It seems that sneak peeks of the next Nexus device - and its firmware - have really been picking up steam in recent days. Just after we were treated to video of Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Nexus S, the folks at MyDroidWorld have released the so-called Nexus Prime's boot animation to the public, and it looks, well, awesome. I've taken the liberty of putting together a clip of the boot animation by itself for your viewing pleasure:

If you need a refresher on how to install a custom boot animation, check out our guide on the subject. There is still no word on when we'll hear more about Ice Cream Sandwich or the latest Nexus phone from Samsung and Google, but if you want something gorgeous that may hold you - and your phone - over for a little while longer, grab the download below and enjoy!

Flashable zip file: Mirror 1, 2

Bootanimation.zip: Mirror 1, 2

via MyDroidWorld

Liam Spradlin
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  • huanwu

    Is the resolution 480*800?
    and is the zip OK to flash for sgs2?

  • Chris

    Resolution is 720p. I don't know if you need to edit it first or not.

  • Dewid

    A bit OT but.. anyone else noticed that the Samsung event flyer image and the Nexus Prime video show two different devices? In the video you can see a silver trim along the whole border of the device, but on the flyer the top half of the device is black, probably plastic, while the bottom is silver. And it can't be a light reflection issue since towards the end he titlts the device slightly and you can clearly see that the top half of the device is all silver/grey. Maybe the one in the vid is an older prototype?

    • Gim2much

      It's definitely two different devices. The lock button from the Samsung video is on the upper right, but in the leaked video it is on the upper left. Notice the guy locks the phone with his left thumb (1:11 in the vid). It would be kind of odd for them to be playing with the lock button locations...

  • Sammy

    I flashed this on Virtuous unity 2.39 and there is no bootanimation plus I get "com.htc.bg stopped unexpectedly " what to do?

  • Westi01

    I made a MIUI theme Version of this. Check it out! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1295321

    • I get a status 0 error while flashing

      umm.. what is MIUI? does it mean that it will work on lower resolution phones??

      please help me

      • Dra

        MIUI is a custom rom, and has it's own theme engine built into it.
        with this file it's possible to change the bootanimation from within the rom.

        Thanks alot!

        • I get a status 0 error while flashing

          okay, thanks for the info,

    • http://www.gigitsu.com GigiAUT

      omg thank you thank you! I was just about to ask if someone had already done one. I was also just about to spend ages looking through the online themes to see if it was already in there. Saviour!

  • DJ suMo

    Not messing with the Trinity boot animation.. I'll wait to get the device.

  • I get a status 0 error while flashing

    I get a
    (status 0)
    installation aborted
    error while flashing the boot animation.

    i am on samsung galaxy ace, please help.

    • Hugobosslives

      yer me too.
      exactly the same
      but on a zte blade cm7

    • I get a status 0 error while flashing

      Never mind, I copied it through Root Explorer no changes, and it looks great!!!
      Thanks for the BA

  • Katy Brown

    It works fine without any editing, and yes, also on GS2

  • thorgoth

    nexus one and nexus s boot animation had an X forming
    why should that change in this nexus device?
    maybe fake????

    • Dra

      It's true that the nexus one and s both had a x as bootanimation.
      But honeycombs b.a. is different and looks a lot like this one. So my guess is that Google will create a new b.a. for every android version

    • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

      Aren't the red, yellow, blue, purple 3D tiles forming an elusive X shape in this anim?

    • Matt McKee

      This isn't a Nexus device.

  • http://android-gz.com Phil

    Won't flash or replace system boot animation on a rooted Flyer. Just shows android marquee animation. Renamed/moved with Root Explorer.

  • Adam

    Got it to work just fine. Quality seems a bit strange, but it's good nonetheless.

  • https://www.facebook.com/stock.plus $omator

    to be honest this bootanimation looks like made from camera recoding of it - like someon would make picture of every single frame and then assembled zip file.

    that does not look like adb screenshot


    • eric

      quality looks pretty poor to me. I would imagine it has been downsampled to non 720p resolution?

      • https://www.facebook.com/stock.plus $omator

        speaking in range of movie torrents quality :)

        i would say that this is good CAM

        nowhere near proper 720p/1080p release

        or such source

  • someone755

    Lol, back when it was called the Prime.