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The next Nexus device, at least unofficially dubbed the Prime, has been very highly anticipated, especially as the scheduled reveal (originally October 11th) neared. Unfortunately, the announcement has been postponed due to the passing of Steve Jobs, and is now reportedly scheduled for October 27.

The Prime is rumored to pack some serious power, packing anything from a 1.2 - 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, a high-end 5MP-8MP camera, 1GB of RAM, a fairly large (4.3" - 4.65") screen packing a 1280x720 resolution, and perhaps most notably, will usher in the next iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

So, this weekend's question: are you holding out for the Prime? As always, sound off in the poll below and head down to the comments to discuss.

Are You Waiting For The Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime To Upgrade Your Phone?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • tehsusenoh

    Well, I got a Bionic a month ago, it's too late now.

    • Emceeaye

      Hi, I have been awaiting the release of the Samsung galaxy as 2/Hercules for some months now. I have been hearing about the impending release of the Nexus prime, however. I have been using an iPhone 3Gs for the last two years, and have been very annoyed with being unable to get 3G or 4G speeds using T-Mobile, which is my carrier. Does it make sense to wait for a Nexus prime version that would work with T-Mobile that would get 3G or 4G speeds, or get the Samsung galaxy s2(Hercules) when it comes out tomorrow? Why or why not? Any insight into this will go a long way for me.

      Thanks in advance.

      • chang3d

        The Nexus Prime is guaranteed to not have HSPA+ 42 Mbps. So you should just get the Galaxy SII Hercules for T-Mo if mobile speed is a higher priority for you than screen resolutions.

    • CactusCat

      It's not too late. Just plan on putting the Bionic on craigslist when the Nexus appears, sell it, add a few bux and buy the Nexus. Easy peasy.

    • alex

      Sell that crap....nexus wayy better

  • http://www.chromebookguru.net Jason Chapman

    It won't be on US Cellular most likely, so sadly my answer is no.

    • gpmoo7

      Nexus phones are unlocked so you can use them on any compatible carrier.

      • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

        They are GSM unlocked. Most likely no dice. USCC is a CDMA network. US Cellular is a great network, but their phone selection is depressing.

        • Paul

          The Nexus Prime is coming out for Verizon first, so it'll be a CDMA device. Can USCC reprogram/convert Verizon phones like MetroPCS and PagePlusCellular can?

        • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

          I don't know for sure if they can, but I don't think so. US Cellular isn't a pre-paid carrier.

  • Matt

    Is there a way for you to upgrade early but without paying the retail price of the phone? I think i want the Nexus Prime from verizon but not due up for 4 months.

    • http://twitter.com/scififan2715 Aaron B

      I'm in the same situation, but I (vaguely) remember reading something about a special deal vzw might do. I'm not hopeful, but anything's possible.

    • Zac

      If you are the primary user on an account you can upgrade you can upgrade every 12 months. The pricing would be based on a new 2 year contract plus $20 for using an early upgrade. Also, you can only do it in Verizon retail stores or Verizon online.

    • iSlackerz

      I'm fairly certain with Verizon (like all carriers) you get a new phone, at the fully subsidized price, at 21 or 22 months.

  • Matthew4295

    I am afraid of the battery life....

  • JimJam

    Even in death Steve manages to stick it to Android haha, bless him

    • frozenmonkey

      Depends on price...

  • Gordz

    I'll need to see things like an NFC chip and HDMI out (separate to the charging plug) before I upgrade from my Nexus One.

  • Shamalama

    Was waiting for something like this to upgrade my original Droid with. That is a yes indeed.

  • carlos

    I'm waiting to see two things before buy a new phone.
    1 - Nexus prime specs
    2 - When Atrix or Galaxy II wil get ICS.
    These two items wil lead my decision in the next weeks.

  • Mark

    I want this phone so badly! If it does not come to Sprint by Christmas though, I'm getting the SGSIIET4G

  • http://royblumenthal.com Roy Blumenthal

    Samsung Note for me, please.

    • Edd

      Samsung Note for me too...!

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    SGS2 or Amaze is next on my list. Not switching to Verizon for that one. I might get the Prime if and when it lands on T-Mobile.

  • me

    My contract goes up for renewal in about a week and I have 3 months to pick my phone. Ditching my iPhone4 for either the SGS2 or Prime. Waiting for specs before I decide.

    • CactusCat

      Exactly what I'm doing, Mr. me. (?) me is a strange nick.. I'm going to compare the two and then make a decision based on specs and performance. Well stated and very wise. "You have chosen wisely".... my apologies to Indy Jones fans.

  • Jaime

    I've been waiting to have a Nexus since the N1. The reveal of the N1 was the first I've heard of Android and I was doing Google searches literally everyday for any Verizon N1 news. I eventually had to settle for a Dinc. After the NS came out I made then determination to drop Verizon if the next Nexus didn't come out on it. It's safe to say that I will get this baby day 1.

    Also, as proof of my complete WANT of this phone, I need to replace the transmission in my car. I've been saving for over a month so far, but I plan on dipping into my savings to get this phone. That is how much I want this beauty.

    • Joe Mama

      get a life. your transmission is more important.

      • jaime

        I can't wait, I'll gladly go a few more weeks without it for this phone. I'm completely aware that I'm retarded.

  • Deltaechoe

    I have a tb now, so the battery life can't be worse. Still have an upgrade on my account, so, it will be nice to actually get a Google experience phone for once and keeping unlimited data

  • http://MyShocker.com Alan

    wow! lots of people want the Nexus! I want it because i'm a developer :)

  • Yuriy Melnik

    Def. buying it the minute it goes on sale.

  • SparklingCyaNide

    definitely buying it when it comes to T-Mobile, until then still enjoying my Sensation very much! - D

  • Dragonithe

    Hell yes!
    No bullshit carier stuff, I'll buy it at the full price and be happy.
    Maybe even import if it takes too long to come to europa.

    • thx84

      Same here! My contract is up in July, so there's enough time for it to come to Europe and to let Google iron a few bugs!

      • Dragonithe

        My contract will be up somewhere near the end of summer, but with every carrier here in the Netherlands cranking up the prices and reducing the data I'll just let it run.
        Loving my unlimited data way to much and contracts aren't even funny anymore.

    • thx84

      Same here! My contract is up in July, so there' s enough time for it to come to Europe and to let Google iron a few bugs!

  • Seth

    Just broke my Incredible's AMOLED screen so I'm using an old Droid until Verizon gets a decent LTE phone. I'm hoping that will be the Prime because I'm already sick of this clunky old phone.

    • eric

      The incredible doesn't have amoled, that's Samsung.

      • jaime

        Early on the Droid Incredible did have a AMOLED screen. About 2-3 months after release they switched to SLCD because of supply shortages. I remember it was so bad there was literally a month wait to get it. I have an AMOLED version.

      • Cristian

        Actually, the original batch of Incredibles did have AMOLED displays, same as the original Nexus One, both of which are HTC phones. However, supply became limited when Samsung began it's Galaxy S line of phones which features Samsung's exclusive Super AMOLED display. So now HTC uses Super LCDs.

    • TK

      Just replaced my amoled incredible screen for $35 all in from amazon. I have new love for it and think I will wait to upgrade.

      When I use my phone as a phone, i want it to be small and durable. When I use the smart part of my phone i want it to be much bigger. I think I would destroy a 4.65" screen.

      My perfect setup would tablet with 3g and a basic phone with an awesome camera. Waiting for that to happen.

  • Jim

    I can' freaking wait. I have so much shit up on craigslist. Need 250$ bad

  • Pegger

    Waiting for the phones to get released.
    Currently i'm still using a HTC Hero, but i like to get a Galaxy S II or Nexus Prime

    • katmeredith

      I've still got a Hero, too! I've wanted a Nexus from the beginning and I'm so going to get this one! I might have to wait a bit, though :( Anyway, I still love my Hero and keeping it alive and up-to-date is always a fun challenge.

  • Ben

    Vigor all the way. This phone is going to sneak up on a lot of people...

  • darat532

    I have 2 upgrades due from VZW. I will be using 1 on the Prime and the other on the Vigor.

  • NCX

    Waiting to see official news about the HTC Vigor and Galaxy NEXUS before I decide. Both appeal to me greatly, the OS version i can live with on both even if the one has Sense (which I love). But TouchWiz i'm not a fan of and even though the leaks and "poems" have said it will be stock, I want official news or an announcement to believe that. I want to know the following for both:

    Will they have an upgraded camera?
    Will they have better screens? (y, rumor)
    Will they have good battery life?

    so many more unanswered questions, Vigor's are mostly answered, the NEXUS is a mystery, which surprisingly isn't normal for Samsung or Google. Unless they intend to make a huge splash in the tech world with a killer announcement.

  • ?

    Nope i'm not waiting i'm rocking the Samsung Galaxy S II and loving every minute of it.

  • Brian

    Can't wait to get this phone. And can't wait to mod it with cyanogen, as well as overclock this beast. Was going to get the HTC Pyramid but when I heard about the next Nexus and ICS... gotta have it!

  • Chilling_Silence

    Provided it has Gorilla Glass, unlike the NS... I've had it on my i9000T SGS now, couldn't go back!

  • http://daverix.net David

    Nope. I just bought a new phone 4 months ago. I'm having a HTC Sensation now so I think I can manage a few more months... ;-) I really hope HTC is going to be fast to update their roms to ICS. If not it's rooting time again :)

  • http://electrojelly.wordpress.com Emmanuel

    I have been waiting for the 3rd Nexus telling me every 3rd version of something is usually the best version.

    But the ugly on-screen buttons scared me away. T-Mobile Galaxy S2 is such a gorgeous phone. I don't care about too much about the resolution and I think Galaxy S2 will still have more functionality than Nexus Prime.

    • http://electrojelly.wordpress.com Emmanuel

      I'm hoping as the HD phones land, the 480p phones will see a sharp price drop. That's when I will get that phone.

  • EDK

    After having the nexus s for almost a year I cannot wait for the new nexus . So that is a definite yes I will buy the new nexus prime.
    If it's google it's gotta be good!!!

  • Artem

    I just got the S2 on Sprint, and I am loving every second of it. But I will upgrade in a flash of ICS is not a announced for the S2 and the ICS phone is so much better, or on Sprint at all.

    • JayMonster

      A Samsung phone... With a timely update? Bwahahaha... Artem you kill me!

    • JayMonster

      A Samsung phone... With a timely update? Bwahahaha... Artem you are hysterical!

  • alex meza

    Definitely waiting on this, if not then I'm gonna go with the HTC Amaze(ruby)

  • ocdtrekkie

    My DROID 3 was purchased by my company, and I needed it then, and my personal phone is only really used as a hotspot, so there was no need to wait for the Prime, and I got the DROID BIONIC.

    So, no, I didn't wait.

  • http://goplus.us/gigabyte gigabyte

    I'm not working right now and I don't have dollars to spend on a phone. In fact I just had to take a bricked Sanyo Zio that wouldn't even boot recovery and bring it back to life setup SipDroid + GV + Google Talk + pbxes.org to get unlimited VOIP over WiFi for my girl. She only has a very dumb Safelink phone with 250 minutes/month. Now she has unlimited txt/calls whenever she has WiFi available. I would love to have this new phone, but we can't afford it. I'm using a LG Optimus V with a version of IHO CM7.1 on my phone and it's actually running beautifully. I would love to have this new phone, but alas I'm poor!

  • Cristian

    I'm definitely waiting to upgrade to the Nexus Prime from my current Nexus S on T-Mobile. I've stayed with stock Android phones since the original G1, to the N1 and now the NS, and I have no intention of changing the trend. I just pray that I have the opportunity to buy a T-Mobile version, and hopefully all this talk of Verizon exclusivity is short lived (as in I hope it's either not true, or that the exclusive deal is only for a very short while).

  • Mike

    I am undecided. I am on T-Mo and do not plan on leaving for the moment. So it really depends on if the prime will work with T-Mo 3/4G and if they announce a timely scheduled release. Otherwise I will go with the Samsung GS2

  • Rob

    I was waiting for this, but since it got postponed I'm thinking maybe I'll wait for the Asus Padfone so I can get my first highend Android phone and my first tablet at the same time. Unless ofcourse the rumour I heard about this being a phone/tablet hybrid like the Padfone is right...

  • Bloodflame

    As a previous owner of both the Nexus One and Nexus S, I have no doubt that the new Nexus device will find a new home in my hands :) Can't wait!

  • Chris

    If it comes to T-Mobile, it's almost guaranteed that I'll get it. My trusty Nexus One has been bumping against the memory limit for months.

    Not sure if I'm valid for an upgrade yet. My father got me a Nexus S for Christmas last year, but I passed. Not sure if he used my upgrade for it though, since I got my Nexus One unlocked and I would have been ready for an upgrade then (my previous phone was a Samsung Gravity).

  • boe

    I like some of the specs on the Prime but I want a flat phone that is more pocket friendly. I'll wait for the Samsung Galaxy SIII before my next upgrade.

  • L boogie

    I want this phone but waiting for October 27 to get the official word on this android super beast because this phone is gonna set the stage for upcoming super phones such as galaxy s 3 and the like launching with ICS plus i want to know what's up with the rumoured nexus tablet

    • JayMonster

      At tbis pace, you will never get a phone. You won't see the S3 announced until CES, or Mobile World Congress with a release around summer (or autumn in the US) and of course by then, it will be "setting the stage" for something else.

      Since most tablets (except Samsung) are skin free and easily unlocked, what does a "Nexus" tablet get you?

      • L boogie

        Thanx for the 411, Jay but I'm actually gonna get the phone just waiting for the official word and then proceed to Verizon for my purchase

  • Jason Pucilowski

    Was gonna go to Verizon so i can have it, but that's not working out so i just ordered the Sensation (T-Mobile) literally like an hour ago.

  • Dewind

    I already said this in another post but.. doesn't the Prime in this flyer's picture look different than the one on the video?? The body here is black (plastic?) with a silver back cover, while in the video the body is silver (look at the silver trim around the screen and also towards the end the guy tilts it a bit and you can see it better). Maybe it's an older prototype or something but this still seems like a pretty big deal to me... anyone?



  • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

    If this doesn't come to AT&T with subsidized pricing within three months of launch, I will be crushed.

  • Gregory

    Waiting on the quad cores!

  • taylord

    att contract expires in december; cannot wait for the Prime.

  • Nate

    Waiting for my verizon check from returning my Bionic hope it gets here in time for Prime.

  • Aaron

    I probably won't get it :( My 2 year upgrade on sprint isn't till the end of 2012, but i doubt i can wait that long anyway. I'm waiting to see what happens when sprint goes to LTE mid 2012... and the suspiciously similar rumored launch date of the SGS3 around then. If the SGS3 is lte.... i want it.

    • JayMonster

      Based on past history, that will be the launch of the International Version, with the US variants coming...well.... about a year from now.

  • https://profiles.google.com/lord.phoenix.rus/about Alex G

    Since I owe SGS2 Nexus Prime should be 1G ahead :) Other wise waiting for SGS3 :)

  • Mikey

    Still rocking my nexus one, even thought the trackball is wonky and the speaker doesn't work, and the glass has some scratches and chips in it....I hope the prime doesn't disappoint me like the nexus s did :-/

  • Markus

    No, because my Galaxy S2 is amazing enough for me now.

  • PWRuser

    No. OMAP 4460 with the same GPU as Nexus S isn't good enough for me in 2012.

  • JayMonster

    Nope. Bought the Bionic and couldn't be happier. The phone is fast and in my hand NOW! No cheap Samsung plastic phone for me. Plus, i will have another upgrade ready in time to see what Googlerola will have cooking for mid '12... You know... The phones that will be "just around the corner" by the time this device hits the streets

  • T98oB1

    Excited for this but the S III is lookin pretty sweet(coming in 2012). i just saw the internal spec sheet for it =x

  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    I bought the ThunderBolt on opening day. The Nexus Prime is making me drool, but I think it's too late for me now.

    Even though I'm on a family plan, we have all used our upgrades or plan to.

  • Paul

    "pack some serious power" ? It's specs are so-so, what you'd expect from a high end Android phone in today's market. It's not groundbreaking, ICS is the thing to watch for and the fact that it's a pure Android experience. Also the curved thing may be interesting, but in terms of CPU/GPU/Memory/etc. it's comparable with phones already out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pac0naut Paco

    I've had AT&T for business for about 10 years and have zero plans on leaving since I'm grandfathered into their unlimited data package. I seriously considered the SGS II, but upon further review I think I'll wait for the Nexus to replace my Captivate and just deal with my insanely crappy battery life for a few more months (It sucks when you have a charger at home, in your car and at your office and have to use them ALL in the same day). I'm eligible for an upgrade, but not out of contract yet. LTE is cool and all, but I don't really need it right now. I just hope the Nexus comes with an SD card slot. That would ruin my day if it didn't.

  • Shane

    I was going to get the Prime, but when they delayed the launch I decided to get an iPhone 4S instead. I have never owned an iPhone, so decided I would try it out. I have an HTC Thunderbolt right now, so going to be a lot slower going back to 3G. Not sure I will be able to stand it and may end up getting a Prime after all when it finally comes out. We will see. Maybe I'll like the iPhone. I have an iPad 2 already, and my wife has an iPhone 4 so at least I will be able to carry around less cables and chargers.

  • http://about.me/sharathvc sharathvc

    this is due to be announced on 27th but not sure if it will hit US carriers. I can either get the SGS2 today on Tmob or wait for this.. so confused...

  • http://patricksoon.com soondot

    Are we still pretty sure that this is a Verizon-only device (at least at launch)?

  • MichaelZarathustra

    I'm waiting for the DROID 4

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