Back in 2001, Sony joined forces with Ericsson to push out a new line of mobile phones, while keeping its current line of game devices, media players, and other electronics a separate entity altogether. Now, Sony is looking to buy Ericsson out in order to streamline all of its mobile technologies into one market, allowing one unified ecosystem across all devices.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Sony aims to integrate its smartphone operation with its business in tablets, hand-held game machines, and personal computers to save on costs and better synchronize development of mobile devices."

While it's unclear how much the transaction will cost Sony, it's said that the deal is nearing completion at this time. We'll keep you posted as more details arise.


Cameron Summerson
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  • gooks

    The best thing about this (for me) is that I longer need to be irritated at the fools who say that they got a Sony phone when they have a Sony Ericsson phone.

    • http://androidpolice.com ihaveasonyphone

      That was a pointless comment. And i love my sony droid phone :p

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com Aaron

    Well, goodbye FreeXperia. You can kiss the open collaboration goodbye on these phones now. I have a PS3, and know what they are all about. No hacking...

  • Deltaechoe

    Well, maybe some good will come of this, like a true playstation phone