Update: While the app has been updated and will install on all devices now (if they meet performance and memory requirements), please test for functionality using the demo version, here.

Here it is, Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android - and it's no longer monopolized by Sony's XPERIA Play, as had been the case for the past several months.



This should work on your Android phone or tablet (Honeycomb included!), so get going! We haven't confirmed that it works on all Android devices, but this is the release we previously said would be coming to bring support to virtually every major Android phone. Presumably, any phone or tablet (with a sufficiently powerful processor) running Android 2.1 or higher can run it.

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David Ruddock
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  • TripEm

    Doesn't work on my Droid X.

    • David Ruddock

      It may not support the DROID X's odd, slightly-elongated resolution.

    • JB

      Its working just fine on my X :)

  • Yuriy Melnik

    Doesn't work on N1, NS, or Xoom.

    • hemorrdroid

      Works great on my xoom, running tiamat ROM.

    • Yuriy Melnik

      Works on all of them now!


        nope, dosent work on my htc wildfiire

        • Android Girl

          That's because its a wildfire. Nothing works on that LOL. Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S2

        • Sage

          :( yeah not working on my HTC Wildfire either. T^T
          Pretty disappointed about this.

  • Zac

    Works flawlessly on Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S).

  • NikiSk

    Working great on my Galaxy S2. :)

  • Joey

    Doesn't work on my Droid Eris...but I expected as much!

  • Richard

    worked on my Droid X just fine! (took a little longer to load than i would have expected though). Running MIUI

  • bk

    It still shows as incompatible with my LG Optimus V running CM7. Bummed :|

    • Erik G

      Same here... Running stock...

  • N1Runner

    Works fine on my Nexus One (Stock 2.3.6)

  • Juf

    Works on my G2X running CM7. Doesn't show up in the market app but works when installing from the android website.

  • Groove

    Working just fine on a Sensation 4G

  • skitzo2000

    Worked on my Nexus S 4g, but first launch crashed my phone. After a clean boot game launched fine.

  • DonatoM3

    Works fine on my Evo 3D

  • Bruce Cheek

    Works fine on my HTC Inspire, and my Acer Iconia tab a500

  • Logan

    Works on the Xoom, and AT&T Galaxy S II

  • Tendo87

    Works on my N1, running Cyanogenmod 7.1, even on Fancy Graphics

  • Zebov

    Works perfectly on my droid x. Rooted 2.3.4

  • Andrei

    Works on my Desire running 2.3.3 Sense, just a bit laggy at times.

  • reddragon72

    Works on the Photon 4G with lower graphics quality UNCHECKED and Fancy Graphics CHECKED. Very smooth game play so far, but I am taking a screen shot as an area with water looks a bit odd. It may be because this is my first time playing this version as I usually just play the classic :-) reminds me of Lego's :-)

  • Mark

    Works great on T-Mobile G2 running stock Gingerbread.

  • James

    Works absolutly great on the MoPho!! (Motorola Photon) Man I've been waiting for this game!

  • Matthew

    Works fine on a DROID X non rooted.

  • Skullflower

    Works fine on my Droid 2 Global. Running Gingerbread 607 with MIUI rom.

  • http://www.google.com Marlob

    No es compatible connsamsung galacy ace android 2.3.4 por suerte lo bajo como un apk desde internet y gratis! Malo por la discriminacion a los celulares gama media-baja

  • http://www.google.com Marlon

    No es compatible con samsung galaxy ace android 2.3.4 por suerte lo bajo como un apk desde internet y gratis! Malo por la discriminacion a los celulares gama media-baja

    • Hugo

      Ola me gustaria que medijeses como acer funcionar el minecraft pocket edition en mi samsung galaxy ace. Por favor te lo agradeceria mucho

  • Dscatto

    Works fine on my Nexus S 4g!

  • reddragon72

    What I am seeing in the water?? Is this normal or a glitch?

  • Matthew badsey

    Works fine on XOOM! Only if it ran as smooth on my laptop

  • samuel mosley

    works fine on thunderbolt

  • Moofey

    Works nicely on my Nexus S 9020A. Been waiting for this for a while now. Now I can take the Minecraft addiction with me. :P

  • Iulian

    No survival mode, so unfortunately I had to get a refund... I was expecting a full port... or at least some monsters around...

  • http://www.twitter.com/robertmoreno Robert

    Works great on my Samsung Captivate.

  • Zsolt Hegyi

    Doesn't work on my ZTE Blade.

  • Steve


    Well they can jamb that up their crevice!

  • Ryuuie

    Worked on my Nexus S 4G after a reboot!

  • thunderformer

    works great on thunderbolt running shi5tao5p 2.6 and stock transformer

  • BlackOmega

    Works on my motorola milestone (CM7) but I'm having a VERY HARD TIME looking around on this game.

    Btw, it works, but it's running at ~15 fps.

  • Shekki

    Works great on mytouch 4G running CM Nightly 205.

  • aone

    Works on Motorola Defy running CM7.

  • me

    All looking good on SGT10.1 :)

  • panetx

    It works fine on my Echo

  • pajicadvance

    tried it on samsung galaxy mini xD
    total sh!t happened

  • pajicadvance

    240x320 phones are not compatible
    that sucks

  • http://none James Hill

    Thunderbolt CM7 7.1.1 sounding off good

  • WhiteyOfVB

    works on my xoom stock and bionic stock

  • Julio

    Works fine on Xoom Wi-fi stock and the Atrix Stoc, both brazilian version...

  • Brannen

    Doesn't work on Photon 4G.

  • mike

    Dosent work 4 optimus v plz help

  • anonimno

    does anybody know if it works on Sony Ericsson Xperia mini (android 2.3 gingerbread)

  • pajicadvance

    Well install and find out ;)

  • anchorite

    Does not work on Samsung Transform with Froyo.

  • Fy

    Why no survival mode or online multiplayer? ):<

  • oscar

    didnt run in my optimus 2X

  • Dejan

    Will it work on Samsung I5500 ?

  • a ery

    does not work on my 32gb sam gal tab 10.1 brand new. What did you do to get it to work

  • Mark

    Does it work on a xperia ray?

  • http://minecraft Mitchell Emery

    Why does it not work on my huawei blaze :( sooooo annnoyingg

  • LizarD

    Works on samsung galaxy mini?

  • gamer489p

    dosent work on my samsung galaxy young(Y)

    • Stefan

      I double this question! Can Somebody please confirm if it work on this phone? It seems to be a very apreciated device, and it will be my first Android phone, with or without Minecraft og GTAIII. But these would be the over-the-top extras!

      So, can anybody confirm if Minecraft works on Samsung Galaxy Y, please?

      • Stefan

        oh, damn, now i see that you didn't asked if it works, but actually confirmed that it doesn't. oh, well, the phone is still awesome, and i'm gonna get it :D

        • gamer489p

          well i think they are gonna make it for all the android phones so lets hold on and keep our hopes up

      • T600terminator6

        get somebody that has it on their phone and tell them to download astro and they can send it to you

  • papzak

    doesn't work on my samsung galaxy gio i cant install it it says application not installed

  • WickedIntent

    Doesn`t work on my Galaxy Fit :(

  • http://www.youtube.com trololol

    doesnt work on my samsung galaxy ace

  • Hannah

    Its not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Ace even though the Android version is 2.3.3. I really wanted it as well :(

    • Florineatza99

      Me too brother!

  • Akshay

    Works Great on Htc Explorer Android Version 2.3.5 :-D

  • jjordstar

    Well it wont work on my galaxy gio. And it is got a better screen and CPU than my motorola flipout. The moto works fine but gio dont. Wtf

  • GrandMasterEl

    Do you think it would work on samsung galaxy w

  • Beniooo

    Not working on my galaxy 551

  • jono

    notch fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • jon

    FIX IT !!!! RAGE! >:(   FIX NOW!!!

  • jono

    fix the FRGGIN game so it can play on GALAXY ACE!!!! 

  • cathal

    It says not combatable with your device and its a samsung galaxy young and its power ful

  • Jon


    • Johnjo1234567890

      if it is made possible than you have 1 more customer ( in reality alot more)

      • John

        Me too plz work on asus transformer 141

        • Lazar

          ME TO! plz zte skate

          • arjay07

            Notch doesn't make this game...

    • Josh

      Yeah! I have galaxy ace too and want the MC PE badly! pleasssseeeeeee...

    • asdf


  • jj

    make it work ok notch on galaxy ace

  • Lukas98

    Come a update that minecraft for the sg qce come?

  • Alex Parsons

    we need this on the samsung galixy ace. this is because half the people that want it including me, are stuck with this phone and cannot change

    plz fix, rfteytre6ui666. editcraft.

  • Florineatza99


  • Uytrewp

    Can't get it on galaxy y ]:

  • WISNIA16_1991


  • Aaronw27192

    why does this not work on my Samsung Galaxy Mini?!?! Even more so as i can play GTA III and N.O.V.A. 2 (af all games!) and both run smoothly on it.
    Please make MCPE work on lower spec phones.
    I have MC on my PC, Laptop and 360... and i want it in my pocket!!!

  • Rman Eightythree

    fix it for samsung exhibit 2!!!

  • William Leeweilian

    Pls let it work on Samsung galaxy ace

  • Dak

    Too bad galaxy ace cant play Minecraft because of the stupid CPU not being 1ghz or higher.

  • DarkSepant9700

    Does this work on galaxy wave

  • Jsjsjs

    Download minebuilder on Ace like me

  • Djcasso123

    Need it on galaxy prevail!

  • adnuiafea

     I can't seem to get it on my samsung captivate glide:(

  • eero jalaskoski

    fix this i want it my samsun galaxy ace!!!!!

  • Joepleonardo

    I can't play it on my samsung galaxy ace too!!! Please fix it

  • Mustacannabi

    Make the fucking game work on Samsung Galaxy Young! Or i rip your dick off >:(
    (i am not going to really do that XD)

  • Emiel

    Let it work on galaxy ace please

  • Emiel

    Let it work on galaxy ace please

  • Joris

    Notch please make it work on Samsung Galaxy Y! I want play it :-)

  • James Pingree

    Notch please let it work on samsung galaxy y please? :-)


    Plz fix to work on the samsung galaxy 5 A.K.A galaxy 5 it has froyo as its build

  • gabo

    Why i can't play the full game?? I have the demo and it work! I havea sidekick4g

  • Someone

    Right all you that are wanting minecraft on galaxy ace stop commenting if you weren`t dumb you`d know that the galaxy ace processor is just not good enough to support the game.I used to have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and its sh*t. It lags, it doesnt have any outstanding features and its just a bad phone. Didn`t you think that straight away notch tried to make this work for as many phones as he could to get more and more money so if it doesnt work on your phone dont expect it to work !

  • Bogdan

    Like others, i have samsung galaxy ace, please solve this problem, WE WANT MINECRAFT!!!

  • http://twitter.com/lElectrocutado DavidSimemirasTemeto

    I have Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.0.1 nd it does not work :(

  • lawl

    No longer working on gGoogle nexus s as of the android 4.1 update

  • victor

    Please fix the start game to load file and play the gameplay for HTC EVO SHIFT 4g . Sprint. Please!

  • KM

    Fix it, make galaxy ace able to play it. On your wiki, you said it was no lag on galaxy ace.
    Also, i dont see why you make it less competable with android phones. You can make so much more business by making it more for android as in truth, there are way more android phones sold than IOS phones.

    • Garlikowsky

      It was Ace 2 or Ace Plus.

  • Jacx

    I have Galaxy Ace with faster CPU 832 MhZ and still doesn't work PLEASE FIX IT TO WORK ON THE OTHER DEVICES WITH WORSE CPU!!!

  • Garlikowsky

    Galaxy Ace has a single core processor. It is too weak for it. You can look at some competive devices here http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Pocket_Edition_hardware_performance_(Android)

  • zaid

    samsun galaxy aceeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Daumis

    Pleaze make it on samsung galaxy pocket (s5300)

  • corey mean

    Can you update it so i can go on it using samsung galaxy ace and i realy want to go on it plz

  • jhagrid77

    Fix it so it works on virgin mobile plz thx

  • keegan

    Please fix on my samsung galaxy pocket i cant even download it

    • Anish22

      Yeah the phone is awesome but it can't download it.

  • cbv

    Im going to get the ZTE V768 Concord, and i really want this game. Does it work on that phone

  • troll lol1

    Does any body have a vigin mobile I feel left out and plz let it work on virgin mobile plz tell me if u do have a virgin mobile

  • strongy7

    Prism too plz! :D

  • Heather

    I have a Motorola Triumph on VM and only the demo will install and work. I've tried every version of this game and they all have a parsing package error.

  • ytrytr

    do it on VODAFONE SMART II i love minecraft so much but i cant play it on my phone!im desperate

  • KuroH Yatogami

    Yeah! Can u please make the MC in Samsung Galaxy y 'cause my mom's phone got broken and can't play anymore. We all had the same Phone. ThanKs.

  • betsy studer

    it always frezees on my samsung galaxy nexus

  • Blake Vandever

    I it downloaded and everything but I can't get the update that fixes the furnace glitch on my Motorola M4! FIX NOW!

  • Simon Baars

    I can't update minecraft pocket edition on my moterola milestone! I'm still in 0.5 while 0.7.2 is already out! I want to have this fixed!!
    PS: 0.5 is running without any lagg and I'm overclocking to 1200 MhZ so I won't have lagg anyways!

  • Sam Newman

    Please Notch!I want to play minecraft so badly ,but I can't :(

  • Name

    Doesn't work on LG thrill

  • Rick

    I cannot download from Google app store...it tells me ( can't download to USB storage or so card)???????????? Someone please help!! I'm using the note 3

  • mnb

    Galaxy Note GT-N7000

  • KKPS

    Reset a couple of times and install it a couple of times it will be successful
    I had the same error, I did it like this and it succeeded

  • freams

    I can't play on Sony Xperia ion. Wasted my money installing very disappointing

  • Heather Husler

    We bought the game and it worked on our Nexus 7 (1st gen) and now we have an Asus Memo HD7 it won't work and just says "Minecraft PE has stopped working", can't seem to find a solution to it at all. We have a very unhappy 9 year old here!

    • Suzu74

      I have the same problem. New Asus memo HD7 installed but it will not start up and gives the same notification that M PE has stopt working. Anybody?? Can it be the type of user it was installed and ment to be used for my son how is not a administrator.

      • Munes

        Hi, I have the same problem on Asus Memopad HD7, did you manage to get it to work?

  • 123

    Get minecraft to work on samsung galaxy ace.

  • Max

    At least make the game work for the Samsung Galaxy Prevail that would be great

  • gijs

    Fix it please! On my phone he says: minecraft pocket edition is stopped (my phone is a Huawei)

  • jamytonggo

    please! fix it for my samsung galaxy y because i want to play this game with my friend..

  • danny

    PLEASE fix it on samsung stratosphere 2, I really want to play with my lil bro.

  • (-.-(-.-)-.-)AsianMafia


  • (-.-(-.-)-.-)AsianMafia

    dis is some boodeeh

  • (-.-(-.-)-.-)AsianMafia

    (-.-(-.-)-.-) asian mafia not approved >:(

  • (-.-(-.-)-.-)AsianMafia


  • lexi

    To be quite honest, THIS IS STUPID!
    can you please help this anyone?

  • Scenic

    Does not work on iOS on my iPad >:( mojang fix this

  • Saday Lapit mo

    Pls make it work on my galaxy ace 2!!