drawer/Swipe up: Manage Applications 4)Press: Browser/Swipe up: Google Maps 5)Press: Text Messages/Swipe up: Emails
    3 Home Screens Total: Left screen: Calendar & events Right screen: Music widgets & shortcuts

  • fganime


    http://imgur.com/vCsDu -Main

    http://imgur.com/GqZBg -To the Right

    http://imgur.com/6h8pK -To the Left

    CM7 Nightly 220 On SuperSonic 4g

    Adw launcher using WP7 Lock

  • Vaibhav


    ROM: MIUI (v2.3.5a)
    Launcher: LancherPro
    Wallpaper: Fox Racing_40
    Widgets: Beautiful Widgets
    Desktop Visualizer
    Player Pro
    MIUI Notes
    Notification App: ZDBox

  • Elimental

    Seeing that I can not win, not in a supported country I can at least give some ideas ;)

    HTC Desre HD


    All the links is in the Info section of the video as it marks it here as Spam :(

  • Justin

    http://imgur.com/a/HljwC (from left to right, 1-2-3 where 2 is the standard one)
    Samsung Galaxy S II (Europe - I'm coming from The Netherlands)
    CyanogenMod 7.1.0 stable version
    GO Launcher EX
    1st screen:
    GO Switch Widget
    all my common used Apps
    2nd screen:
    Simple Calendar Widget
    Minimalistic Text (information about my battery)
    Minimalistic Text (information about the time, place of being and weather)
    3rd screen:
    Google Search Widget
    Music and SoundCloud Apps
    CyanogenMod Music Widget
    Well, I've only had the Samsung Galaxy S II since 12 October 2011 (my birthday) and started modding as a freak! Well, I think this is actually very good for a noob in modding. Also I've had the iPhone 3G and 3GS for 3 years and damn, I love android!

  • Alex
  • andddlay

    Here's my submission :)
    Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4g Touch
    ROM: EG30-Stock-deodox (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1284511)
    Theme: Nothing But the Honey (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1281847)
    Go Launcher Ex with FutureWorld theme (wallpaper came with this theme)
    Widgets: Beautiful Widgets SuperClock 2x1 (w/ Bluneon theme), Beautiful Widgets Weather 4x1 (w/ Celf Theme), 2x Flashlight widgets
    Apps in Notification Bar: Juice Defender, Weather Bug
    Added in a picture of my notification bar (from Nothing But the Honey theme).

    • andddlay

      I realize that I failed at blocking my city name lol. w/e

  • Brandon

    iphone 4S UI on the Samsung GS2 using Espier Launcher 2.1


  • STiK

    Home - http://i.imgur.com/mE5JG.png

    Widgets n Apps - Simple Text, System Info, and Spotify.
    Screebl, Trillian, and Go Launcher EX.

    Droid 3 running Steel Droid and the ICS Bionic theme
    which I have modified and recompiled framework files
    for the D3.

    Steel Droid - http://goo.gl/8GbtS
    ICS Bionic - http://goo.gl/P5axT

  • mkln

    Homescreen: http://i.imgur.com/xr4ME.png

    on HP Touchpad running Cyanogenmod 7 Alpha1 with Minimal Magic theme.

    text folders made with custom icons and simi folder

    advanced clock widget

    simi clock widget.

    still a work in progress :P

  • Danijel


    Widgetlocker: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker
    Phantom Music Control:
    Fancy Widget Pro: kicked from Amazon and Android market

    Wallpaper: Blue drops from Zedge
    Launcher: LauncherPro Plus

  • Ben Avery


    CM7 Nightly
    Launcher Pro Plus with custom app drawer
    Desktop Visualizer
    Icons from MIUI SWG Theme


    Minimalistic text for clock and date
    OneSeven for days of the week

    Unknown source for the wallpaper http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee279/wiiija/new.jpg

  • Dragonithe

    Keeping it simple.


    HTC Desire

    MIUI XJ A2SD 1.10.14


    Digital clock (2x1)
    Palmary weather (2x1, no bg)
    Built in calender tile


  • Carlos Paixao

    Minimalist Screen - Workscreens are made to widgets only, not for icons shortcuts!
    Stock Rom Gingerbread
    Launcher Pro, transparent dock background and text icons set.
    Hellfire.jpg Wallpaper
    Eset Icon on status bar
    "Plane" Font.

    Arc Digital Clock
    Google Search
    Google Docs
    PowerAMP Player
    Smartlock App
    Shortcuts added for favorites contacts also. ;)

  • DRod

    Here's my posting:


    Let me know know you think!

  • http://amr.shanaah.com Nizar Samir


    Samsung GS2 Stock ROM

    1. Stock Power Saving
    2. Dual Analogue clock

    Notification bar:
    Sipddroid ( Green dot)
    Alarm Clock Plus

  • Drew Jackson

    Stock Evo 3D.
    Go Launcher EX
    Desktop Visualizer with "Blawb" icons from deviantart.
    Minimalist Text Preferences
    Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpapers by P3Droid
    Lockscreen widget by Android in Spain.

  • Kyle


    Hardware: HTC EVO 4G
    ROM: CyanogenMod 7.1

    Homescreen: Launcher Pro
    Folders: Folder Organizer
    Icons: http://launcherpro.droidic​on.com/
    Clock/Weather Widget: Fancy Widget Pro (w/MIUI skins)
    Live Wallpaper: PSP Style from Sony Xperia Play
    Calendar/Agenda: Jorte

    • Jay W.

      That looks real nice Kyle!

  • Visual Perfection

    Here is my beauty:

    -HTC Incredible
    -Launcher Pro (wallpaper scrolling)
    -Beautiful Widgets
    -Circle Battery Widget
    -Extended Controls
    -Minimalistic Text

    Would appreciate feedback!

  • http://d aaron

    Today's launcher setup


    Tmobile Vibrant, rooted and OC'ed 1.2 GHz

    Latest MIUI with MIUI Enhancer v3.0 and extended settings

    5 colors lock screen

    Stock MIUI launcher

    Home Sceen Wallpaper
    Fall_30.jpg found on Zedge

    Widgets from left to right:
    APW Calendar
    Beautiful Widgets, Spirelli-innocent clock skin, MIC_Weather weather skin
    Global search
    Power control
    Task Killer
    Flash Light
    MIUI music

    Bottom 3 shortcuts are Phone, App drawer (folder), and Dolphin MINI

  • http://justreveal.blogspot.com kgill7

    Screens: http://i.imgur.com/PYJd5.jpg
    *LG G2x
    *Widgetlocker:Glassy Theme
    *Minimalistic Text: Pixel Font
    *Analog Clock Mod
    *mClock: Illest Calendar Mod(NFR)-at the moment
    *LauncherPro 10x10
    *Illest Theme
    *Illest Icons
    *Multi-Picture Live Wallpaper
    *Icons are embedded into the wall
    *This is not Miui, this is OMFGB Rom, i made it look like Miui!

  • http://tsuntsun.de/wallpaper tsuntsun

    Asus Transformer TF101

    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/QzW8d
    Wallpaper: http://imgur.com/CGYi6

    Beautiful Widgets
    Folder Organizer
    Dual Battery Widget
    Minimalistic Text
    Phantom Music Control
    Quick Boot
    AudioManager Pro
    Auto Airplane Mode

  • http://tsuntsun.de/wallpaper tsuntsun

    Sorry, new Screenshot.
    The last one was the wrong one.

  • Chris


    Droid Bionic, Liberty ROM, Go Launcer/ICS Theme, Extended Controls Widget, Desktop Visualizer for the custom Google search bar.

    • tomkins

      with the desktop visualizer, ur not able to make the voice command button responsive, are you?

  • The Phantom

    Phone: HTC Evo 4G
    ROM: MikG 2.56 (themikmik.com)
    Kernel: Chopsuey (on xda developers)
    Recovery: Amon_RA v2.3 Haus Mod
    Hardware: 0003
    Wallpaper: Gradient Blue and Gray

    Homescreen (Notification Bar):
    K9 Mail, Gmail, NAB (You Need a Budget)

    Beautiful Weather, Godville, ScoreMobile, Handcent, Screen Off, Circle Widgets x 3, Battery Monitor Widget, Pulse Widget

    Circle Launcher (starting from the top):
    Titanium Backup, SpareParts, SetCpu, Root Explorer, My Backup Root, CacheMate, Google Authenticator, App Protector

    SplashID, RealCalc, ESPN Fantasy Football, AppBrain, You Need a Budget, Tapatalk

  • The Phantom

    Tablet: HP Touchpad
    ROM: Cyanogen Mod 7


  • Smalls

    My simple home:

    HTC Evo 3D

    ROM: CleanRom 2.5SP1

    Launcher Pro Plus

    Fancy Widget Pro w/ "Paint Clock" skin and "Grunge Weather" skin.

    SwitchPro Widget

    I keep all my most used apps on the bottom menu as you can rotate 15 of them. I also use the swipe feature to access more apps by swiping up on certain app icons.

  • http://krhainos.tk krhainos


    Things I used:
    [Lockscreen] Ripple Lock by Nanoha from Market (modified the XML)
    [Lockscreen] custom background ;P
    [Status bar] mostly stock Gingerbread, modified some of the glyphs
    [Font] Nokia Sans
    [Launcher] LauncherPro from Market
    [Icon set] Honeycomb LPP Icon Pack from Market
    [Dock] Grabbed a bunch of Palm webOS/Pre icons
    [Widget] stock Google search bar
    [Widget] Smoked Widgets from xda-developers
    [Widget] White LED click by Netashare from Market

    • http://krhainos.tk krhainos

      Forgot to mention this is a Nexus One running CM7 Stable 7.1

  • http://gplus.to/brxdlxy brxdlxy

    CM7 (on nexus one)
    with Minimalist Metal theme

    Notifications from Gmail, ROM Manager and Titanium Media Sync

  • nerdshowandtell

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    ADWLauncher EX
    HD Widgets
    Google Voice Widget
    Pure Calendar (Agenda) Widget
    Touchdown Email Counter Widget
    AudioProfile Widgets
    Launcher Dock from ADWLauncher EX
    Live Wallpaper - Digital Hive
    Under the hood - its just the default / non -rooted TouchWiz UI install.

  • http://@kirchhosaurius kirchhosaurius


    Device: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100

    Theme: Go Launcher EX

    Live Wallpaper: Galactic Core

    Active Widgets: GoWidget Task Manager, Pocket Blonde, Foursquare, Engadget, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Search,WinAmp.

    Shotcuts in Main Screen: Angry Birds (Classic, Season, Rio, Rio Unlocked), WhatsApp, Android Market, Google Translator, FM Radio, File Explorer, Cam, Streaming Canal Caracol, G+, SamsungApps.

    Not Rotted =)

  • https://www.facebook.com/cheetoresidue Cheeto

    Stock Evo 3d
    Launcher is ADW EX hid the notification bar for a cleaner look.
    Using Wave Launcher ( Hidden shortcut dock bar) as well as the adw hidden dock bar for extra shortcuts
    Wall Paper is from Flickr

  • https://www.facebook.com/cheetoresidue Cheeto

    Stock Evo 3d
    Clock Widget is from beautiful widgets
    Launcher is ADW EX hid the notification bar for a cleaner look.
    Using Wave Launcher ( Hidden shortcut dock bar) as well as the adw hidden dock bar for extra shortcuts
    Wall Paper is actually live wall paper called chroma wave

  • joasjobl


    HTC Desire
    ADW Launcher (the one bundled with CM)

    life.contacts beta
    Simi clock
    Circle launcher (wooden icons)
    Scrollable news
    Wallpaper came with the Sense Glass ADW Theme, as did the icons except the wooden ones. Got those off some thread on XDA if I recall

  • Xal


    Samsung Galaxy S II
    LeoMar75 Revolution 2.7.1

    Wallpaper : Batman found on the web
    Locker Theme : zz.meets.game-over (xda)

    Wallpaper : Found on the web
    minimalistic text
    Analog Clock Collection
    Dockbar : dreamlyfe.lux

  • Zach


    Motorola Droid Bionic


    Launcher Pro

    Minimalistic Text Widget
    1. Time (12h)
    2. Date (Text)

    Found on stumbleupon.com

  • http://SPOOLEDUPRACING.COM Aaron Ferguson

    Todays look :)


    Tmobile Vibrant, rooted and OC'ed 1.2 GHz
    Latest MIUI with MIUI Enhancer v3.0 and extended settings
    Orange MIUI slider
    Stock MIUI launcher
    Home Sceen Wallpaper
    olorful 46 found on Zedge
    Widgets from left to right:
    APW Calendar
    Minimalistic Text
    ICS Google search
    Power control
    Task Killer
    Flash Light
    MIUI music
    Bottom 3 shortcuts are Phone, App drawer (folder), and Dolphin MINI

  • http://mortemtuam.weebly.com/ Alex Hernandez

    Haven't seen a winner yet....and I changed my home screen so thought I'd re-post.
    Samsung Captivate
    ROM Mosaic VII
    -Fancy Widget Pro (clock and weather)
    -Gears Icon Set by Mortem Tuam
    -Custom Dock and AppDrawer Icon by Mortem Tuam
    -Custom Wallpaper Mortem Tuam
    Lock Screen
    -Fancy Widget Pro (small clock)
    -Widget Locker
    -Custom Wallpaper Mortem Tuam
    -Custom Sense slider for Widget Locker Mortem Tuam

  • Chris

    Hello All,

    Here is the link to my home screens; there are three:


    Let's start with the top. In the notification bar is the temperature from the weatherbug app. I also have an invisible icon for Perfect AppLock!. The first screen is using the SiMi Clock widget. That is all. I like to keep my main screen clean to show off my background. We'll get to that in a moment. The second screen has one widget as well: Bible Verse of the Day. The third screen has the simple calendar widget and the stock picture frame widget with my beautiful wife :-).

    I rock a Nexus S for Tmobile. I've used so many different launchers including ADW Ex and Launcher 7 (I have layouts for those too), but the annoying thing is that no one can get the 3d app drawer to run as smooth as the hardware accelerated one on the stock launcher. It shouldn't bug me but it does. Now the wallpaper is a custom made one. I loved the episodes with Mint-Berry Crunch from South Park so I found a background with him and cropped him out on a pure black background. The SuperAMOLED is so beautiful when showing (or rather not showing) off blacks. Thanks so much!

  • New_Guy

    Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/i4Yb6
    ROM: CyanogenMod-7.1.1-Thunderbolt
    Phone: HTC Thunderbolt
    Launcher: LauncherPro Plus (Paid)
    Widgets: Fancy Widgets (Clock and weather)
    Wallpaper: IceCreamSandwich by P3Droid (6th WP from the left
    Theme: ICS_Alpha_2 (by Sonnysekhon: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1310925)
    Lock Screen: MagicLocker (Android 4 Free theme).
    Icons: By Batting1000 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1306594)
    I literally tried to make my TBolt look as much like the Galaxy Nexus as possible. As you can see by my screenshots, I came about as close as one could hope on a Tbolt.

    • New_Guy

      I also have a CBS News widget and Google Search widget loaded on the home screen.


    • Keith

      How did you get magiclocker to work with CM7? Once I powered off my phone I could'nt get it back on. I ended up using a morph the the ring unlock.

      • New_Guy

        I am using CM7.1 if that matters...I'm not really sure...It just worked for me.

        I did set it as my default lockscreen if that makes a difference.

        • Keith

          Yea i am on CM7.1 also on the at&t SGSII. I have not had any luck with running custom lockscreens with CM7.1. I'm sure there is some setting I am missing, but I found a morph for the ring lockscreen so it's all good now. Thanks for the reply.

  • Arizone


    EP3HA leaked Gingerbread ROM for Droid Charge

    +Ice Cream Sandwich theme, only using the icons
    Stock apps in dock

    Minimalistic Text widget, currently set to open WeatherPro

    Wallpaper: http://javitops.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3jbn8y

    Additional screens irrelevant.

  • x


    first one is my primary home screen w/

    pure calendar widget
    zeam launcher
    'no wallpaper' via cm 7.1

    second screen w/

    spotify and stock weather widget

    last one is my lockscreen w/

    minimalistic txt
    missed it! for the phone call and txt's

  • http://twitter.com/samdrake112 Sam Drake


    ROM: Cyanogen Mod 7 for atrix
    Theme: Red Remix cm7
    Widgets: analouge clock, Weather, News, 2x strobe and ATK
    Wallpaper:Nexus Wallpaper
    Launcher: Stock cm7 (CUSTOM ADW)
    NotificationBar:All the standard stuff but with battery percentage and time with pm

  • Justified


    ROM: CM

    Phone: Nexus S 4G

    Launcher: Go Launcher EX with "Ice Cream Sandwich (theme)"

    CM7 Theme: ICS Alpha 3

    Search Widget is "Tiwiz ICS Search Bar"

    Ice Cream Sandwich Ring Lock MOD

    Text is roboto, it was changed with "Font Installer *Root*"

    Wallpaper is in the "Ice Cream Sandwich (theme)".

  • Angelo

    Hey guys heres my entry!


    It thinks this is spammy, so full details here!


    • New_Guy

      Nicely done :-).

  • http://mindseed.co.za mindseed

    My custom Theme. Android Vending Machine using the GoLauncher Home Replacement app.


    The Clock Widget is "Simple Clock" and the task manager widget is from GoDev team.

  • Keith
  • scanie


    Phone: SGS2

    ROM: Dlev 3.0 (awesome ROM)

    Launcher: GoLauncher EX

    Icons: Suave

    The dock and status bar remain hidden until I slide up/down on the home screen.

  • Haxor

    Stylish, simple and uncluttered home screen.

    Smartphone: Motorola Defy (rooted & OC'ed 1GHz)

    Rom: Stock

    - Free
    - typographic time/date widget)
    - 4x2 screen layout
    - AU$3.40
    - Windows Phone 7-style music player
    - 4x1 screen layout

    Camera ZOOM FX
    - AU$4.62
    - Best camera app available

    Notification Bar:
    Facebook Notification
    - Free

    Lookout Security & Antivirus
    - Free

    Screenshot It
    - AU$3.85

    SetCPU for Root Users
    - AU$1.99
    - Have it working in conjunction with milestone overclock with profiles set from 300mhz-1000mhz

    I found this wallpaper by just doing a random google search, and decided it looked cool. The wall paper is called "Colorful Android Wallpapers 03".

    I have tested ADW.Launcher, LauncherPro and Zeam in the past, and have decided that Go Launcher is the best option. It performs faster and isn't plagued by frequent crashes I experienced with ADW.Launcher and LauncherPro. It also is much more customisable in my opinion than the other alternatives, with many unique features.

    GO Launcer EX (free)

  • LizA


    ROM: Stock
    Launcher: GoLauncher EX

    Wallpaper: Best Matrix Live WallpaperA.O.I Studio

    Page 1:
    -Beautiful Widgets: Time and Weather widget
    -PhoneUsage Pro widget for Data
    -Speaktoit Assistant widget called Sam
    -GO Search Widget

    -GO Calendar Widget
    -Beautiful Widgets: Battery
    -Simple Moon Phase Widget

    Page 3
    - Google+
    - Pulse
    -Dolphin Browser™ HD
    - Google Music Widget

  • Bas

    ROM: Stock Android 3.2.1
    Standard Launcher
    Beautiful Widgets Clock
    Beautiful Widgets Battery
    ASUS E-Mail
    ASUS Time
    Notification bar icons: Music Playing, ASUS Keyboard Dock
    Wallpaper: NASA Clouds of Perseus
    Device: ASUS Transformer TF101

  • Angelo

    Hey! Updating my previous entry because I added a video of it in action.


    The video's a bit low quality, but at least it's shot from the phone itself.

    Rest of my information is on my Google + post


    Thanks for holding this contest!

  • http://www.artywah.info artywah

    I have only had the Galaxy SII for 2 weeks & it's my 1st Android device.

    I got the spammy post message. SO here is my entry on G+


  • Carlos

    Smartphone: HTC Evo running cm 7.1.0
    -Lockscreen: MagicLocker Android 4.0 theme (Thanks Artem for the recommendation)
    -T-mobile theme: Matted Blues
    -Launcher: Launcher pro w/matted blues theme
    -Icons ripped from matted blues theme chooser apk
    - widgets :google voice, beautiful widgets (matted blues superclock/normal weather), Root call blocker, gtasks, shortcut to google tv remote and unified remote app.
    -Argyle Wallpaper from matted blues xda thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=768848

  • Zandra

    Phone: Bionic
    ROM: Moto(Not)Blur
    Launcher: ADW EX
    -Dock Bar/Icons: Honeycomb/ICS theme
    Main Icons: ADW Sexy Girl HD
    Wallpaper: "Captive" - found on Flikie
    -Set to not scroll with screens

    Page 1 (Left Screen)
    Soundhound Infinity Widget

    Page 2 (Home Screen)
    Beautiful Widgets Superclock - Honeycomb theme
    Gf's contact shortcut :)

    Page 3 (Right Screen)
    Power Widget (paid)

    Widgetlocker - Moto theme
    -Left tab: Unlock
    -Right tab: Camera ZOOM FX
    Widgetlocker Battery/Alarm
    Beautiful Widgets Superclock - Honeycomb theme
    Power Widget
    -Airplane Mode


  • NuLL.n.VoiD


    Motorola Droid Bionic - Rooted

    ROM: [R3]BLURR3D V2.0 PBX

    Notification Bar:
    Juice Defender Ultimate

    Beautiful Widgets
    - SuperClock 4x2
    - Clock Skin: bracketed_LX by Ron Huber
    - Weather Skin: Vos-Glass Opaque by Vostradamus

    Google Talk

    Stock Moto
    - Dialer
    - Messaging
    - Google Reader

    Home Screen
    Koi LWP
    - Sea Floor background
    - All custom fish
    - Rain speed set to 1
    - Plants added

    I like a nice clean screen.

  • Theodor Hellesvik


    Go Calendar
    Widgetsoid (customized to my needs)

    Beautiful Widgets with ICS-skin

    Widgetsoid again
    PlayerPro music widget
    Colornote and ligux tools

    My launcher is Go Launcher EX and I use Suave Theme.

  • Genetic Bloom


    Nexus S 4G - Stock

    Launcher: GoLauncher EX

    Clock widget: Clockr

  • Michael


    Droid X - Rooted

    Launcher: Stock

    Home Screen widgets:
    - BeWeather Pro widget
    - Desktop VisualizeR

    Game Screen widgets:
    - CircleLauncher

    Media Screen widgets:
    - Audio Manager
    - Amazon MP3

    - Alien Skins Wallpaper

  • Josh


    Galaxy s 2 - Rooted, running Cognition 1.51

    Launcher: Go EX, with Go Launcher EX Notification

    Home Screen widgets:
    ~ Advanced clock widget pro (Pressing numbers on the clock opens up assigned apps)
    ~ My Data Manager Free
    ~ SetCPU
    ~ Elixir Widget
    ~ Watchdog Lite
    ~ Multicon

    I do have two more screens to the sides, one contains a calender widget and the other has a PlayerPro widget.

    It also may look cluttered, but for me this provides a high level of functionality as it has everything that I use on a daily basis in one place.


  • http://www.sndplace.com SNDplace
  • hernan


    Samsung Captivate
    Phoenix Rom 2.2

    Launcher Pro Plus

    Desktop Visualizer
    simple status widget
    simi clock
    agenda widget
    extended controls

    Im using drocap to capture my screenshot

    the wallpaper a plain black wallpaper

    this is a theme trying to emulate the windows phone tiles but in a horizontal scrolling.

  • hernan078


    Samsung Captivate
    Phoenix Rom 2.2

    Launcher Pro Plus

    Desktop Visualizer
    simple status widget
    simi clock
    agenda widget
    extended controls

    Im using drocap to capture my screenshot

    the wallpaper a plain black wallpaper

    this is a theme trying to emulate the windows phone tiles but in a horizontal scrolling.

  • ErOR


    HTC Desire HD

    ROM: CyanogenMod v7.1.0 (2.3.7)

    Notification Bar:
    - Viber
    - Widget Locker
    - Quick System Info

    Launcher: Go Launcher EX (ICS Theme)

    Home Screen widgets:
    - Glass Widgets Clock

    Left Screen widgets:
    - PowerAmp Player
    - Last.FM
    - Glass Widgets News
    - Audio Manager

    Right Screen widgets:
    - PowerControl
    - CurrentWidget
    - SetCPU
    - Tapatalk
    - G+

    Wallpaper and Theme:
    - CM7 Wallpaper
    - ICS Theme

    - Widget Locker (ICS Style Theme)

  • Maxan

    (All 3 screens in one)

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2

    I've tried every single launchers out there but I though the stock TW laucher was the best. Only thing that came close was GoLauncher.

    Widgets on screen:

    Days left = Simply amazing, very useful (as a student) and looks stunning on my super AMOLED plus display.

    Goweather/time widget = two in one therefore a must have! no need to have a clock icon.

    PlayerPro = Best music player on android.

    Wallpaper = one of the nexus stock wallpapers.

    I have google agendaon screen no1 but could not show it due to the rules(3 screens)

    sms = GO sms pro with skype

  • Balltongue
  • Robert Garner


    Phone: Droid
    ROM: CyanogenMod 7.1
    Wallpaper: http://imgur.com/5HxQo
    Widgets: MClock
    Launcher: ADW
    Icons: AndoidPhone7 ADW Theme

  • Daniel


    Phone: Galaxy S II
    Stock ROM
    Wallpaper: honeycomb free live wallpaper
    Default touchwiz widgets for weather/photo
    Go launcher ex
    Goal.com widget
    Minimalistic text widget

    • Daniel

      Forgot to add in *pie chart battery

  • Abhinav


    We Scream For ICEscream ROM by Drew Garen.

    • Chris

      The "Social" and "Google Apps" widgets, are they available as icons somewhere? Android really only cleaned up Circle Launcher with this feature, and I'd love to use it myself.

      • Abhinav

        This is the Icescream Sandwitch rom by Drew Garen , its not a launcher . its android 4.0 sdk port

  • Alex



    Phone:Inspire 4G

    Launcher: ADW Launcher

    ROM:Cyanogenmod 7.1 (ICS Themed through Theme Chooser)

    Widget(s): WidgetLocker, Google Search.

    • Chris

      Love the home screen. That background is very fun.

  • http://imgur.com/bjifd Reuben


    Rooted Stock ROM, waiting for CM7
    Honeycomb clock paid
    widgetsoid 2.x donate
    Minimalistic Text
    background http://imgur.com/VRfpH
    dark edge icons
    ADW EX
    Simple Text free upgrading later
    Moon 3D paid
    Battery Solo widget paid

  • afriendgaveittome


    LG Optimus V
    BobZ ROM
    Simple Text icons
    ADW Launcher
    Note Widget Free (not atm)

    enjoy :]

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